Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jason's Echoes of Hope hockey charity event

Actor Jason Thompson talks to the media as he and other celebrities arrive on the red carpet for Luc Robitaille's Celebrity Shoot Out hockey game at the Park City Ice Arena Sunday. (Jason Olson, Deseret Morning News)

Fox 13 video - raw interview footage - Jason Thompson's interview is 25% of the way through the film
Another Fox 13 video on the event - no interview but he's in the background in some camera pans

Ally (knowadrake) called me with a short recap...she said she'll give the full report in the next couple days. Assuming everything came out, she'll have some video and some pictures of Jason

The game:
  • His hockey jersey number was 3
  • He played quite a bit, she got some video of him when he was down at her end of the rink

The autograph signing:
  • He was wearing black jeans, tan jacket and a scarf
  • The press was interviewing him, so he may appear on an entertainment show (unfortunately, she couldn't hear what he was saying)
  • There didn't seem to be a lot of people who knew who he was
  • If I'm remembering right, she went through the autograph line, but a little later he was standing there alone, so she went to chat with him. He seemed cool with that.
  • Ally mentioned she ran, he was appreciative of the work she was doing on that
  • He thought Park City was great, with the mountains all around. She said she'd knew he'd love it, since he's from Edmonton
  • He mentioned how much he loved hockey
  • Ally's working the Sundance events, and she talked with him about the festival - apparently the 'Victory Over Darkness' documentary wasn't finished in time for the Sundance festival deadline, but it will likely be submitted for the Tribeca film festival
  • He seemed to be hanging out with Michael Rosenbaum - she thinks they rode in the same van to the event


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