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1/6 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • The new banner for GH showed up briefly this weekend, it's the usual suspects related to the mob

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
nothing confirmed as of yet

none at the time of this post

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post
Script Insider: none at the time of this post
Chat up: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
There is talk with the substitute writers to have Jax be the father of Robin's baby. Patrick will be around to support her during her pregnancy, and Jax won't know the truth for a while as Carly will find out before he does - keeping it from him. (source)

I'm no insider but this is what I heard and you can take it , leave it or throw it out. I'm not sure what to do with the information.
At this point I was told Robin had decided to be inseminated by an anonymous sperm donor.
Carly chooses to be inseminated by Jax.
Both women schedule their appointments on the same day.
Something happens and they can't find Jax's sample. Meanwhile Robin goes through with her procedure and waits to find out if it took.
Carly demands they find out what happened to Jax's sample.
Apparently they show Jax's sample cup (whatever) with Carly/Jax earlier at the house with Carly/Jax and at the hospital with them and then later as it's with Robin in the Dr.'s office.
There it is, guys.
What I take from this is we won't know if Jax is actually the father because there is wiggle room there.
Actually I told they make it clear it's Jax's.
Which is why they show the cup or whatever so you know who Robin's anonymous donor is.
Supposedly there is a follow up to confirm it. I asked what but they didn't tell me anything else. (source)

What is Patrick doing the rest of Jan? Thanks

Dealing with Nik, dealing with Leyla and dealing with Robin.
Any specifics? What is he dealing with with Robin?
I don't want to comment and give people false hope but I will say their interactions are not all professional this month.
Wait I thought above you said their interactons were all at the hospital about medical stuff?
I said their interactions are at the hospital that doesn't mean all their discussions and whatnot are medically based.
insider: there are some cranky Nem fans who want spoilers. Guess they arent around. Got anything for them in January?
I don't know any specifics. A lot of their stuff in January is about Nik seeing Patrick and Robin about his condition. Emily is there with him at the appointments. Well as there as a dead person can be. He's also got more random rage coming on and Nadine is his nurse.
What about Leyla? Does she have a lot of stuff with Patrick?
Some, but I wouldn't classify it as a lot. Robin has more stuff with him than Leyla does.
Do Robin and Patrick have any alone scenes or is it just group stuff?
They do share alone scenes. (source)

Thanks for the clarification.
And no offense to you or anything but eh to them having personal interaction at this point. I would rather they went their separate ways with this whole switch thing going down.

Fair enough but there is one particular interesting interaction that I think you should look for. I don't know what it means which is why I'm not commenting on it. (source)

She (Robin) isn't getting inseminated at all.
So, what? Jax cheats on Carly and goes bareback and screws Robin?
No. She decides she is going to wait. There is nothing set to be filmed about her being inseminated at this point.
what is she doing for sweeps?
Robin and Patrick will be working their way back to each other. There will be talks about a baby but there is nothing set to filmed as of now.
has the baby storyline been post poned again? or scrapped all together?
No. She decides she is going to wait. There is nothing set to be filmed about her being inseminated at this point.
What changes her mind and when does she get inseminated?
Patrick's willingness to consider being a father puts doubts in her mind. Nothing in regards to the insemination is set to be filmed as of yet. Also, Carly does not get inseminated either at this point.
do you know if they are planning on a baby storyline for Robin? Kimberly seemed pretty sure Robin would be pregnant in March or by March.
With all the writers still being on strike and working with scab writers it was decided to postpone this as they would like to give proper attention to this story.
With all due respect, the last KMc/JT PA was on November 4th, and they were pretty certain of the strike. And KMc made the comment about being pregnant by March then.
They didn't know how long it would last then. I understand you being skeptical. You have been given a lot of conflicting information from a lot of different sources.
so they are going to wait until the writer's strike is over before they do this storyline? what are they going to do with them in the meantime, esp for sweeps, since this seemed to be their only storyline?
With a few other actors coming back they have enough of other stuff to fill their canvas.
When was this decision made? Why not go forward with Carly's imsemination?
They want these stories to coincide.
When were JT and KMc told the baby story was shelved again? What were their reactions?
Sorry. I don't know.
Is the fact that the baby storyline has been shelved shared with the entire GH staff?
I think they are aware of it but I don't know the reactions of any of the staff. Sorry
Do you think the insiders who have been telling us it is a go have been purposely baiting us or are they not yet aware?
I think depending on where you work the information might be different. I can't tell you if they were purposely baiting because I am sure there are plenty of those around here. I am sure you have half and half of both.
Then why did he (Guza) keep postponing it and not write it earlier?
Good question and one that I don't have an answer to. Sorry.
So did fan backlash gets this fiasco of a story haulted?
No It was the absence of certain writers.
do you know which specific ones?
The writer has been wanting to do this story for years. He doesn't want to miss the opportunity.
The audience views him differently than ABC does.
It may not seem like he has a lot of power but he does. ABC thinks that he will tell this story properly.
that doesn't make any sense to me. ABC doesn't care about telling stories properly.
All you have to do is watch AMC and GH and you will quickly see that.

This is different. If told they want it done properly to avoid criticism from outside groups.
But don't they have scheduled PSA's for this story?
No. They haven't.
What is the one Laura and JT are doing?
I am unaware of one being done by the two. If there is it is not about the pregnancy storyline. (source)

Patrick will be the father of Robin's baby. Carly is moving on to other things.
What other things?
Mob things, meddling with Liason, Jason-angst
When does he change his mind? When do they get back together? Do you have anything else?
February, for questions 1 and 2. What else do you want to know?
What changes his mind? Is the Leyla harassment story dropped?
Can you be specific? Why does TTFN have different info.

I have no real specific details. My info comes from the "focus groups" for the concern for the HIV storyline. It is going to be Patrick and Robin's has been from the beginning. Carly and Jax may play a small part in the beginning, but it is a SCRUBS story. This has been the plan all along. This is the story that KMc was brought back for...the story that JT was hired for.
The decision to have the baby will be the drama/angst for February sweeps. There will also be some drama/angst with the pregnancy for May sweeps. The baby will arrive in November...just in time to put an Emmy reel together. This storyline has always been generated by sweeps. It has always been Guza's plan to play it for sweeps. But he did not anticipate the concern that the higher ups would have for the way he told the story. That is why it has been up in the air for so long.
The higher ups were very concerned that it not be a broken-condom story, so I highly doubt that they will let it be a sperm switch fiasco. I don't know that for sure, but I do know what kind of heat they took for suggesting the broken condom storyline. I also know that ABC Daytime is watching this story so that it is being told correctly. Not even LW or her demands will be able to stick her nose into it.
This is a politically charged storyline and they had to jump through serious hoops to tell it. They are not going to do anything to fuck it up because they know that ABC will step in again if they are not responsible.
I don't know why TTFN has his/her info, but I do know that this story is being watched from above and being protected.
LW never asked for Kim's story OR tried to stick "stick her nose into it"
I'm sorry...I didn't mean to imply that she did. But the story around here for awhile seemed to be that LW was going to take over Kim's story. I simple meant that it is KIM's story...and no one is going to come in and take it from her. (source)

Hi Insider, thanks for the Scrubs info. Can you share what angst they will be getting during the pregnancy? I am glad that you are able to divulge that the father is Patrick and they are getting back together. But as a Scrubs fan, can you share the meat of the outline for the HIV PG? TIA
I'm not really an info was simply because I know someone who is connected to the "legal, social, moral" aspect of the HIV pregnancy story. I do know that people who are concerned that GH is going to be lazy about the medical aspect of the story are going to be pleasantly surprised. They are doing their homework...that is how I know what I know.
I have a very general outline. February is the discussion/angst about Robin deciding to become pregnant. It will be the main drama and the AI will come at the end of the month/sweeps. I am assuming (don't know for sure) that the reunion and decision for Patrick to be the father will come during this part.
I don't know too much about Robin/Patrick's story during the pregnancy. I do know that everything will stem from the pregnancy...medical aspects of both Robin's and the baby's health, Robin facing her own mortality and people's prejudices/concerns about a woman with HIV deciding to have a child, Patrick facing doubts about deciding to become a father and facing the fact that Robin may not always be around to help him, etc.
I know that there will be medical angst in May, but I do not know what it will be. They have researched pregnancy problems, etc. As a fan, I like the kidnapping idea...but that is just me.
November will be the high drama...Robin going into labor, complications with the birth (natural vs. C-section), Patrick delivering his own child, the baby's health, etc.
If they do it the way they have researched it...this could be a compelling nine months. (source)
I am not here to dismiss information from reliable insiders. Just to issue a note of caution-the information and validity of the information relates to where along the hierarchy the insider is located. For example, the HIV pregnancy storyline requires specific review and approval from ABC/Daytime and the Mouse House. (source)
Can you tell me if there are any media promo's planned to coincide with the Robin-Patrick baby story? Do you know when we will start to see them?
There continues to be planning and development for promos and educational information within a variety of platforms for the HIV pregnancy storyline (source)
I am the "HIV insider" OP. I want to say that I am not here to dismiss or challenge the validity of one of your insiders. I am merely telling you what I know and can share. I don't have access to storyline info or specific break downs that others may have. My info is only coming from the way the HIV story is being watched.
I am not trying to start a war or trying to cause you to lose faith in your insiders. Please don't misunderstand my motives...
P.S. - Confession: I am a SCRUBS fan, which is why my friend told me these things! So, I am pretty excited and just wanted the fanbase to feel better about things. (source)
So, just to give me an idea when to expect them - would the promo's start BEFORE their baby story or after conception? Would they be along the PSA vein or SoapNet/ABCD vein?
I don't have a start date at this time. Again, I have been on holiday for several weeks.
It is important to understand the variety of platforms available to ABC to inform the audience about the storyline-news, talks shows, psas, etc. It will not be a single format. (source)
Are these the PSA's I heard that LW/JT did together? Why not KMc
LW will become the "face" of prejudice. It will be handled sensitively, but as you can imagine...Carly will not take kindly to Robin (who she has repeatedly said can never possible give a man a baby) getting her dream baby while she is struggling with her own fertility. Much of the ignorance about HIV pregnancies will be seen from Carly's perspective...that is LW's "big" role in this story. And frankly, it is an important role. She will kind of be the voice of the people. (source)
I tend to believe that. I've heard some things that suggest its a big ol' pissin' contest behind the scenes on this story ... sleaze vs integrity
I am the Note of Caution poster. There have been (and will continue to be) an enormous amount of discussions about a variety of aspects to this storyline. (source)
As a GH fan, I saw this coming from a mile away. I'm good w/ that as long as we don't see Carly try to push Robin down a flight of stairs or trip her.
I think...and this is just PURE SPECULATION on my part...that Carly will be the one to confront Robin with being selfish to put her baby at risk because she wanted to be a mother and to bring a child into the world with a mother who may not live past the child's fifth birthday. This would be a perfect opportunity for GH to educate through storyline about the low risks of HIV mothers having HIV babies and the increased life expectancies of women with HIV these days. (source)
I can understand why Carly fans would not be happy but the character does fit the role IMO.
It also fits into Guza's love of having Robin and Carly at odds. But, there will also be other "surprise" characters who have concerns about the pregnancy. It will come under the guise of being concerned for Robin's health, but it will be yet another chance to educate through storyline. (source)
Didn't this after school special aleready happen with April or the evil landlord and some others I am forgetting.
HIV pregnancy brings with it an all new set of prejudices and need for education. (source)


Nas January 7, 2008 at 8:49 AM  

Hello All:

I hope they do this pregnancy story line about Robin the right way. I also hope they put in a little bit of romance in there and have Patrick be the father of robin's baby. They should concentrate on the issues concerning an HIV woman trying to get pregnant and the fear and uncertainties.

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