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1/16 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
Week of the 14th
Patrick & Leyla
Nikolas, Patrick, Leyla & Emily
Nikolas, Patrick, Leyla & Nadine
Nikolas, Emily & Patrick
Nikolas, Emily & Patrick

Nikolas, Nadine, Patrick & Day Players
Nadine & Patrick
Nadine & Patrick

Patrick & Leyla

Leyla & Robin
Robin, Leyla, Nikolas & Emily
Robin, Leyla, Nikolas & Nadine
Robin, Nikolas & Emily
Robin, Nikolas & Emily

Nikolas & Emily
Nikolas, Robin, Nadine & Day Players
Nadine & Robin
Nadine & Robin

Nadine & Nikolas
Nadine, Nikolas, Kelly, Russell & Monica

Robin & Leyla
Nikolas & Emily (source)

Soap 411:
01-21 Recap / 01-22 Preview
01-22 Recap / 01-23 Preview

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Chat Up,
Please give Scrubbies something besides a baby to hold onto

If you were here the other night you would have seen how I posted that the current promo is like the first chapter in a book. The main characters of the book are Patrick and Robin.
And while I understand how people on this board feel about Leyla, they are not trying to establish them as a pairing.
Misunderstandings are a key factor in their story for a while to come.
Are we talking months here as in 6 months down the line, they may be starting to actually talk to each other & without the pointless one there?
I don't have the timeline. I was told that it won't be a secret for long - but I don't know what qualifies as "long"
Sorry I don't have more detailed info but it is proving difficult to get.
meaning everytime robin gets the courage to tell patrick she sees him with leyla and backs out?
I don't know how often she sees him with Leyla but they are just at cross purposes for a while - is what I've been told.
CU what you mean by cross purposes ?
Just that they are supposed to realize how much they want to be with each other and each time they take a step to each other, they end up getting sidetracked
Do not over look the time. November sweeps leyla was the story. She was the one takeing the bullet not Patrick not Robin. Sweeps is viewed by
TPTB as a draw for new fans. sweeps is comeing and they are giveing patrick and leyla a story heading into sweeps. Dont be blind to what your looking at on screen

While I normally wouldn't take anyone on in their information, I suspect you may only have a partial part of the picture. The big picture, the one that they are investing in, is Robin and Patrick and that was confirmed to me as late as yesterday.
CU, have you seen any of the stuff the new insider EMI posted? Any idea if they sound like they know what they're talking about?
Their information sounds much like what I've heard.
I don't know if they were the person posting earlier about Garin Wolf/Jill Phelps and videoconferencing etc but that is correct as well. (source)
Took a stroll in the IL and just wanted to clear something up. Patrick is not jealous over anything regarding Leyla and he is not desperately upset over Leyla walking out on Friday. Confused and shocked, yes. Hurt or upset? No.
I'm not a fan of any of these character but it seems as if people are taking great pleasure in trying to torment Patrick and Robin fans at the moment.
Are their hijinx at work sex games or mean spirited?
I said last night I don't like sitting around and answering questions. It's not my style.
But these "hijinx" are being blown to a whole nothing level. They're not completely mean spirited, but they're not sex games either. They take up about one episode and it's all done so that Robin sees it in the end. Watch for Patrick's reaction to Robin seeing it.
Anything on Patrick's work troubles?
From what I hear it's a mixture of Leyla causing problems and his "buddy" coming back to down. And that's all I've heard about this friend of Patrick's so I can't answer what he's really there for. That's exactly what I was told. That Patrick's friend is coming to down and will play into the problems he experiences at work.
To be clear about these games, I'm not 100% certain whether Patrick knows Robin knows at first or what. All I was told about this was that Patrick has an interesting reaction to finding out Robin knows about his and Leyla's actions. I don't know if that happens right away or a little later. I think it's going to be like how Patrick reacted last time when Robin told him he knew about him and Leyla sleeping together. Something like that, but again I don't know for sure.
Does Patrick have any story at all with Robin?
Care to elaborate
Patrick will have story with Robin. He'll have a lot of story with Robin. Contrary to popular belief, this hasn't shifted into 2 stories, one being Robin alone and the other being Patrick and Leyla. Patrick is still very much involved in Robin's story and vice versa.
You said Patrick isn't jealous over anything regarding Leyla, but what about Robin? Does something happen that makes Patrick jealous over Robin?
I'm going to choose to stay mum on that one because I don't have confirmation yet. I have heard rumblings of it though.
Make no mistake, it'd simply be yet another one of those plots I was discussing last night to move the story to a new direction. Because what I've heard over and over again is that the plan is to ultimately bring Robin and Patrick together.
There are a few things in this show I would bank my career on. That is one of them.
Can you clear up whether Patrick tells Leyla about his exposure before they have sex or not?
I would if I knew. But since I haven't seen the scenes in completeness, I don't know for sure either way.
Insider, do you know how Patrick finds out about Robin being pregnant? TIA
No. I have heard that it more than likely will not be Robin who tells him though.
Thank you. Do you mean someone else tells him she's pregnant; he's the daddy or both? I kind of like someon else telling him she's pregnant. Id rather her tell him he's the dad.
I was referring to him finding out he's the father.
You are so swell for answering all these. Do you have any idea how long the fling between Leyla and Patrick lasts? And do you know if we have more Peyla sex to look forward too after Friday?
I don't think the Patrick/Leyla stuff lasts too long at all. I think it'll get it's time starting Friday and a bit into the next week, but it's not going to be this huge arc. As for more sex, I have heard nothing on it.
Do you happen to know who the next person to find out Robin is pregnant is? Does Robin get any scenes with Mac to tell him?
All I've heard of for Mac is about this TMK story. That doesn't mean Robin doesn't have a scene with him, it just means I don't know about it at this point. I would wager she won't for the upcoming weeks due to how heavily involved he is in this murder mystery.
JJY, from what I hear, is very happy with finally getting actual screentime and story to work with.
Insider based on what you are telling us and what you know as a scrubs fan should i watch next week?
I can't say either way becaues it's different for every person. If you don't like angst and don't like Leyla in their story at all, then no I wouldn't watch. And before everyone misunderstands that, I'm not saying it's a full week of Patrick/Leyla at all.
Why are they going with something that was not well received the first 2 times?
Last GH related question here guys (I was the one discussing Lost as well).

They're not "going with" Patrick and Leyla in the sense that they're a pairing at all. It's nothing more than a plot to create conflict to keep Robin and Patrick at odds for more time. I've said it over and over again and asking me over nad over again isn't going to make me sway on that.
EMI here and I just want to say that my information isn't always right on. I hear certain things, I see certain things, most of the details are very short term and the longer out it goes, the less information I have. And that's the case with most people you have here. Some work off of things they know for sure and others elaborate on what they know and the such. Nothing, not even my own info, should be taken as gospel. (source)
Sigh, thanks
that means the more people scream for Scrubs, the more they will push Peyla because that is what we really want, the angst that is supposedly for Scrubs
Sigh. And this is what I was referring to when I said people kept misinterpreting my posts.
Why do I always seem to stop in here when this is going on?

For the record, what you apparently think I was implying is wrong. I stated that in times of angst for Robin/Patrick, their support didn't necessarily waver at all. It even had moments of increase. I imagine that is due to spoiled online fans such as yourself knowing what's coming up and choosing to show more support in times of conflict to drive home the fact that you still want what you want.
It's not an indication that more people want that confict around, it's an indication that that conflict isn't going to detour fans from wanting the things they want.
I'm off again.
EMI (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon: none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
I've said this about five times already but it bears repeating:
Don't listen to any rumblings. About anything. To put it in the vernacular, no one knows crap about what is going to happen after February.
Wolfe is working entirely off the set. He's not there. He and Jill video conference. There's rumors that another writer may be joining in on the head writing duties but no one knows for sure if that's true or not. IF it is, he'll undoubtedly also work offset. The scab script writers are off set and trying to keep their identity secret so they aren't talking.
Scripts for shows this week are finished and distributed.
Scripts for shows next week are finished and will be distributed on Thursday.
Scripts for shows the following week are finished and are being processed for distribution the following THursday.
Beyond that, the only info about what is planned is locked up in Jill's laptop. No one knows and considering the fact the storyline is being developed by a man who has never been a headwriter and a producer who has basically been muzzled for the past five years, its impossible to make predictions about where they will take the story.
Thank you for your candor. This is actually comforting to me!
Well, I wish people would just remember this. I think it might calm a lot of people down.
I read all these comments about Scrubs is over, no They are the story, Liason is over, No they are the long-term plan, Sonny and Claudia are the plan, no its Sonny and Kate.
I just shake my head because there's no one at the studio, with the exception of Jill and she's not talking, who could even honestly verify or deny any of those statements. People just don't know what is going to happen.
In a way its kind of exciting because the show has been so predictable for the past few years. I actually like not knowing for sure where the story is going. (source)

which is why they would never do a Patrick/Leyla pairing especially right now with the ratings. Patrick/Leyla wouldn't be able to muster up a fanbase like scrubs have over two years. Neither really have ties to canvas. Patrick only has Robin. They are two relative newbies. They are not going to make that a story.
It doesn't matter what makes logical sense. All that matters is what Frons wants. And Frons likes Patrick/Leyla and Leyla/NB. It doesn't matter what we think they should do in the face of falling ratings, all that matters is what Frons will do and is currently doing.
I suspect Leyla will move on to this new doctor mcsteamy they are bringing on.J
That's not the plan. At least not for the next 3 weeks.
Diff ANon:
You'll see Patrick "floored" when Leyla walks out on him. This guy is not being written remotely true to character in this upcoming arc. It's to justify Leyla's plot to get her life back on track. (source)

Beyond that, the only info about what is planned is locked up in Jill's laptop. No one knows and considering the fact the storyline is being developed by a man who has never been a headwriter and a producer who has basically been muzzled for the past five years, its impossible to make predictions about where they will take the story.
To the contrary, Wolfe has been associate headwriter at GH for quite some time. If anyone is familiar with what Guza had planned for the future, it is he. As for "scab" writers, no one has been hired from the outside to replace the regulars. Other staff familiar with the show are writing the dialogue, with cast members being free to make adjustments as to better fit their character.(source)

Coming up
Robin discusses her options regarding Patrick with Kelly.
Later on
Maxie locks horns with Mac and Felicia over Cooper and his actions.
Maxie is determined to find the truth one way or the other and wants Spinelli's help.
Nikolas's health crashes rapidly. Robin sees Nadine is getting too personally involved.
Robin attempts to tell Patrick the truth but is haunted by Patrick's confessions over not wanting to be a father.
Robin calls Anna and tells her the news.
Kelly gives Robin some advice about being a single mother. (source)

Some of the longer term stuff is from outlines
Came back because I wanted to add a bunch that I missed. I can't answer questions because truthfully what I see is basically what I gave you guys.
Patrick sees Robin's sonogram of her baby and gets emotional. (source)


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