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1/14 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • My internet and cable was out this morning, so I couldn't post. There's so many spoilers/speculations out, I'm going to go ahead and post today's entry late so it's not so overwhelming tomorrow.

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
Week of the 14th
Patrick & Leyla
Nikolas, Patrick, Leyla & Emily
Nikolas, Patrick, Leyla & Nadine
Nikolas, Emily & Patrick
Nikolas, Emily & Patrick

Nikolas, Nadine, Patrick & Day Players
Nadine & Patrick
Nadine & Patrick

Patrick & Leyla

Leyla & Robin
Robin, Leyla, Nikolas & Emily
Robin, Leyla, Nikolas & Nadine
Robin, Nikolas & Emily
Robin, Nikolas & Emily

Nikolas & Emily
Nikolas, Robin, Nadine & Day Players
Nadine & Robin
Nadine & Robin

Nadine & Nikolas
Nadine, Nikolas, Kelly, Russell & Monica

Robin & Leyla
Nikolas & Emily (source)

Soap Opera Network has learned that actors Seamus Dever and America Olivo are joining the cast of ABC's "General Hospital" in the recurring roles of Dr. Ian Devlin and Marianna. Both actors debut during the week of January 21.
Dr. Devlin is said to be an old medical school buddy of Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson). Upon his arrival to General Hospital on Friday, January 25, Devlin becomes the talk of GH's nursing staff.
Marianna, who has no last name at this time, encounters Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) during his visit to Martha's Vineyard on Tuesday, January 22. Ric is shocked to find Marianna working at the local diner as a waitress as Trevor makes his presence known. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
Patrick and Leyla do sleep together on Friday. It happens in the Gh locker room. When it is over, Leyla tells him it meant nothing but sex and leaves.
I just wanted my fellow Scrub fans to be prepared.
Is there a broken condom with Leyla?
No. Not at all.
Guys, I posted about the two issues that I wanted to clear up in regards to Scrubs and Liason. I know you get played with often here but I want you to be prepared.
Chat Up:
Hey CU.
Before you wade out, can you answer a question? Would ABC really sign off on a double exposure HIV story?

I cannot see how Disney would agree to it, let alone get it past Standards and Practices - not to mention potentially encurring the wrath of regulatory bodies.
CU you are here. I do NOT believe that Patrick and Leyla have sex. Have you heard anything in regards to this? That would be awfully irresponsible for ABCD to go there! THANKS!
I've been lurking around for a bit tonight and hesitated to even post at all as this is all a complete surprise to me and I unfortunately have nothing to offer to refute or confirm it.
I will say this (and people can believe me or not, no difference to me) I have been unequivocally told that there is no intention to put Patrick and Leyla together as a romantic pairing - the story is still Patrick and Robin.
Is CU still here? If so, an anon insider told me today that Guza's outlines were thrown out. Any truth to that?
I can't unequivocally say they are thrown out but I can say that ABCD would not violate the terms and conditions of the collective agreement with the WGA - therefore if they are using something of his that he must be credited for, then he would be.
Chat Up,
Any news on Guza is he gone for good or just until the strike is over?

He can't be fired while on strike - the only way he could be gone for good at this point is if he's resigned.
That doesn't mean he is safe when the strike ends.
An RP insider said that they don't have to credit him if they change them up. I wasn't here for that drop though so I couldn't question them. But I've been told that he's not listed as a CP either.
Nice to see you too - and all of your avis crack me up.
They can change it but I believe the change has to be substantial to remove his credit.
He is not listed as CP as he is not fulfilling those duties at the moment
Hey, Chat up!
I really enjoyed this weeks shows and can really tell a difference in the scripts. The dialogue has gotten so much better and the shows themselves seem to be more character driven.
Is the fact that they are more character driven a component of how they are making some changes or is it just due to the new writers? Does that make sense?

Hey wardland,
I would say it's both. Ratings need to start an upward trend prior to the start of February sweeps and so they are doing all they can to acheive that.
And fresh or fresher eyes on anything always helps course corrections.
CU, sorry if this question is outdated ...
How/What was the reaction to Georgie's death?
Also, what are they thinking about the ratings? After the Xmas bump they are back in the crapper again. Are they really expecting to get a big bump in February?

The reaction has been mixed - there was anger about her death but good reaction for many of the actors involved - JJY, KS, BA etc.
They need a bump but they need to start trending upwards in the next few weeks
aw, I am so happy that John got good reviews!!!
Have you heard anything about him getting taken off contract? Or if the show will pay attention to the good reviews he received and give him more to do?

With KW staying on indefinitely, he likely will have more screen time with her in the coming months.
CU, have you heard when Patrick finds out he is a father? They aren't going to keep it a secret the whole pregnancy are they? TIA
I don't know when but no, it won't last the whole pregnancy
I know asked about Patrick and Robin but can I ask as gently as possible - if ABCD is concerned about ratings and NB's character was not well recieved on NS or GH, why is the show still pushing this character and featuring her in promos.Those in charge have to know viewers do not like her. Can you say how they feel it will help ratings? Thanks
No one is banking on a new actress to drive up ratings.
And what you see as a push is really not.
Promos are like having one chapter of the book - not the whole book. The story is kicking off and in the first chapter she is there - she isn't the principle character of the chapter and she isn't going to be in the whole book.
Does that make any sense?
We were told that TMK was going to wrap up in Feb. True?
Last I heard, yes
KW is said to have an open invitation, but are they really invested in writing something for her (and maybe Maxie?)
Invested is a strong word but they are happy to have her on screen and the possibilities it presents -and it is an open invitation so I suspect her screen time will pick up some steam
Chat Up,
What are your thoughts about credible insiders having completely false info? Do you think that wrong info is being fed to folks to try and plug leaks? The Jax is the daddy spoiler was higely wrong!

Employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements and so the sharing of information in a place like this is a violation of that. Most times, depnding on the info, management will look the other way. Sometimes, if they have reason to suspect someone is telling tales out of school they will have false info planted.
I've been given false info before. It happens.
I don't think people are setting out to intentionally lie to anyone - sometimes your info is just wrong.
Has there been any word of an open invitation for any other vet?
I believe Finola Hughes has one
Is the TMK still being closely watched or can stuff be talked about it now?
Some still believe that no one will guess the identity of the killer
Chat up, do you know why they are trying to destruct the character of Patrick? TIA!
I wouldn't use that word.
I know for a long time there has been discussions about tearing him down to rebuild and redeem and I think that's still the plan.
Anything on trouble at work for Patrick?

It's a big part of his story for a while.
Chat up, if DOOL get a strong hold on 3rd place in HH/DEMO during sweeps, what do you think TPTB at GH next move will be?
If coming out of sweeps there isn't an improvement in the show's performance, there will have to be cuts to deal with the loss of revenue.
so still no real backstage changes? just cuts across the board and more handringing? Sorry but it's frustrating to see the show sinking and not see more public evidence of attempts to save the ship. What are the mid to long range plans for daytime on ABC?
There really isn't going to be public evidence of changes - they always try first to do it quietly.
Many of the backstage changes were scuppered by the strike - the plans are still in place but can't be executed.
And your last question would get me in trouble if I answer it
So the Patrick/Leyla stuff is going on for a while.
Is Robin getting someone interested in her?

The Patrick/Leyla stuff isn't a romantic pairing.
Robin is dealing with her pregnancy and she and Patrick are going to be reunited (yes, I'm aware I said this would happen in December and it didnt' but that's what I was told)
does that mean behind the scene changes or asking actors to go recurring?
Depends on the losses.
Chat UP,
How is it that ABC daytime keeps doing things that incite fans? Is anything being put in place to put new people in the proper positions to ok promos and s/lines that come on screen? I am a viewer and Real Greenlee is so offensive. Thanks

They aren't trying to purposely incite fans.
you know sometimes how you have a great idea and everyone else thinks it's great and then you do it and you realize it wasn't so great? It happens here too - (not saying 'real greenlee' was a great idea)
there are changes happening all over the place and there will be a lessons learned exercise from some of these events.
CU - do you think a sexual harrassment like storyline may be part of Patrick's problems at work?
Something like that - yes.
Chat up, did TPTB GH really think putting character like Leyla/Nadine on contract and continuing to kill off long term character wasn't going to have a negative effect on the show?
Any long running show has to renew itself from time to time to stop it from getting stale. That includes letting go of old favorites and bringing on fresh faces (and yes I know how people feel about Leyla). They aren't easy decisions but it's part of the business.
CU, any other interesting tidbits that you can share with us going on at GH that we can sink our teeth into & discuss?
I don't have anything I'm comfortable dropping in that regard.
however, I know his absence from the screen was discussed here and I thought you might like to know that Adrian Alvarado (Cruz) and his wife are expecting a baby - a boy.
Chat Up
As far as you know will Robin's pregnancy go to full term?

yes. (source)

Things I've heard
Robin is disheartened by Patrick's playboy ways and thinks he's moved on with his life. She wrestles with telling him the truth.
After hearing some talk about nothing being worse then forcing fatherhood on a man who doesn't want it. Robin thinks it may be best to keep the information to herself.
Patrick lashes out at Robin when she comments on him and Leyla. He says she's moving on with her life and having a baby,. Thats not for him , he wants to be a doctor and have his own life. Robin decides to do it on her own.
Robin has another fainting spell and is told that her pregnancy needs to be monitored very carefully.
Carly overhears Robin talking to Kelly. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon: none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
I am telling you differently.
There are no plans to give Patrick two children - he will have one child, with Robin.
The show is not doing double HIV exposure.
Over and over again since yesterday I've posted what I know and I get yelled at, so I'm done.
People want to believe the worst then fine - but keep beating up on the insiders and no one will drop anything.
my main concern here is you know if she gets a home for herself anytime soon.and if there will be any happy times in the near future once she realizes she is having a baby?if you dont want to respond i understand.
As I understand it as the story progresses, she and Patrick will be getting a place of their own or moving back into his apartment - that hasn't been confirmed
There is lots of happy moments coming for her.
And with that, I really am done - I'll post over at the other board. (source)

Care to chime in on the do they/ dont they about Patrick and Leyla sex?

I'm afraid to Wink
Oh, please be brave for us and spill! Here's your flame retardant suit. It'll protect you. (Peyla sex)
They do. (source)

Someone PMed me and asked me to elaborate on whether or not Patrick and Leyla do the deed.
Rather than people trying to figure out cryptic or vague posts, I decided to post exactly what happens on Friday. I saw a great deal of misinformation being passed around which I knew after the scenes aired would no doubt cause a flurry of "Why was this changed?"
Patrick receives a page that there is an emergency and he needs to get to the locker room. Upon arriving there, he finds Leyla wearing her winter coat. He explains he was paged for an emergency and she tells him she has one that requires his immediate attention. She drops the coat. Patrick wonders what if someone walks in but she locks the door and pulls him into a kiss. The next time we see them it's post-sex. Patrick and Leyla are pleased with themselves. Patrick asks where they go from there. Leyla tells him they go nowhere. It was just meaningless, no-strings attached sex and walks out on him.
Please Note: the above is not word for word dialogue from the scenes. I don't memorize dialogue, interpret looks, guess what the characters or thinking or feeling or pretend to know what the writers' intentions are or thoughts were while writing a particular scene so please don't ask me.
Take It To The Bank (source)

Look for Patrick and Leyla to restart their affair. They do have sex, without Patrick telling Leyla about the broken comdom episode with Robin. When Leyla does find out about it, she is furious. (source)

M&M wrote:
OK guys here it goes: I am telling you these things, mark them down, dismiss them, beleive it or not but here is what I know to be true.
Patrick will sleep with Leyla but this in no way means that Scrubs are over & they do have plans to reunite them. (source)

Patrick does NOT sleep with Leyla. Should I write it 500 times across the board? Geez...
No -- while I believe you -- as IOA noted, nothing else makes sense otherwise -- as you were writing your 500 times, some other poster would write the opposite 500 times so you'd just end up frustrated. You need to give yourself a "phrase" like "Kiss My Ass does so you can come back and say "I told you so" -- maybe you could be "I told you so"?
"I told you so" is mine. Sorry.
Do you agree then? Was that you earlier?
What do you about Sonny and Kate, are they really getting married?

It was me that said I was coming back next week to scream I TOLD YOU SO a thousand times.
This Should I write it on the blackboard 500 times is someone else.
So, to be clear, I Told You So, you are saving no Peyla sex?
Beyond that, I don't know and unless Jill or Garin are posting here neither does anyone else.
THat's me. (source)

I'm going to say this one more time and then I'm going to leave.
THREE WEEKS! That's all anyone knows about unless your name is Jill or Garin. Judging from the fact that Jill is acting like she's guarding national secrets, judging from the fact that GW took a big chance going fi-core and isn't likely to do anything he knows will piss off Jill or Frons. I'd say if your name happens to be Jill or Garin, you probably still aren't THE JILL and GARIN.
So, in other words, no one knows and its absurd to claim otherwise, about any storyline.
I'll be back with my I told you so . (source)

Let me back you up - you're absolutely right. And Jill has set all kinds of booby traps with fake info to plug leaks. She does not want anything spoiled in advance.
Do you agree with everything the posted?
I do.
There is no sex (source)

He'll start by saying that Robin's the one! Cause this is the first he felt like this players' done! She's the only number he wants dial! He's gonna be good with with just one girl! One girl! That's all he needs! He's gonna be straight with one crib! With two whips! Cause he's grown and that's all he needs! Robin is the girl he wants all his babies with! The only girl he wants, he's gonna shake dem other chicks! That's why he's getting down on one knee! With one ring! Cause all that he needs is One! (source)

I was the one who dropped off those long list of scoops a bit ago.
First off HUGE thanks to Hmm Mmmm. They are my favorite scoopster on the board. Sorry I play favorites.
Anyways I do feel like I should at least share what I was told about other aspects of the show. Since it's being debated. As I said I do know the person has information. Whether their spoilers are the most current and actually make the screen I do hope get verified on the board. But as far as backstage information I'm pretty certain on their information because as I said they would know these things.
Also a lot of interest in the upcoming baby storyline for Robin. There was some humerous remarks made that after all of Guza's pushing , he wouldn't be there to see it off. Apparently Kimberly is really happy. (source)

Someone will be getting more family.
Hospital side. (source)

Between now and the second week of February
Patrick gets heart-breaking news (source)

This is my first post here, wanted to let you know word on the set is FH will be paying a visit to GH in the near future. They are just starting talking to her about it. (source)

I don't think the show knows what's going to happen past February with this strike going on. So I'm not buying any LONG term spoilers right now.
Jill knows, Garin Wolfe knows, but that's it
Today admins should begin processing scripts for the week of January 28. (That's the week they'll be filmed.) Those scenes will be on the air Wednesday the 20th through Tuesday the 27th of February. The scripts will be distributed on Thursday.
THat's assuming that this week is handled in the same way that things have been handled since late November. (source)

Actually no one knew that Guza's name had been dropped from the credits until the day it aired on the show. Its caused quite a bit of buzz behind scenes as well. NO one is sure what it means.
Guza didn't work a lot at the studio but he did maintain an office. Its been shut and presumably locked since the strike began. Someone said last week they were walking down the hall as the janitor was cleaning the room and that a painting that Guza had on the wall was missing and his desk was completely empty.(He had some framed photographs sitting about.)
A lot of people think he's probably not coming back, but the people who know for sure aren't talking.
Now that's really interesting. Thank you.
Has Frons been spending more time on the set? How are Wolf and JFP working together?
Do you know anything about the actor contracts? Possible returns or exits?

Frons wasn't on the set at all last week. That's the first week back since Christmas and before then, about as much as usual. I haven't noticed an increase in his visits.
I don't really know that much about Garin Wolfe. As far as I know he hasn't even visited the set since he became interim HW. Jill goes into the conference room just about every morning for 30 minutes or so and video conferences with him. Then on Wednesdays she spends almost all afternoon doing vc. So I guess its fair to say they are working well together.
I don't know anything about contracts although I will say that I read a page or two back that Finola was coming back, and I"ve heard that at the studio. She'll be in and out for the next week. (source)

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but Wolfe is going to like whatever Jill and Frons want him to like.
He took a big chance with his career when he went fi-core. If he does a good job then he's probably safe. If he doesn't then he's basically screwed. He's going to do the stories that they want done. I don't see him picking any favorites any time soon.

Aaah. The voice of reality.
All GW is doing is trying to improve the writing QUALITY, continuity and dialogue. Under him, the show is gaining a bit of balance. EVERYTHING he does is under the supervision of Frons and JFP. He's not going to pull a rabbit out of his hat, folks. There are no white knights at GH. (source)

For the last time:
There is no push to pair Patrick and Leyla - she is going to be a thorn in his side. They are not trying to hook them up - Robin and Patrick are the story.
But it's clearly more fun to believe the worst about everything so carry on.
Thanks. When does Patrick start feeling the pain at work?
Within the next three weeks. I believe it starts at the end of next week
Is Leyla the one bringing it on?
Yes she is.
I just want to know if the leyla stuff of her causing trouble for Patrick at work, is what causes the Robin and Patrick back together. Is this the begining or not. Does Robin stand by him.
She believes his side of the story.
Is GH doing a double HIV exposure story with Patrick/Robin/Leyla?
Absolutely not.S&P would have a stroke. You have no idea how much begging they had to do to get the surprise pregnancy approved
Interesting. Do you have any idea when Patrick finds out she is pregnant?
It was filmed last week.
But he only finds out she's pregnant. Not that she's pregnant with his child.

Thank you for taking the time to write all of this up.
Did Conforti go fi-core? Who's working on the new outlines now?

I heard last week that someone else has. I don't know for sure if its Conforti.
Is it true that after the writers' strike, non of the scab writers can be kept on?
If they are caught, WGA won't give them membership and once the strike is settled, ABC is signatory and can't hire non guild members. IF they aren't caught, well that's a totally different thing. GH can keep Wolfe, though.
Can you expand on what FH's storyline will be while she's at GH? Any word for RS or GF being asked back?
I haven't heard anything specifically about RS but I feel sure he'll be back later on in the spring for at least a few episodes.
We just heard today that there is going to be a new opening. Do you know anything about that or the line up?
It'll debut around the time that Sarah returns and they did quite a few new "faces" for it. I don't know line-up. Sorry.
To any insider on - I am hearing that those actors who have always been known as professional, prepared, sincere and focused, are being rewarded by having their opinions on characters and story arcs are being listened to. Those actors who have more of a "diva/ego" approach and who are not always the most prepared, professional, or respectful to the crew and others are being taught a few things. Any truth?
Not really. Not that I've seen.(source)

*bangs head on wall*
There is NO double exposure. None. Nada. Nothing.
Not under any circumstances.
Ever. (source)

There are quotas etc of different things you are allowed to do and show.
If you were going to do something like a double exposure then you would also have to indicate that was the story you were telling. It is considered controversial and is not the story being told and they would never get sign off on it.
It's rare in daytime television for something like intravenous drug use to be shown but pill popping would be.
It's a balance and there aren't necessarily hard and fast rules but S&P will always err on the conservative side.
It's also a factor as to why the love scene with the broken condom between Robin and Patrick wasn't shown
If they had shown the love scene and Patrick becoming aware of the broken condom, then they would have had to show all the follow up - testing, protocol etc. S&P would have insisted
By not showing the love scene, they had more flexibility with how they reveal aspects of the story.
All kinds of things have to be signed off by S&P - rape scenes, assault etc. Something like having two people exposed to HIV would require an investment in the storytelling about the double exposure (source)

BTW, if Coop isn't the killer, than who is?
Its a secret. And I mean that sincerely. I don't know and I seriously doubt if anyone else does. Jill is good about that. After Jason's final scene(Coop) you'll see someone with black gloves about to send a text message. Two day players walk by discussing what happened to Coop, and his possible relationship to the death of the commissioner's daughter. After they pass, the hand is still for a moment then it erases the message. (source)

So, I have some news about Coop
Maxie finds his dead body hanging.
I feel nauseated.
According to SOD we won't know if he killed himself or someone killed him, there's more to the story.
He and Maxie are set to go on a road trip and she comes to his place and finds him hanging from the ceiling.
Jason Gerhardt himself, confirms that he's out.
Tracee (source)

I am the insider who posted the following:
I don't want to duel with anyone, but I don't know where the Red Herring insider is getting their information because I can tell you that I've been told (most recently as yesterday) that Patrick is the biological father of Robin's baby. I asked because of all the stuff that went down before. My contact told me this has been established for at least 2 months now. It just won't be obvious to everyone right away

I guess that means I wasn't lying. Rolling Eyes
Only tidbit you're getting from me today is this ... Patrick DOES NOT sleep with Leyla.
Scooped Up (source)

FYI: Patrick and Leyla do sleep together.
Take Care (source)

Scrubs I don't care about so I don't know. Well sorry I do know-Just don't be too happy be prepared is right. (source)

There is NO broken condom.
There is NO sex.
Are the "hijinx" between Leyla/Patrick mean or fun?
don't take the wording of previews/spoilers from mags literally (source)

Re: Robin this week:
She faints twice and he is very concerned. There is no broken condom and I was here telling you all before that there was sex. While some idiot kept disputing me.
Can you please tell me what the point of Patrick and Leyla is?? TIA!
Lets just say when she fnds out about Robin she's not too pleased.
So, you are saying he doesn't tell her about the exposure before he sleeps with her?? Thanks for answering.
I am the insider answering. Not AIg. Sorry. He doesn't tell her about the broken condom. He does not expose Leyla. She just gets pissed he held that back from her. That's all I can say.
How does she find out about Robin and Patrick?
she sort of happens on Robins file and finds out Robin is pregnant with Patricks baby.
Thanks, are we to see Patrick and Leyla have sex again after Friday? Thanks
I don't have info beyond 2 weeks and it doesn't happen in that time. (source)


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I love scrubs! Have you seen the Snoopy Scrubs episode?!?

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