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1/26 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Jason Thompson has been confirmed at the Seattle Hockey Challenge on March 1st
  • The GH lineup at Broadway Cares in NYC on March 2nd has been expanded to Kimberly McCullough, Tony Geary, Sonya Eddy, and Bradford Anderson (source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
1/21 Robin and Patrick
1/23 Patrick
1/29 Robin and Patrick
1/30 Robin and Patrick

none at the time of this post

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Hey, Chatup! Good to see the ratings tick up a little. Hopefully, it will continue.
Hey Chat-Up. Two questions.
#1. Did you hear about the meltdown on the set on Wednesday? Any insights?
#2. Big rumor I heard today that Guza offered to go fi-core back in late November in exchange for his contract being renewed long-term and was basically told to go and hit the picket line? Do you have any idea if that's true?

1) I didn't hear of a meltdown per se. I heard there was an actor who was not ready to go and that upset a few people - whether or not that is the story the anon was referring to I don't know.
2) As far as I know it is not. He signed the solidarity petition and from all I heard was/is committed to the strike. (source)
Hey Chat up!
So are TPTB a little happy about the bump in ratings?

It is a positive upwards trend. It needs to continue that way before anyone will even consider the word happy (source)
Hey CU! ANything positive on the scrubs from?
I don't have any new information. I've posted before what I've been told about the direction of the story which I consider to be a positive but I understand that others think less so. (source)
Hey Chat Up, I know you probably get tired of being asked the same thing over and over, but recently an someone dropped that Scrubs are up in the air and the writers don't know what to do with them. Is this true? Are Scrubs up in the air and do the writers want them apart for good? TIA
It is not true as far as I know.
What writers have been specifically told to do or not do is information available only to a very exclusive group and I would be surprised that it would make its way here (source)
Chat up,
Do you know who the TMK is? If you do I know you won't spill but can you at least tell us if it was someone who was written off but came back to off folks??

I've been given information about how it is, but I have reason to believe that I have faulty info and so I can't offer any insight on that. (source)
CU, have you heard anything about the strike possibly ending soon?
Talks are still informal and there has been not date set to return to the table formally and get negotiations done. The sticking point remains digital/dvd royalties and the DGA deal is not necessarily a cut and paste for the WGA so I don't believe the end is near yet. (source)
CU do you know if the VDay spoilers are true?
At this point I don't. I will have to check
TTYL, do you have anything new and positive for scrubs fans? Thanks.
All seems to be still on target for a reunion .. but what fans will put up with while they head there is a different story.
Will we at least see Patrick changing alittle? Or is more Leyla/Patrick games in our future?
Patrick will have a lot more heaped on his plate - professinal jealousy will be a large factor. I haven't had it confirmed, but Ian and Robin are supposed to be more friendly as colleagues due to Robin's expertise in drug therapy - but again - this isn't confirmed - just things I've heard.
The Leyla/Patrick games will be coming to an end .. but don't expect the character of Leyla to just drop off the screen.
Thanks, I've got my armor on. Please tell me if we have to put up with anymore Peyla sex
Leyla will be setting her sites on the new Dr.
Is there more bad stuff coming, or just angst between them?
In the SD IL, there is a post that ends with I'm Tired, I Tried, I'm Out. That was me.
Sigh ... its on the downswing, but I get tired of posting that so I will let the fans believe what they want. This part of the story is about to wrap up.
Leyla is moving into Ian's sphere, jealousy of Robin, jealousy of Patrick's reactions to Robin
Patrick is about to get slammed from all sides, Ian, Robin, Liz, professional mishaps
Robin is dealing with embarassment at running into Leyla and Patrick, her baby issues, her upcoming health crisis, her interactions with Ian, her fights with Carly, her bonding with Liz, her dealing with her family and trying to help Maxie.
So pick your poison, but it looks to me that there is a lot coming up other than Peyla.
I'm tired, I tried, I'm out.

TTYL do Ian and Robin flirt at all for patrick to see?
I wouldn't call the flirting reciprocal. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
Insider, here.
The favorites, are; Jason, Liz, Robin, Lucky, Sam, Alexis, Sonny, Lulu, Johnny.......... Or this is what my source believes.
The Scabs want to leave a last imprint on the canvas also I have been told. Especially since they are being positively received.
Scrubs will continue in this back and forth dance we have been seeing for awhile. Scabs have been instructed to keep them apart for a while.
The writers want to keep Patrick in this limbo for awhile.
The Scabs purposefully have diminished the HIV aspect of Robin's baby story, yes.
Insider, again.
This is my last post for tonight.
With Scrubs, I'm sorry I don't want to put false hope out there. Their future is really up in the air at this point. The writers aren't sure where they're going, hence the limbo. (source)

JoLu does have sex on Valentine's Day, but the last scene of Valentine's Day, the identity of the TMK is revealed to the audience. I'm sure of that. About the other stuff, I don't know, it could happen or not, I think Scrubs will be on that day also though. (source)

FYI: There are no plans in the outlines at this time for Alexis and Jerry to end. Also Robin and Patrick will be given a lot of angst, however it is being set up for them to come out of this together and being parents together.
Take Care. (source)

[not sure if this is spec or fact, but will delete if it is spec]
What are you talking about 'push Peyla." They aren't pushing "Peyla."
Scrubs is the story. Leyla is a conduit. She's there to show that Patrick is carefree and does not want a commitment of any form in his life.
As the story develops that begins to change and at first he fights the change, then later on he owns it but others including Robin, don't believe that he's evolving.
Robin will have a severe medical crisis toward the middle part of her pregnancy in which some tough choices will have to be made about her pregnancy. By that time, through a few crooks and turns, Carly will have learned the truth about the baby's paternity and ultimately she will end up being the one who tells Patrick the truth about the paternity (source)

Yeah, its a pretty good story and its been planned for a long time. When Patrick's character was first developed one of the reasons for the mother died on Noah's operating table backstory was because they already had this in mind.
The problem is they dragged it out for one reason or the other, just a little too long, and Patrick became pretty much settled down and in a committed relationship wiht Robin. That's why there has been so much push wth Leyla. To re-establish that he's a hard partying commitment phone, pardon my french, whoredog. That's going to continue to be a point in the story for a while simply because they do want to establish tha tlove, and impending fatherhood do change him, they can't let him turn around next week, or they lose the impact of the story. (source)

Can any insider lurking out there answer if TMK is someone we see on the canvas right now? As in we have seen their face in the last 2 months?


Another one of my friends with a inside hookup confirmed that Liz and Robin are going to become tight. Apparently Kelly and Lainey will be befriending Leyla and Nadine. Bleck. (source)

KMC- She is happy that she will be getting such a big storyline. Look for her to confirm to Patrick in may that he is the baby's dad. I don't have anything specific I just know that that is the timeframe.
JT- Not much on him I just now that everyone on set loves him (source)


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