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5/31 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Rick Springfield was one of many celebrities participating in the celebrity doodle auction to benefit neurofibromatosis. You can see his drawing here
  • President Bush requested Congress to authorize $30 billion to fight AIDS in Africa (NY Times)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected Scrubs airdates
5/31 (source)
6/11 - Patrick makes his feelings clear about having children.
6/12 - Friends night out. Robin and Patrick have sex.
6/13 - Shelve discussing babies and try to sober up. (source)


GH favorites and some new starts check into GH:Night Shift when the series debuts on Soapnet July 12.
"It's a little bit of ER, a little bit of Grey's Anatomy, a little bit of GH, and a little bit of House," muses EP Jill Farren Phelps of the one hour original drama, which is set to run for 13 episodes. "Hopfully, it's a little bit of everything that everyone likes."

The spin-off's premiere episode will introduce viewers "to most of the characters that are going to be in the series, including Billy Dee Williams' Toussaint," explains JFP. "He is a worker in the hospital with a haunted past. There's a mystery about him."

Familiar cast members from GH, like Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson, will also be at the heart of the action. "It's Saturday night in the ER," teases JFP. "It is the the dramas that impact the doctors and the nurses and the people who work and live on the Night Shift, and it takes place only at the hospital."

Despite the sterile setting, there will still be love in the air. "There are a lot of beds in hospitals," winks JFP. "There's a shower. We have all kinds of places where romance and the like can occur."

One thing that won't occur is continuity between the drama on GH by day and NS by night. "Viewers totally are going to have to suspend belief," concedes JFP. "In fact, one character will be sporting a fairly humorous wound in NS that he will not be dealing with on GH. I haven't quite figured out how we can put that across to our audience, because it's conceivable that GH may precede NS (on the SN schedule), and we dont want to confuse them. But the reality is, this is a separate entity. It's the same characters, but they're in different situations." (source)
Rick Springfield is getting a summer story - or so Guza hopes. And he really wants Robert and Anna to join him. "We're going to see a little story for Noah that very much involves R/P... and it may, *may*, involve the parents of Robin and Patrick. Noah's story will directly impact Scrubs, but they are trying to decide whether to include Robert and Anna in this as well. It's all about timing and schedules.

Noah will have a secret life that nobody knows about. It will be very fun. Guza's wanted to do it since Noah returned to PC. It may be put on hold if all the actors can't schedule the right times to be there. At press time, a GH press rep confirmed Finola for part of the summer, but no Tristan as of yet

:: Pretty Reliable::

Got Info: none at the time of this post
Wizard: none at the time of this post
: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
Minae Kim's blog*: As for my secret on Night Shift, unfortunately I cannot say!!! But, I can say that things are not as they appear. I find that even though many of us are so different as people...when we really look deep within, we are not so separate. That in the root of it all, we all have similar broken hearts, insecurities and pains. We just choose different actions to fix, cover and protect ourselves. Night Shift really delves deeper into the hearts and insecurities of the characters. Kinda cool. smile.gif.....Hi! Soapnet will be having a party in June where we will celebrate Night Shift! laugh.gif Should be tons of fun. As for how many episodes I'll be in, not sure yet. I will keep you posted. But so far, we shot 4 episodes and I've been in those four. smile.gif It's been a blast!!! (read the rest here)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Soap Dish Anons:
5/31 Anna comes back because spinelli helps robin find her. Spinelli is robin's brother. I'm the one who dropped off the Anna info a while ago have a nice day Okay i'll expand a little. Spinelli believes he owes Robin for saving his life and offers her anything she wants. She asks him to help her find her mother. Spinelli is Anna's son. Who's the father? (source) [someone's imaginative]

5/30 This week they're only on Friday and Robin witnesses him be friendly with a new nurse. Her name is Jolene and will be a Night Shift regular. After a small spat he bends Emily's ear about how he can't treat a beautiful woman or be nice to a co-worker without Robin getting bent out of shape. Emily explains to him how his niceness can be considered flirting(hurtful). Their night out at Jake's is on June 11th. (source)

*I've put the actors' scoops in the "pretty reliable" category only because of past misinterpretations


Daily Adrenaline Shot

These pictures make me laugh. Scrubs are expected to be on today, so it's a good day!

photo credit to and


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5/30 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • A veteran of GH Fan Club Weekend has put together a special edition Fan Club Weekend For Dummies 2007 Guide - lots of good tips and giggles included (source)
  • Vic and Kim at the Scrubs Board are starting a 'Bring Night Shift to Canada' campaign, by asking fans to send postcards to CTV studios expressing interest in Night Shift for Canada (source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected Scrubs airdates
5/30 and 5/31 (source)
6/11 - Patrick makes his feelings clear about having children.
6/12 - Friends night out. Robin and Patrick have sex.
6/13 - Shelve discussing babies and try to sober up. (source)


SOD:Finola Hughes (Anna Devane): Hughes will be back for a summer story involving an unlikely romance. Teases Head Writer Bob Guza, "If Anna and Noah were to find, shall we say, common ground, how will their kids, Robin and Patrick, feel about their parents?".... "Patrick and Robin get even closer and will be facing a scary new plateau. Noah is going to make his biggest run since he got here, and Patrick and Robin have to deal with their parents with the return of Robin's mom, Anna."...(source)
SON Prevue: (week of 6/11) A group of friends get into a battle of the sexes. A pair of young doctors go home and make love. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::

Got Info: (week of 6/11) Robin sees the terror in Patrick's eyes when she has an impulsive maternal moment while holding a baby at the hospital and her attempt at damage control only makes the situation worse. (source)
Wizard: (week of 6/11) A tipsy Patrick makes his feelings clear about having children. (source)
: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

A night out at Jake’s with another couple. They’ll get a little tipsy. Lainey and Kelly are said to be there as well. A lot of Baby hints will be dropped, but the baby s/l is not entirely in the works, yet. They have been filming NightShift and the Dr’s will basically be on the Saturday night ER shift for 13 weeks. There is a shower scene for the two lovebirds. (source)
Soap Dish Anons:
5/29 Robin sees the terror in Patrick’s eyes when she has an impulsive maternal moment while holding a baby at the hospital and her attempt at damage control only makes the situation worse. A tipsy Patrick isn’t aware Robin is right behind him when he makes his feelings about having children crystal clear. At Jake’s, an inebriated Patrick, Robin, Stan, Kelly and Lainey end up in a battle of the sexes. Robin and Patrick take their discussion home and make love. Patrick is taken aback when Robin overreacts to a comment he makes. Patrick and Robin shelve their talk about babies as they try to sober up (source)

5/28 This week they're only on Friday and Robin witnesses him be friendly with a new nurse. Her name is Jolene and will be a Night Shift regular. After a small spat he bends Emily's ear about how he can't treat a beautiful woman or be nice to a co-worker without Robin getting bent out of shape. Emily explains to him how his niceness can be considered flirty.
Their night out at Jake's is on June 11th. (source)


Monday, May 28, 2007

Cabin Sex Anniversary

credit to Jules/Beyond Reason

I thought it'd be nice to reminisce a little about last year's Cabin Sex scenes. Personally, I can't believe it's been that long ago since we've had a non fade-to-black scene or that we've been drawn into a soap couple to this extent. For many, this day kicked off the whole Scrubs insanity. It took the interest in the Robin and Patrick pairing to a whole different level, as it solidified the characters' relationship and amazed fans at the amount of chemistry that radiated off the screen. It was a perfect choreography of music, acting, character growth, and cinematography. If anyone wants to take a little walk down memory lane, you can read the 248 comments in the May 29, 2006 Gush Post

First, the song Howie Day's 'Collide'.... There were a number of posts on the Scrubs Board and elsewhere in the months before this day about which song would be perfect for them - this song was unanimously decided on as the perfect one. I know for many people it was beyond surreal to then have it used by GH for the love scene. It felt like the powers that be actually listened to what the fans wanted, and took the extra effort to make it happen. Some couldn't even get over their initial shock that the song was actually playing for these scenes, and had to watch it again (and again).

The highlights noted by fans....

in the lead up...the way Patrick said "Don't expect me to apologize.,,you're beautiful", the look she gave him in return, how he would have walked 5 miles to get the spermicidal jelly and condoms and the fact that she was prepared, the way he kissed her forehead, how he picked her up to sit her down on the bench, him running his hand up her leg, kissing her neck and ear, her almost kiss and him brushing past her lips....the intense look they shared, how he brushed her hair off her face, their kiss, the way she looked at him taking off his shirt, the way he looked down at her, how he led her by the hand to the bed, and (hotly) picking up the condoms along the way...

In bed...the stomach kisses, the stroking along her thigh, the touching between both of them...and finally the last scene where they are facing each other and looking into each others faces. This scene had the most reactions, the most comments, and probably is the most analyzed scene to date. This scene sealed the deal that this couple were destined to end up together because the look of awe and love they gave each other was intense, powerful and intimate.

The aftermath...the look of fear and uncertainty from both Robin and Patrick, how closely they watch each other for signs, the defenses they both put up, and their need to experience that closeness again...

People may wonder why fans constantly ask Jason and Kimberly for spoilers about another scene like this...I think it really comes down to the expectation of a soap opera to fulfill the need for escapism with romance, mind-bending sex, and love. We're constantly barraged with images of violence in our streets, the war in Iraq, the murder/crime/cops/mob shows on prime time, and even pervasive mob storylines of planned hits and violence on GH. The days when a couple waltzed through a department store, made love on a beach on an adventure, or kissed in an alley in the rain are few and far between...

We see the storyline for Robin and Patrick as a haven in all of that darkness - a genuine light of great acting, lively banter, quick comebacks, amazing chemistry, and a true buildup in writing of a relationship not common these days of quick soap romances and bed-hopping. They've been described by critics as "fresh" and "realistic" - and are immensely popular with the fans. Last year's montage opened up the endgame speculation for Robin and Patrick, and a hope in GH's ability to tell a true love story.

Can anyone really blame the fans for wanting that perfect escapism again?



5/28 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Serial Drama's had it with the whole show's "stellar" dialogue - including those from the 5/23 show (source)
  • Rick Springfield is working on a new album and a Christmas album (source)
  • Give your comments about GH to SOD/SOW, they are requesting focus group feedback. Make your viewpoints known here!

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected Scrubs airdates (source): 5/30 and 5/31


SoapZone Spoilers: Robin feels a stab of jealousy during Patrick’s playa mode around a pretty young nursing student. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::

Got Info: Robin gives Patrick a hard time about his flirtatious nature.
Wizard: none at the time of this post
: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Tidbits from a Liason fan set tour:
Scrubs will be moving in together before the end of the summer. No baby planned for them this year. Kim stressed “this year”. ETA another post by this fan clarifying this spoiler: One of us asked Kim if we would be getting a baby this year and her exactly reply was "I don't see Robin having a baby this year. Let's get these two on the same page and moved in together first" One of us asked, "When is that going to happen?" Her response "How much longer can they argue about it?" I asked "Like in the next month or two?" and she said "That makes sense"
Kim & Jason will be on 13 episodes of Night Shift. Steve will not be on the first 2 episodes of Night Shift. Sonya will be on 13 and we'll get a chance to hear her beautiful singing voice in one of the episodes. I'm not sure if it's for a montage or we'll see the character singing. (source)
Shabana's GH Haven: you can find them on her site
Soap Dish Anons:
Anything on Scrubs?

This week they're only on Friday and Robin witnesses him be friendly with a new nurse. Her name is Jolene and will be a Night Shift regular. After a small spat he bends Emily's ear about how he can't treat a beautiful woman or be nice to a co-worker without Robin getting bent out of shape. Emily explains to him how his niceness can be considered flirty.
Their night out at Jake's is on June 11th. (source)
An infant is brought to the ER. Patrick is unable to save the baby and Robin is there to comfort him when the parents lash out (source)


Saturday, May 26, 2007

How many times have you met Jason, Kimberly or both?

I was just getting used to all of the appearances as of late, and now we won't have one for over a month. So, as a little Saturday fun, I thought it might be interesting to see how many appearances people have gone to....

photo credit to scrubsgh


Friday, May 25, 2007

Donating Books to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, The Childrens Aids Center

Jenna and Kim on the Scrubs Board have put together a fantastic project that needs your participation. Jenna's idea is to donate books to the Childrens AIDS Center at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles on behalf of Jason and Kimberly. The Childrens AIDS Center provides inpatient care to babies up through 17 years of age and is a multidisciplinary, coordinated and comprehensive program for the treatment of AIDS and HIV infections. The program focuses on the multiple and unique needs of HIV-infected children through a family-centered approach.

They are looking for books appropriate for children ages 2 through 17. These could be either new books, books you have at home that your children are no longer reading, or duplicate books that you might have ended up with for your children. Jenna and Kim are gathering the books to send at one time so that it's not sent piecemeal. In order to cover UPS costs, it would be very much appreciated to include a couple of dollars to cover the cost of shipping.

The deadline to send the books to Kim/Jenna by is June 21st, so that's in receipt of the hospital by June 29th.

If you are interested in participating in this project, sign up here

ETA: the total book donation closed at 387 books!! Truly amazing!


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Heard in the Waiting Room

A large number of Night Shift related promotional items came out

Jason Thompson SoapNet/Night Shift Commercial

credit to fizzHEARTSscrubs and Heidi (lovebanter) for putting it on YouTube

Kimberly McCullough SoapNet/Night Shift Commercial

video credit to Jules

Spinelli's next crush?
credit YankeesFan

The rest may be considered spoilerish for those that want to be surprised when Night Shift starts, for those interested in knowing, just click

Joining the cast as student nurses are: Amanda Baker (“Jolene Crowell”), Angel Wainwright (“Regina Thompson”) and Nazanin Boniadi (“Leyla Mir”).

New doctors include Dominic Rains  as cardiologist “Dr. Leo Julian” and Ron Melendez as anesthesiologist “Dr. Andy Archer” . Graham Shiels (“Cody Paul”) stars as an Iraq War veteran looking to constantly numb out his memories and Alla Korot (“Stacy Sloan”) as an HIV + expecting mom.

Some speculations from SOD (source)
GH is still searching for a new actress to play Brenda Barrett, replacing Vanessa Marcil. The casting call is for "Bree." Insiders say that Bree is a character on the GH spin-off Night Shift, set to air this summer.


Fashion Alert

First Post...'s my first official post and your first official 'Fashion Alert'. I've decided to not only give a recap of the outfit/item but also give the clip in which it aired.Because im new at this and because i havn't done this before,all the outfits are going to be from older episodes until i get a hang of what im doing. BUT when i do finally have a hang of this thing i'll be doing weekly caps of the best outfit(s) of the week.

I was searching everywhere and i finally found that Plaid Scoop Neck Dress that Robin was wearing on the January 23.2007 episode. I couldn't get a screen cap,it was all fuzzy,so i have a clip and I got the SID article picture. Thanks to Tay for the clip and for the picture. Get the clip here

This Plaid Scoop Neck Dress is L.A.M.B . Sorry i couldnt find anything else on the dress! Because I gave you so little tonight i'm going to have another item for you tomorrow just to make it up to you :)

Pay attention for my rant about my weekly 'Fashion Dont's' list. When I say 'Don't' I of course mean 'Don't or someone is gonna beat the crap outa you for wearing that nasty' not 'Don't because thats not your colour.'


Thoughts on the 5/23 Show

I feel there is a reason for everything and there was a reason for the scenes we got on Wednesday's show whether we liked them or not.

I didn't feel that Patrick came across as flirting but I did feel that he was coming across as a clueless boyfriend who didn't realize the way he came across in front of Robin was annoying her. This is Patrick's first real relationship and he is still learning as he goes. He doesn't realize how he interacts with other women is going to make her feel annoyed or even jealous of the situation. He is very much in love with her but he is clueless on some of the ways of a relationship with her. He is still treading water at times and today was one of those days.

In the past, he would have never used the word girlfriend but shrugged it off as just someone he was seeing casually. He would have gone for what the girls were offering but like he told Robin when she said he was like a kid in a candy store he wasn't buying. He is in a committed relationship with her and I feel these scenes are going to get him to the place where he decides that he is going to make her feel more secure about him and their relationship. He finally saw how annoyed she was at the situation and I feel that he is going to make a few changes in his life so she is aware that she is the only one for him. He has shown her before how he feels about her but I feel he is going to need to reiterate this again to her especially after today.

I felt that the 5/23 scenes showed how secure he is in his relationship with Robin and vice versa. He is secure in the knowledge of his love for her and that she is the only one for him. He has become a caring, compassionate doctor and that is all due to him knowing and being loved by Robin. She showed him that he needed to be compassionate in his work and care for his patients in order to really be a great doctor. He has shown that he can be a caring, compassionate doctor and it doesn't matter what type of illness one has he is going to treat that person with the same care that he treats all of his patients. That is not the mark of a good doctor but of a great doctor that sees more to life then recognition for his work and media attention.

Sure, Robin was annoyed with Patrick but she is also secure in the knowledge that he loves her. He has shown her his heart and that wasn't an easy feat for a man who used to hide behind a mask filled with an ego and arrogance so he didn't have to show the world his true self. She broke through his walls to get to the heart of the real man and she isn't going to let him go or what they found together. He may have chosen to look but he also knows what he has in Robin. He isn't going to jeapardize their relationship because of the man he used to be because he is now a man that is loved by a remarkably, beautiful woman who has opened up her heart to him.


Thoughts on the 5/23 show

I watched the scenes last night from Wednesday's show and overall they were cute and funny. But as I watched other show's season finales, some things from this show kept bothering me and I felt compelled to make the first observation post for the blog. Kim (buff29) will be posting her own observations in another post, she's being added on as a contributor.

  • Why couldn't the triplets be normal girls who just happened to be gorgeous? The barely-there clothing, the twirling of the hair, the grinding motion, the moaning, the posing, the pouty voices...the writers did everything they could to portray these characters as bimbos. I know I wasn't the only one rolling their eyes...
  • The statement that "3 gorgeous women came in and snaked your man" was underscored throughout the scenes and Robin's blog, and it implies that Robin isn't gorgeous in her own right. Robin even looked down and compared her own chest to theirs, implying that she was somehow lacking. The delivery was funny, but the implications were just sad.
  • Why is Patrick the only one getting hit on? We're not asking for a 3rd party to be involved, but Robin would be hit on by other doctors on any other show. Come on...Kimberly is a hottie, I know because my brother would hit on her if he could [sorry J. - you've been outted for the Scrubbie cause]
  • The constant writing about Robin's insecurities are getting very very old. She's an accomplished, intelligent, and beautiful doctor and why she has to be portrayed as insecure is just bad writing.
  • The whole "boys will be boys" feeling I got from the show, it didn't bother me as much but it just disappoints that it found its way into the Scrubs storyline...again.
I understand that this is part of a build up to something bigger, perhaps a grand gesture to take care of Robin's insecurities and to possibly move the storyline forward. However, the end result is that the writers are implying that these two characters are not on equal footing in the relationship. The writers built on a child and teen character's history and then wrote her as closed and insecure until her relationship with Patrick brought her out of her shell. They used makeup and wardrobe to highlight the "plain Jane" aspect last year, and have steadily allowed Robin to show her real beauty. However, the latest inconsistencies don't allow viewers to truly break their memories free of little Robin growing up or the "plain Jane" portrayal of a year ago. The writing seems to constantly remind us that Robin is "analytical", and therefore cannot also be hot. However, Robin is at her most beautiful when she's allowed to be happy, smart, fun, carefree, and confident - perhaps it's because Kimberly is then allowed to infuse her personality into the character and genuinely have fun with the role.

When you look at some of the great couples in soap history, one character wasn't written as "lucky" to be with the other - Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna, Sonny and Brenda, etc. Each brought their own confidence and individuality to the table. I believe Scrubs is poised to ascend to these heights, however if the writers could take their own advice/words (via Patrick) and "get out of their own way", we'd surely get there sooner...



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heard in the Waiting Room IT didn't air today. But we still have tomorrow, which I've heard might have a better set up for IT to happen. No sweat. We can handle the mistake in dates (just not the crushing diappointment if it doesn't happen...just sayin' GH.

However, there were some very nice relationship scenes, so all was not lost.

On to the news...

  • ETA: I meant to add this last night, but forgot it. The Paging...Scrubs Newsletter May edition has an exclusive interview with Jason Thompson, an article written by an event staffer, and much more. Check it out here, just click on May on the right can sign up for future editions.
  • The first airing of Night Shift will be on July 12, 2007 at 11pm. For those going to Fan Club Weekend, this will be the same night as the GH Kickoff Party. (SoapNet)
  • Serial Drama's first column in Soap Opera Digest is out. Congratulations ladies!! (Serial Drama)
  • A new board, GH: Night Shift has opened. Tara (TaLuvsDMB), Dee (jrp), Tina (silverchaos), Soap, Ryan (SoapKing) are admin-ing it, and Ashleigh (leobrat) is moderating
  • There have been sightings of new commercials with Kimberly and Jason in them separately and together (?). Very smart ploy by SoapNet, as Scrubs fans actually tune in to the commercials all night in order to try to catch a glimpse...
  • A recent TV Guide article said in regards to Night Shift that it was headlined by "steam team Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough". We can see the t-shirts being made now... (source)
  • I just had to mention a super cute video on SoapNet of an interview with Kiko (Stan) and Kent (Lainey), and if you look closely we think you might be seeing one Mr. Thompson walking around in the background.(source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Specualtions for the day:


Nothing at this time.

:: Pretty Reliable::

Got Info: week of June 4th - no mention of Scrubs
Wizard: none at the time of this post
week of June 4th - no mention of Scrubs
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Soap Dish Anons:
"He doesn't. Once he brings the girls away to get treated, he tells them about Robin. Problem is, Robin just sees him say 'nice to meet you' and 'let's see how we can fix the problem' with a great big ole harmless smile on his face as he takes them away to get examined.

It reinforces to Robin what she's been thinking but in the examining room, the girls are giving him advice on how to make his girlfriend think he's sincere. One of them says that he has to make a grand gesture. They're actually really good scenes. The girls are like aww-ing the entire time."

Okay, that sounds decent except I hope Robin doesn't look like a jealous harpy. Are we actually going to see this grand gesture? And why does he flirt again next week?

"Robin will look jealous but won't say anything to Patrick. No idea what the grand gesture is or if there is one. As for the flirting next week, from what I've been told, it's more the student flirting with Patrick and he just smiles and nods his head. Robin is witness to it though. There's also more scenes next week than what is in the breakdowns. Supposedly very emotional stuff but I don't know more.

Thanks but does it feed Robin's insecurities or make her see Patrick in a better light?

"It definitely feeds into her insecurities but from what my source tells me, it is leading somewhere big. Not sure what that means and I couldn't get anything out of him. (source)

Patrick becomes suspicious of Nik when he finds Robin in the park with him and Spencer. (source


Monday, May 21, 2007

Pulse Check

Sorry to any unspoiled Scrubs fan, but there's something big brewing for Scrubs...various sources are pointing toward tomorrow being the day where the scene doesn't fade to black it just keeps on rolling...

So what's the mood of the fanbase? Sure it'll happen? Biting your nails? Pessimistic?

Screencaps borrowed from Clarissa, Kim (from Beyond Reason clips), and Serial Drama


Daily Adrenaline Shot

New Night Shift promotional picturecredit to Reel Life with Jane Boursaw


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrubs Videos

Every year, a GH video awards site 'Capture This' gives out video awards to the best fan videos. This year, several videos by Scrubs fans were nominated for various awards, and today the winners of various awards were announced. A couple of videos featuring Scrubs won top awards, congratulations to them!! Credit goes to the videomakers and 'Capture This' for all their hard work!

Best Couple Video
Vidder: Stephanie
About: This video shows the love of Robin and Patrick through the hostage crisis. Stephanie used 3 different pieces of music, starting with a soft melody showing scrub's happier times. The video continues into a fast paced exciting beat showing the pivotal moments for scrubs during the hostage crisis. The video continues using well placed voice overs of snippets of Robin and Patrick's love story and beautiful glowing effects.


Best Storyline Video
Vidder: Sarah
About: We saw many vids to the GH hostage crisis, but this one definitely stood out as the best. It really shows the horror that the hostages went through. A nice use of effects shows the hsotages in black and white and the ones outside trying to help them, in a reddish color.

All of the videos on the site 'Capture This' deserve recognition and applause, but I wanted to especially point out ones that captured Robin and Patrick.


Jason's 5pm Zanie's Comedy Club Appearance

Video taken by Lissa (Lissa3184)

Here are the highlights of the event recapped from the Scrubs Board (source)
  • There were about 40-45 people at the event
  • Jason was wearing a white tshirt and jeans.
  • He says he really likes Chicago.
  • Basically Robin and Patrick will have to work the NS every Saturday night for thirteen weeks and they are in every episode. The beginning and end is at the hospital and every show has an ending. They shoot NS on Fridays. He said it's been fun to do something different. They are having a good time. He said his dad, Rick Springfield, is gonna sing it, and then he said no, he was kidding.
  • NS is going to have a new theme song but he doesn't know what it is yet.
  • Someone is asking about the rumor that Logan was going to be his brother. He basically doesn't know what is going on. He said it would be fun if they gave him a brother or sister.
  • They asked if there was a woman in his life and he said he has two nieces. He said in 4 hours he went from zero girlfriends to 60. They asked what's your age limit and he said he doesn't discriminate.
  • He said he is 30. He said it's a great age, it helps to have a job.
  • They asked what he did before GH and he said he was on vacation for a couple of years. He says he tried to get a job, but he just couldn't.
  • He said he was with his aunt and cousins, and he had the six kids in his car, and the more he's with them, the more he wants kids. He likes to go home and hang out with his family, and go to bars, and different places.
  • He said he didn't like the Craig storyline. He likes staying at the hospital because it is more realistic. He prefers the stuff at the hospital and at the apartment. He doesn't think that is Patrick's type of s/l.
  • They asked him if he likes drama or comedy. He likes the drama part of it, but he also likes Jerry McGuire types of movies.
  • His three favorite shows are House, Greys Anatomy and Entourage.
  • Someone asked him if he would ever be on Dancing with the Stars and he said he can't dance. There is no way he would do Dancing with the Stars.
  • He says he is going to Nascar this year. Mary thinks it will be around the Daytona 500 for FITS.
  • Kimberly just moved into her house and he thinks her brother is putting in an airconditioner for her today.
  • He was talking about his tattoo bars and how that is how he gets back into the country because they scan him.

  • Someone asked if he has taught Kimberly how to surf. He said she went to Costa Rica with a friend and the waves were really big so they scared her. They are trying to get her back in the water to surf.
  • He hangs out with Greg, Kimberly and Tyler but not too much.
  • He really enjoys working with Kimberly because they get along really well.
  • He said the last movie he and Kimberly went to see together was "Children of Men"
  • His dog Scarlett got lost when he was staying with Greg. They came home one day and she had gotten out and he hasn't seen her since.
  • He says the pa's are about half set up by ABC and half set up by his agent, and they are all his choice. He generally doesn't turn down the ABC ones.
  • Writing in and calling in is absolutely important. He has actually sat in Brian Fons office when he is going through emails and letters and has gotten phone messages. It is absolutely important.
  • The Metro Court crisis and the AIDS storylines were his favorites. But he felt the AIDS one was a bit lackluster toward the ending. Bob Guza came to him and said they wanted to do the storyline, but they hadn't done all of their research so the way it ended wasn't the way they thought it was gonna go.
  • He has been living in LA 7 to 8 years.
  • He started out modeling there and it didn't do much for him. The last 2 and 1/2 years before GH he had no job.
  • Nancy Lee Grahn and Kimber learn their lines on set Kimber is his favorite person to work with.
  • The scene in the apt. where they were talking about her moving stuff around and him moving stuff back is their favorite scene ever.
  • He did some episodes of Felicity but they got cut because his visa had expired and they had to cut the scenes. They were doing a background check and found out about the visa and got mad at his people and the whole thing blew up.
  • He recently did a short film with James Cromwell.
  • He is leaving to go home tomorrow.
  • He didn't want to do the Winter Wonderland thing. But the producers begged him too, so he did it. He went in at 10:00 pm and they cut it and it was done by midnight. He had been in London and was exchanging emails with the producers about it and then when he decided to do it, he flew in and was surprised at how quickly it went.
  • Somebody asked him if he had seen SpiderMan 3 and he said I don't watch men in tights
  • His favorite movie is Legends of the Fall.
  • He thinks he has a hockey clause in his contract, but he doesn't pay attention to it. He is really happy about Ottowa because they are still in the playoffs.
  • He was a little over 21 when they started the bars. They have been going strong for over 8 years. The last year and 1/2 they have done really well.
  • He said he would like to do stuff outside of GH so that he isn't stagnent, but he talked like a long-term GH person, that was Michelle's impression.
  • There is somebody on set 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, because there is only one set that is filming at a time. They move the camera's and equipment to each set.
  • One reason he likes doing all the PA's is getting to see different parts of the United States
  • He likes to go camping
  • He really likes Montana and course the state of Canada. (He was on a roll yesterday with the one line comebacks)

I've put spoilerish type of information about upcoming GH and NS scenes below, just to give those spoiler-free fair warning...

  • There is some stuff coming up babywise in the storyline. Not like they are settling into the whole baby storyline per se, but there are some things coming up that are going to lead into it that are baby related.
  • Nobody brought up anything about a wedding or getting married.
  • Robin and Patrick are having a shower scene and someone asked if he was for real and he said yes he was for real. Michelle said he wasn't kidding about the shower scene. She thinks the scene will be on NS because someone asked if it would fall under the category of racier and he said yes. He said of the shower scene, for people that like that kind of stuff, I think you'll really enjoy it.
  • He just said as of yet Robin and Patrick have not moved back in together.
  • Someone asked if him and Kimberly were out of the Craig storyline and he said yep pretty much.
  • Someone asked him about the jealousy storyline and him flirting with a nurse. He said he doesn't know anything about the jealousy storyline. He said unless he forgot about it. He said he knows there is jealousy, but he knows nothing about any flirting.
  • She says that Jason did say that they may not be on NS together in all of the episodes. They are still a couple, but they just may not be in every episode together.
  • He talked about the thing at Jakes. Lanie and Kelly are there. They were filming the stuff at Jakes Friday.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jason's 12pm Zanie's Comedy Club Highlights

Here are the highlights from the appearance so far from the Scrubs Board, if there are more that come in I may add to this (source):

  • 70 tickets were sold for this appearance. There's a stage and general seating
  • Jason is wearing black tshirt and jeans. He has a gray tshirt on underneath the black tshirt and he is drinking some iced coffee drink.
  • He got in at 5:15 after working late last night. He is flying back to ca tomorrow.
  • He said he and Robin are broken up for now and then he said ha ha just kidding.
  • I am not 100% sure about this because it was difficult to hear. Someone did ask about the love scenes and if it was a full on love scene and he wasn't sure.
  • Someone asked him if Robin and Patrick were going to get married this year and he thought it was a little early in his opinion.
  • There are times when he reads the scripts he's just not emotional about them.
  • He's telling the story about the grandmother in the grocery store who told him she was 85 and he still did it for her. He said he told her thank you and then just went straight home and thought "wow"!. When he was telling the grandmother story he was turning so red. He has told the story at least four times.
  • He said he likes going home and "chillin out"
  • He said his two business partners go with him a lot of places. He said that is cool because it gives him somebody to talk to.
  • He said they go on trips for fun, they look at bars and restaurants. He said he went to London and Paris.
  • Someone asked if Pervy Pete was really gone and he said he did a pilot. Someone said they hoped he was more likable on that show. He also said he liked that, when they said "pervy pete"
  • Kimberly and Jason are doing a Fun in the Sun in Daytona but he doesn't know when.
  • He is doing his kitchen in stuff from Italy and he is having one piece brought over at a time. They are swimming it over.
  • He could see the fire from his house and his neighbors said it was time to wet down the yard. He said he was going to call his insurance company to make sure his check went through.
  • He said that when he auditioned he and Kimberly found out that he and Kimberly lived about a mile apart from one another. He was going surfing and he saw Kimberly and he was going to run up to her and tell her that he got the job but he didn't.

The rest of the comments are after the jump. For those that are spoiler-free, I'll leaving some blank spaces so that you know they're coming up (as fair warning)

  • He said Greg's baby is adorable.
  • Kimberly said he is the goofiest person.
  • Steve is growing his hair out for a part that he is doing.
  • He didn't know anything about Anna and Robert.
  • He said his parent's were in town and usually they come to the studio when he is filming but he had 40 pages to go through. He said it was something he needed to focus on. It was very in depth, intense and he couldn't have the distraction of his parent's being there so he asked them to come back to the studio the next day.
  • He said he hasn't watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy yet.
  • Someone asked him who he would like to work with that he hasn't really worked with and he said Anthony Geary and Nancy Lee Grahn.
  • They asked about emmy nominations and he said that Kimberly should have been nominated and that she is really great.
  • Someone asked what states he likes that he has visited and he said New York and the great state of Canada. He said he would like to have a second house in Canada. He doesn't see taking his kids down Sunset Blvd to go to school. He said it isn't the right environment for him to raise his kids in so he isn't sure what he is going to do.
  • Someone asked him what quirk he would like to give up that he has and he said he would have to watch a videotape of himself to see what he would have to give up.
  • Someone asked him again about SSW and he doesn't know if they will ask him to go or not. He said if he was asked he would go.
  • Someone asked if he would rather be with Robin or Carly and he was like I wonder what the right answer for that would be. He sees Patrick and Robin together.
  • Someone asked about his audition and he sees himself more like Patrick now then before. He says that they look alot alike. He sees him as being more empathatic and that he has a heart. He likes that he is the first Patrick Drake cause it would be hard to fill someone else's shoes.
  • He doesn't get recognized too much. In LA he doesn't get recognized.
  • He talked about Stuart and that he had 30 years on the show and that it was sad. He is glad that Stuart is still on the show.
  • They were talking about the scene at the MetroCourt and he said it's great when they do a good story.
  • They asked if Rick was going to be on NS and he said my dad is really busy.
  • The craziest thing he ever filmed was the fantasy for GNO and the crew were jealous.
  • It was sorta brought up when it was talked about this week when he was on the couch and didn't have his shirt on. When he was trying to get Robin to move in with him and he said wasn't that six months ago.
  • He doesn't know where he is going on vacation this year and Sal is planning it and he is keeping it a secret. He goes on vacation with his partner's.
  • Someone asked him what his ideal date would be and money wouldn't be an object. He said who am I dating. He said am I going to be picking up Paris in jail. I would so not date her.
  • Someone was talking about is he the youngest child. He said no but he is the smallest. He said his youngest brother is 6'6, 6'7 and his oldest brother is 6'2. His dad is 5'11 and his mom is 5'5. Someone said was the milkman tall and he said the milkman was tall.
  • Mary taught him something. She said she told him in Buffalo that he needs to learn to do the 'lean' because he always stands up straight. So now at events he does the lean sometimes.
  • Someone asked if they film on the same set as Grey's Anatomy and he says he sees those guys.
  • Someone asked him if he watches the show(GH) and he says he is too busy looking in the mirror.
  • Someone asked him what he likes to eat and he says sushi and then someone asked if he likes pizza. He says he likes pepperoni. Someone asked if he cooks and he says he likes to cook and he says he doesn't cook that often. He doesn't even have an oven. He says when he gets an oven he will cook or he will invite people over to cook.
  • He has pictures of the fire on his cellphone. Someone asked if he needed to evacuate and he didn't have to evacuate. But he was told to be prepared.
  • His parent's had already had a trip planned to come see him on the Saturday after the audition. He auditioned on Wednesday and then called and told them he got the job. He talked about the audition process. You do wardrobe, makeup like you are actually doing the scene. Like you are thrown into stuff. People took him under his wing like Steve, Mo and of course Kimberly. Someone asked if he took anyone under his wing and he said Hell no and he was like why would he want to help them for. He said there are some new people on NS who haven't done daytime and he has done it for a year and a half. He said on NS, him and Kimberly are the main stars of it.
  • For NS, he said there are at least 10 new cast members for NS. Before you audition for GH you have to sign a contract and you don't know if you have the job or not.
  • He did say something about maybe 15 years down the road on GH. They were talking about Steve and Mo and that it doesn't sound like he would be imposed to being on the show like Steve and Mo have been for the length of time they have.
  • They asked him about his music and what he had in his cd player. He said the best of Frank Sinatra, Erica Badu, he always has to have Pearl Jam and I couldn't remember the fourth one.

Spoilers ahead
  • They (him and Kimberly) taped scenes at Jake, with another couple Denise thinks Nick and Em. Good scenes, they are a little tipsy.
  • It is a possibility NS could be extended.


Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Jason Thompson has two appearances today in Illinois. The Scrubs Board will have Live Updates for each event an hour before the event starts. The events are at 12:00 and 5:00 (Central Time). I will post highlights of the first show today, and highlights of the second show tomorrow (as I have a bbq to go to).
  • Some GH news:
    • Scott Clifton will exit the show as needed per storyline," the GH rep now tells "Meaning he'll stick around for the foreseeable future into the summer." (source)
    • Rick Hearst's role will be temporarily recast so that he can have throat surgery. Nick Kiriazis will be taking over for a while (source)
    • Eddie Matos' show 'Cane' got picked up by CBS, you can see the trailer here
  • Soaps By Remote has photo laden Pro and Con Lists for "Fashion and Grooming" and a snarky "Dialogue and Delivery"

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Specualtions for the day:


TVG Online: Robin and Patrick argue again about whether they should live together (source)

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Got Info: none at the time of this post
Wizard: none at the time of this post
: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Shabana's GH Haven: her spoilers - including some Scrubs - can be found here
Soap Dish Anons:
5/19 Robin looks into alternatives donors and researches HIV pregnancy. Robin and Patrick see their futures differently but that may change with the thought of Robin dumping him and learning of her interest in sperm donors. I am also going to address this "insiders" Robin & Patrick scoop. Two scoops for them and one for the rest? Do you watch GH? Robin and Patrick are doing nothing more then working through their "issues." BY this I mean Robin freaking out and Patrick telling her they are going to be together forever, he loves her completely. Eventually Robin comes around, well the last four words are my interpretation and NOT scoops. (source)
5/18 Patrick tells Robin he doesn't want kids. Emily and Robin discuss babies. Babies on the brain, death, engagements & marriage (source)


Friday, May 18, 2007

Daily Adrenaline Shot

A 'Night Shift' picture out take


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No 'NightShift' North of the Border

Canadian fans are disappointed that they won't get to see Robin & Patrick in Night Shift this summer.

Robin and Patrick fans were excited with the announcement of GH’s spin-off Nightshift and are eagerly anticipating its premiere this summer. For Canadian fans however, any promos or spoilers about NS are bittersweet and generate much disappointment. This is due to the fact that NS airs only on Soapnet which is not available outside of the U.S.

Since Nightshift has been announced, Scrubs fans north of the border have been doing what they can to bring this issue to light and to hopefully bring NS to Canada.

We have contacted our Canadian TV networks as well as Soapnet. CTV, which broadcasts GH in Canada, has said they are “researching the issue”. Soapnet has only stated that ‘unfortunately’ they do no broadcast internationally.

SOW has published a letter in their Public Opinion column and Carolyn at SOD has said she will be following up with Soapnet and will write about it in her column. We are pleased with these responses to our emails as it means our voice is being heard.

We have also sent emails to Cindi Rinehart (Soap Queen, Komotv4), Nelson Branco (writer of SUDS report, TV Guide) as well as posted comments on the Serial Drama blog and on the Soapzone NS message board. We have had replies from all of these so we know that our concerns are valid.

As well, TPTB at ABC have been contacted via snail mail, email and the GH comment line.

Another idea we have started to pursue is asking ABC to sell NS DVD’s. We think there would be a market for these to both Soapnet and non-Soapnet viewers. At least if DVDs were available, Canadian fans could show their support for Kimberly, Jason & GH by purchasing them. We have made this product suggestion to the store. We did get a reply via email sent to Brian Frons stating “we will look into it”. A hopeful sign?

I hope all Scrubs fans, not just those from Canada, will try to mention our concerns during their regular contact with TPTB. I hope Nighshift is a success for Jason and Kimberly’s sakes and that all fans will get to enjoy and support this new show – especially the ‘racier’ scenes! (Not to mention, Jason’s disappointment that family & friends back home won’t get to see him on NS!)

For contact info for TPTB see my pinned topic in the campaign forum on the SB.
Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions that may help us out!

Thanks for reading!
Donna (CdnGirl)


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heard in the Waiting Room

  • ETA: Donna (CdnGirl) has been added as our Canadian contributor, she'll be the group spokeperson and bring unique perspectives from Scrubs fans up North.
  • Zara at Soaps By Remote has a poll up about what film will inspire GH next - one of the answers is Patrick, Lucky, Coop, and Jax. She had me at Patrick and Lucky.... (Soaps By Remote)
  • Beyond Reason is back up at a new address
  • Serial Drama talks about the nuJerry fiasco and Robin (Serial Drama)
  • Some Tristan Rogers signed items are being auctioned off for charity here
  • Susan (suzin2) is selling 'I [heart] Scrubs' graphic tees here. 15% of the proceeds go to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  • The Scrubs Board has a raised a total of $225 from the sale of the FCW magnets to be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Details will becoming out in a couple weeks for the June fundraising...

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Specualtions for the day:

Nothing in regards to Scrubs

:: Pretty Reliable::

Got Info: Robin's annoyed when she sees Patrick flirting with a student nurse but they join forces to put Scott in his place. (source)
Wizard: none at the time of this post
: Thursday 5/31 - More jealousy on Robin's part is ahead for Scrubs. (source)
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Soap Dish Anons:
Scrub fans don't worry about your couple. It's all good. Patrick is flirting but there's a reason behind it and you will like the end result. Can't speculate now but I will soon.


Daily Adrenaline Shot

Screencaps courtesy of jess (loseyou) - her site is Cap Happy


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jason's Soaring Eagle Casino Event

I'm bumping up the topic due to the amazing pictures from Mary D that came in from this event....

And because it's Mother's Day and Mary D.'s pictures of Tyler and Rick Springfrield (from a nearby show) turned out amazing, I'm also including them

Highlights from the event come from the Scrubs board, I'll add to this later if more come in...
  • The venue is a big concert hall
  • Christian LeBlanc from Y&R ran most of the show, he is hilarious and very talkative
  • Jason was wearing a black t-shirt, dark jeans and boots - same hairstyle. He didn't look tired, went above and beyond to be polite to take pictures and sign stuff.
  • There were a lot of kids at the event, and Jason went out of his way to talk to the kids, hug them, give them autographs, etc. You could tell he really loves being around kids.
  • The event was long. There were a lot of questions. Almost 95% of the questions, if they were directed at an individual actor, then the lady that was moderating the show would change it so that all 3 of the actors were answering the question.
  • At the end of the event, everyone surged to the stage, so it was a bit hectic and rushed as there was another event scheduled right after theirs.
  • Jason's favorite person to work with is Kimberly, as they've built up a level of trust between them
  • Jason's new nickname is Jason/Patrick, as there are too many Jasons on the set - although he'd prefer to be called "Doctor" all the time
  • Apparently there's a running joke where Tyler asks which scene is the one where he can where a crown since he is a prince and everything

More recap highlights by clicking on

  • They were asked who they'd like to be paired up with on the show. Jason and Tyler said that they need new people, but Jason did say that it'd be interesting being paired up with Nancy Lee Grahn
  • Tyler said he couldn't be paired up with Becky because Liz was his brother's wife (paraphrased)
  • They asked Jason about the baby storyline. He didn't give any spoilers, only that he could "see" them getting the baby storyline, getting married, moving in together
  • They were asked how do they cry for a scene, Jason said he tries to make it truthful by putting himself in that position as if that were happening to make it as real as possible.
  • He said that "Girls Night Out" day was his favorite day to work, and "that will never never happen again"
  • Someone asked if he wasn't in acting what would he be doing and he said something in architecture, he is always working on his house.
  • When he isn't working he surfs, plays hockey about 3 times a week. He said he doesn't work out, and joked that he probably should, but he said he just spends a lot of time outside doing stuff.
  • He loves Stuart Damon and hopes that they keep him around forever. He said he is a wonderful man and an all around great guy to work with and he thinks tptb will probably keep him around as long as they can.
  • They asked him about medical jargon and he said it's hard enough for him to say stethoscope and him and Tyler make fun of saying physchomotordisassociation all the time
  • He said they just finished shooting the third episode of Night Shift. They are working very long hours shooting. He DID have to shoot last night and fly out late. Shooting is going really well.
  • He doesn't know when in July the show is going to start. The show is centered around the hospital and they get more into detail with things going on there. The show will be edgier
  • They weren't able to find out if he's shooting next week
  • Apparently someone asked what the worst acting gig they've ever had was and Jason said there was this show Undressed and he was hancuffed to a bed in women's panties (Ya'll please do not dig up that pic-it's scary!!") and there were earthquakes when they were filming and Jason said that he thought that he was going to die in women's panties
  • Tyler also said that Emily and Nik are soulmates and they will be together.
  • Someone asked if the women are anything like their characters. He said KMc is not as uptight as Robin, she is a lot of fun. He said he and KMc really trust each other and it is easy to be in scenes together and they are really good friends.
  • Someone asked if they could be another character on the show who would it be, and he said Spinelli!!
  • Someone asked when Craig was "gonna get his", when are they going to get rid of him. Tyler said that tptb want to keep him around, but Tyler jokingly said that he was gonna get his.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Jason had an appearance today, highlights from the event can be found here
  • There are rumors that Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers will return for a summer storyline arc (Sudz Report)
  • Did you know that Rick Springfield turned down an offer to be on 'Dancing With The Stars'? Read his funny response and that he'll be heading to Australia for a concert in this article. He's also set his summer tour schedule in US citiies near you.
  • Tristan Rogers talks about the likelihood of his return to GH here
  • Vic will be added on as fashion contributor soon! She'll be finding the outfits that Robin wore on the show, suggesting other alternatives, and giving other fashion-related tips.
  • Zara's 'Week in Review' is a photo heavy post labeled 'The Consternation of Hot Men'. (Soaps By Remote)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Specualtions for the day:


SoapNet Spoilers (source)
Emily, Patrick and Robin plot against Craig
CDN TV Guide: Monday, May 21 Robin has doubts about her relationship with Patrick. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::

Got Info: none at the time of this post
Wizard: none at the time of this postSoapQueen: Jane, Jax, Carly, Alexis, Nikolas, Emily, Robin, Patrick, Sam, Amelia, Spinelli, Jason and Sonny ALL will know Craig is Jerry by 5/25. (SZ)
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Shabana's GH Haven: her spoilers can be found here
Wubs Net rumor:
I also know SCRUBS (Patrick and Robin) make love this month and I'm hearing it may be the start of the baby storyline for them. I am still hearing about a SCRUBS wedding this summer. It will be the "Event" for the summer to watch. Can't confirm though.
>Soap Dish Anons:
Anything on my Scrubbies?
They share some quality time on Wed. and make love.
Wednesday the 23th? Isn't jealousy on Wednesday?
Make love day is suppose to be Tuesday. Wed. the 16th


Friday, May 11, 2007

Daily Adrenaline Shot

A picture from the 2006 AIDS Walk Los Angeles


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Charity/Advocacy Watch

Kimberly and Jason's storyline has inspired a fanbase. Fans have gone beyond just tuning in to watch the show, they've donated money to various AIDS charities and actively participated in events to bring attention to it. This post is to recognize the contributions various groups of the
fanbase have made, and to direct the online community toward where they can continue to lending support to those trying to "fight the monster". If you have a little spare cash and time, please help out the below fundraising efforts

  • Our friends at POZ magazine are holding a charity benefit at Prohibition in NYC on May 16th in NYC from 5:45pm to 9pm. Ticket price is a $25 donation - Thorsten Kaye, Ilene Kristen, and others from ABC will be there. You can find a larger picture of the flyer here
  • AIDS Walk NYC on May 20th : There are couple people/groups walking in this event, you can support Jackie (JacquelynCL) at her AIDS walk webpage and POZ magazine at their AIDS walk webpage
  • The main Scrubs Message Board will be gathering donations in June for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation on behalf of Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough. Look for details toward the end of the month!

I'm giving a ballpark figure of donations to date, in order to give an idea of how much generosity the Scrubs storyline has inspired...To date, the donation total made to AIDS charities on behalf of Kimberly and Jason (or because of their storyline) is around $51,765.20

If you'd like to see the breakdown of the total and how many different charity organizations have benefited from Kimberly, Jason and their inspiring storyline, please

  • Broadway Cares/Equity Against AIDS
    • Auction item total for Skit and memorabilia necklace $18,000
    • Around 20 members paid for $250 VIP tickets, of which $100 was tax-deductible
  • AIDS Walk Los Angeles
    • 2006 Donations to Kimberly and Jason’s page $26,570.20
    • 2006 Scrubs fan walkers $520
  • AIDS Walk New York City
    • 2007 Scrubs fan walker Jackie $825 (so far!)
  • Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
    • presented at the Brokerage Event $1,800
    • presented at the 2006 FCW Scrubs Event $1,800
    • Beyond Reason has used overages of donations (to cover the cost of running her site), to give to the cause $250
These are only the donations we are aware of, more than likely this is just a slight reflection of how much this storyline has inspired viewers to give back.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Enter a 150 word essay to a 'Through a Mother's Eyes' contest and a winner will receive a year's supply of Bausch & Lomb PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses, a free eye exam, and a beauty makeover from fashion expert and television host Finola Hughes.
  • Tristan Rogers answers a question on Corporate Needs vs Viewers' Want for Quality (source)
  • Congratulations to Greg Vaughan and his wife Touriya on their new baby Jathan! (source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Specualtions for the day:


SoapNet Spoilers (source)
Craig still has Robin, Patrick, Nikolas and Emily under his thumb

ABC MediaNet (source)

credit to

SOD: Guza talks about 'Night Shift' premise and characters (source)
SOW: Nothing Scrubs related
TV Guide: Monday, May 21 Robin has doubts about her relationship with Patrick. (source)

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Got Info: Patrick and Robin make up by making love (source)
Wizard: didn't have anything Scrubs related
SoapQueen: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::

Soap Dish Anons:
  • Spinelli is hurt because of a explosion on regular GH leading into NS
  • Robin and Patrick operate on him in the first episode
  • First episode after their shift, Scrubs have sex in the supply closet only to be caught later by Jason
  • Spinelli develops a crush for Robin
  • Liz helps Jason steal Spin's file
  • From SD...
  • I only know stuff for the first two episodes, the general breakdowns of it. Liz helps steal the file in the second episode. After Jason catches Scrubs in the supply closet, he scolds them (i have no idea why). Spin develops a crush on robin in the second episode. Thats all i basically really have, and with that i'm out for the day. (source)


Upcoming Appearances/Events

banner by Sam (sweet scam)

7/12/07 - 7/16/07 GH Fan Club Weekend events (so far)
Location: Sportsman Lodge Studio City, CA Map
link to ticket info on below events

7/12 - Kickoff Party 6-9pm *on sale now*
7/12 - Rebecca Herbst 9-11pm *on sale now*
7/13- Bradford Anderson and Adrian Alvarado 8-11am
7/13 - Kali Rodriquez and Hope & Faith Devers 10:30am - 1:30 *on sale now*
7/13 - Greg Vaughn 1-4pm *on sale now*
7/13 - Ted King 6-9pm *on sale now*
7-13 - Nancy Lee Grahn 6-10pm *on sale now*
7/13 - Scott Clifton 9-11pm *on sale now*
7/14 - FCW Luncheon 9-3:30pm *SOLD OUT*
7/14 - Steve Burton 4:00-6:00pm *on sale now*
7/14 - Maurice Bernard 6:30-8:30pm *on sale now*
7/14 - Wally Kurth 7pm *on sale now*
7/14 - Laura Wright 9:30 - 11:30pm *on sale now*
7/15 - Derk Cheetwood 7:30 - 10am *on sale now*

7/15 - Scrubs event 10am - 1pm *on sale now*
Tickets are $90. If you'd like to pay via Paypal, add $5 and pay You must include names/address/email of ticket holder. You may also purchase by sending a money order only payable to Debbie Morris, along with one SASE mailed to, The Kimberly/Jason Event, PO Box 96737, Houston, TX 77213. There will be food, raffles, silent auctions, and up close and personal time with Jason and Kimberly.

7/15 - Leslie Charleson 10-1pm *on sale now*
7/15 - Rick Hearst 1-4pm *on sale now*
7/15 - Finola Hughes 3-6pm *SOLD OUT*
7/15 - Tyler Christopher (w/special guest Sebastian Roche) 6:45-10pm 7 *on sale now*

The events after Fan Club Weekend are after the jump

7/21/07 Rivercenter Comedy Club, Rivercenter Mall (Jason and Kimberly)
Jason Thompson & Kimberly McCullough
849 E. Commerce Street San Antonio, TX
Showtime: 4:30 p.m. VIP 5:30 Show
Tickets are $40, call (210) 229-1420 a month before the event

Marriott Boston Tremont Hotel (Jason)
Jason Thompson
Showtime: 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.
Tickets are $65 per person.
To purchase tickets, send two self-addressed, stamped envelopes along with your money order made payable to Debby O'Connor to: Debby O'Connor, P.O. Box 16212, Irvine, CA 92623. You may also purchase by going to our website at to purchase using PayPal. Note: Add an additional $5.00 per ticket for use of PayPal. Write to with questions. Be sure to include the name(s) of all of your guests with your purchasing information to ensure you are seated together. All tickets are nonrefundable


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