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1/24 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Soapnet promos (longer and shorter - credit to aimers943) of Robin's Marathon on Feb 10th @ 10am
  • If you missed it, be sure to check out April's one-shot 'When You're Gone' which follows yesterday's scenes.

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
1/21 Robin and Patrick
1/23 Patrick
1/29 Robin and Patrick
1/30 Robin and Patrick

Linda Hirsch spoilers:
As news of her pregnancy spreads, Robin maintains the lie that Patrick isn't the father. (source)
GH PreVue: Patrick throws accusations at Robin over her desire to get pregnant. In a moment of anger, Robin tells Patrick she's already pregnant (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
"JFP says sweeps is about the Power of Love vs the love of power, who chooses what option? and who is caught in a trap between both?"
see, the sad thing is (for me) I don't see how Robin fits in that.
but hell, they acted like November sweeps big theme involved her and it was a total bait and switch for Leyla, so who knows.

Power of love = telling the truth/trusting your heart over your head
Love of power = controlling everything/keeping people at a distance
It goes for both Robin and Patrick
Hi CU, do you know if Finola Hughes will be coming back for this story?
She has an open invitation but at the moment I'm not aware of plans
Hey CU, am honestly not trying to bait. If I'm sufficiently disgusted with Patrick at this point that I no longer want to see Patrick and Robin together anymore as a couple yet I know the show is going to put them back together, would you advise to give it up now or continue watching while lobbying for a change?
As far as I know, they are committed to a Robin and Patrick pairing - you have two choices - fast forward or write in and express your displeasure and be specific on the reasons why - characterizations etc - that being said, I don't believe they will be veering off course any time soon.
What does it take to kill a pairing?
Measurable viewer tune out, controversy, actors asking out can play into it.
So ratings tanking and fans bitching bigtime might sway the show?
It can but measurable viewer tune out is key. In order to kill pairing x, they have to measure that viewership declined because of pairing x -that's not easy to determine
Gossip and BI's seem to have dried up.
An actor (male or female) seems to have rediscovered their wandering eye and many are noticing.
Hey Chat Up! Anything new on the Scrubs front? Do we start to see them moving toward each other again toward the end of sweeps?
For obvious reasons I won't say reunion. That being said, my information is that they do the one step forward, two steps back for a while and that Patrick really struggles with the reality that Robin is pregnant.
CU, is there a reason that Robin and only Robin is in light make-up at the hospital. What is the best way to let make-up know that you hate what they are doing with a character's look?
Mostly make up is used to enhance a situation or condition - Robin is particularly stressed and worried these days and so her makeup is going to make her look more washed out.
You can call or write in - it likely won't change it, if it is direction from the show
Is this Chapter 2? (in regards to Scrubs and CU saying this Peyla stuff is chapter 1)
We're getting close to Chapter 2
Is peyla still a footnote?
We had someone come on one day and say that KMc and JT were fighting, is that true?
If you're talking about the person who said they were bickering so much, they stopped production, it's not. At the time I posted that I would be shocked if they would be so unprofessional - neither has that reputation and my colleague confirmed it for me
Any offline reactions to Robin's pregnancy and Patrick whorefest from fans you can share?

It's early yet - I'd have a better read on it later next week
CU -- when do promos for sweeps start rolling out -- this weekend??
Should be - Sat/Sun - just a teaser I think (I haven't checked the schedule in a while)
What would entitle the first 2 chapters of this Scrubs book?

How to give chatup a migraine? (i'm kidding)
How about "the road to true love never runs smoothly"
Is the SCRUBS storyline suppose to borrow from the Carly/Robin/Jason storyline or is it suppose to borrow from the Robert/Anna/Faison storyline?
There will be echoes of Carly/Robin/Jason but specifics I do not know
UGH. UGH. So Patrick loves Leyla and Robin is the Carly and interloper?
No. I was referring to the paternity lie aspect of it.
Chat Up you are one very smart woman. Any ranges for sweeps demos you can share?
last post because I've missed chatting with you - the ballpark is similar to nov sweeps but they want it consistent all the way through
How seriously is GH taking Feb Sweeps. From what I see not much. The previews look like Newbie Central and Mobbies all over and that to me spells disaster for fans who have been crying for something different. What gives?

They are taking it seriously - there is a lot riding on the returns. They believe there is a greater comittment to balance and they are hoping for some payoff there (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
See I hate that, Patrick is going to know Robin saw him, yet he won't back off the flirting at their workplace where Robin can see.
It will only get worse when he finds out she is pregnant. Dr Devlin kinda puts the kibosh on that though.
I hope he puts a permanent kibosh on it. I hate that Patrick would deliberately hurt Robin.
He is punshing her for getting pregnant - but it doesn't last.
What do you mean? He amps up the sexcapades at GH even more? God, when will this horrid crap with PnL end?
It doesn't last too much longer ... its on the downswing...then its Patrick looking the ass for a while professionally and personally.
How long? weeks? another month?
Weeks - thats it.
Leyla will be busy with Dr Ian around the time Patrick is feeling the heat in other areas of his life. Sweeps is mobcentric so the Ian/Leyla/Robin/Patrick stuff won't be playing out long and drawn out as people keep speccing.
So this week and next week? Or next week and the week after?
And is it all onscreen?

Counting sweeps?...2.5 weeks then the story begins to shift. Keep in mind they will not be on everyday. (source)

Don't fall into the tease from SID about Patrick knowing. He doesn't. Robin's health crises doesn't even come into play until the very end of sweeps and they are planning on using the health crises and Patrick's work troubles to work them closer together before he knows about the baby. IOW they are setting this up now for a May sweeps reveal at the earliest. The first 2-3 weeks of sweeps are Patrick trying to prove that by God her becoming pregnant didn't bother him at all and no that doesn't mean skanking it up all over the hospital with Leyla. From what I understand he is going to go intro overdrive hitting on people all over the hospital and very pointedly in front of Robin. He does this in reaction to the pregnancy and to Dr. Devlin being the new hot doc in town.
Did you happen to see the insider TTYL's scoops? Do those sound legit according to what you have?

Sounds like what I have as well
Thanks insider!
So when Patrick finds out about Robin being pregnant, he starts flirting it up in front of her intentionally because he's angry that she's pregnant and doesn't understand his own feelings about it (according to the SID article). In between that, Ian is flirting it up with Robin to get under Patrick's skin and Leyla is mistaking Patrick's friendly concern as jealousy when it's not?
Call me crazy, but I'm getting a little excited about this.

Let me caution this all takes place between almost 24/7 mob follies. Ian gets the most airtime of any of them because he is part of the mob follies. The rest don't get a lot at all. IOW don't expect this to be a fleshed out story at all.
Someone was on earlier this morning saying Kimberly's taped 11 of the 15 days of sweeps that they've taped so far. Are you saying that person was wrong?
She may have taped a lot of days but they will be short short scenes. I am not kidding when I saw February sweeps is shaping up to be the Claudia and mob hour. (source)

Sigh ... its on the downswing, but I get tired of posting that so I will let the fans believe what they want. This part of the story is about to wrap up.
Leyla is moving into Ian's sphere, jealousy of Robin, jealousy of Patrick's reactions to Robin
Patrick is about to get slammed from all sides, Ian, Robin, Liz, professional mishaps
Robin is dealing with embarassment at running into Leyla and Patrick, her baby issues, her upcoming health crisis, her interactions with Ian, her fights with Carly, her bonding with Liz, her dealing with her family and trying to help Maxie.
So pick your poison, but it looks to me that there is a lot coming up other than Peyla.
I'm tired, I tried, I'm out. (source)

Liz will be listening to Robin, helping Lulu try to figure out who she loves, fighting off the amorous advances of Dr. Ian(along with every other female in the hospital.) (source)

The new doctor in town is moving drugs through GH.
Robin tells Patrick she's pregnant..but that he's not the father.
Leyla tries to make Patrick jealous with the NuDoc
Maxie and Spinelli will work together after she finds Coop dead.
Robin's thrilled and scared about having her baby. She will let Patrick think she had AI.
Robin will tell Jason that Patrick is the baby's father.
Leyla wants to make Patrick jealous with the new doctor. Patrick's more concerned about his interest in Robin! (source)

Just FYI, most of Patrick's scenes from this point on are with Ian....and Robin.
Believe that or not, but it's true.
Leyla shares most of her upcoming scenes with Ian.
Thanks. When does Ian start flirting with Robin?
Ian is a chronic flirt. From his first scenes he flirts with anything with breasts. I don't think Robin gets really dragged into it until towards the end of next week.
what happens at the end of next week?
Patrick talks to Ian about Robin's pregnancy. This is when Ian gets a brief low down of their history and realizes Patrick's feelings for her (source)

Ian is the doctor who reconstructed Jerry's face.
I had heard that. Got anything else you can share?
He gets Leyla in trouble soon.
Also fact that Jerry's connection to Ian endangers Alexis.
I also heard that Ian may have been the one to supply Jerry with the drugs that almost killed Nikolas. (source)

Liz tells Robin to do what she thinks is best for her child even if it tears her heart apart.
Patrick doesn't show a mature side of himself around Ian, which further cements Robin's feelings about not telling Patrick.
Patrick attempts to move on and act uneffected by Robin's pregnancy.
Patrick worries that Ian will hurt Leyla. Leyla basically says she's developed a tougher core since Patrick is the first one who hurt her.
Ian deliberately presses Patrick's buttons and flirts with Robin.
Robin and Liz stand united against an intrusive Carly. (source)


Robin lets slip that Patrick is the father to Ian when he comforts her after a fight with Patrick (source)

FYI: Ian and Leyla sleep together. (source)

I don't think so. We're not that lucky. Robin has the baby secret while Patrick's with Leyla. A repeat of Cottage Hell only Robin as the bad guy.
Not chat up but Leyla has her sites on Ian as of next week. Really there is no more Patirck/Leyla stuff beyond him trying to be a horn dog in reaction to Robin being pregnant.
Is there more scenes like today and Friday to come in sweeps? Or is the onscreen crap over with?
From what I know over. Like i said Leyla is all about Ian (source)

I think there is a Carly/Liz/Robin scene coming up within the next week.
There is. Next week after Robin has announced to the hospital that she's pregnant.
Later Soapdish.
To expand quickly before I leave, take a guess as to why Carly is at the hospital in the first place?


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