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1/23 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Jason Thompson interview (25% of the way into the clip) about Robin being pregnant
  • Kristina Wagner has accepted recurring status

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
1/21 Robin and Patrick
1/23 Patrick
1/29 Robin and Patrick
1/30 Robin and Patrick

TV Guide: General Hospital's HIV-positive Robin tells Patrick she's pregnant (source)
SOW: Kimberly talks about Robin's pregnancy
Monday Jan 28th: Coop is found hanging from the rafters
Tuesday Jan 29th:Leyla accepts Ian's invitation for a drink; Robin tells Patrick she's pregnant
Wednesday Jan 30th: Patrick learns Robin is pregnant. (source)
KW is gone as Felicia sometime in Feb, thinking it is best for Maxie, she leaves town.
Ian Devlin Jan 25, He is charming and confident and has a way with the women like Patty does. His past has crossed him with one of the least likely candidates and the power of that ‘’relationship’’ will threaten one of our more seammingly powerful characters.
Coop bites the dust, Jan 28 (source)
In the Dark: The truth comes out (sort of) when Robin decides to tell her co-workers she is pregnant, but she leaves out that Patrick is the father.
During an argument with Patrick, Robin lets it slip that she is pregnant, later telling him and the other GH’ers that she went to a sperm bank. ‘’It’s almost the last straw says JT ‘’He was always hoping she’d just get over’’ her desire to have a baby.
Still, Patrick is quick to tell Ian that he’s relieved not to be the daddy ‘His anxiety level rises when he thinks about being responsible for another human being, the actor admits ‘He’s got that fear he is going to fail’ (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
I see people are still resisting believing myself and others that Patrick is not jealous about Leyla. Soon enough you will. It's not a smart idea to start disbelieving the insiders who have proven themselves.
You haven't spoiles
I wasn't referring to myself. I was referring to the other insiders in your lounge who have.
Please keep sharing with us positive ones when you can.
I'm not going to lull fans into a sense of false hope. The next few weeks are going to be crazy for the Robin/Patrick fanbase. And no it's not because of Leyla really but a combination of everything.
Chat Up:
I'm glas to hear you are still here. Just logged on . . .
Do you got anything for us regarding Scrubs and Dr. Devlin? And is it for sure that Miss Leyla will be heading in his direction?

I was told the following things:
- he will be a "bad boy" on a number of levels
- leyla is supposed to confuse Patrick's concern for jealousy
I can hope that is shown clearly on screen.
Chat Up do you know if there has been any negative feed back about how the show has handled Patrick not revealing the broken condom thing to Leyla?

There has been some but it's a little early yet to have a true measure of reaction.
Thanks . . . will they address the pregnancy with any HIV complications anytime soon?
Also do you have any info on the new show opening?

I haven't seen the new opening and am not sure if it is in rough edit or final cut yet.
Not sure about the health complications - I've heard it but can't confirm it at this point.
I have a really shallow question . . . will Patrick be sexing up more than just Leyla or are we stuck with seeing him with her only?

I'm not aware of any plans at the moment to show him as a serial dater
What is the feel about sweeps? What happens if this sweeps does no better than Novemeber?
Thanks again.

The show cannot continue to afford to lose revenue without having to make cost saving decisions - that could mean jobs, set budgets, wardrobe budgets etc
Hi CU, thanks for sharing what you can. Two quick questions, if you can answer:
1) What is the theme for February sweeps?
2) When will begin to see these new Scrubs/Ian/Leyla scoops start to play out?

1) Not allowed to asnwer the first
2) first/second week of February I believe
I understand you have mentioned that before but will it effect the talent?
Also is Anne Sweeney doing anything more with ABC daytime than she was before? Is she concerned with s/lines or just the trend of losing viewers. Thanks

It can affect talent but it won't be the first place they cut.
The bottom line revenues of ABCD have her attention. She is not too concerned with storylines - that's not her thing - she watches the numbers.
Why are we advised to write to A. Sweeney with grievances if she really does not care about storylines?
Do you have anything on if NB is she getting better feedback this time around?
Thanks for your patience in answering.

If she is suddenly innundated with mail about a particular storyline, then you have her attention and she will ask some questions - her job is to protect the networks interest.
But she doesn't get regular briefings on storyline direction for any show.
I have nothing on her at the moment
They're doing a Peyla push and/or triangle with Ian. That simple which I'm fully expecting more than Patrick being jealous of Robin. It's just how the show is written. Robin is the back up if/when Peyla fails. She always is.
they really aren't. They are not investing in Patrick and Leyla at all. It is a tool to get to the Robin/Patrick pairing they are committed to.
So that's why CU just dodged/ignored all questions about Peyla for sweeps or when the fuckfest ends?
They continue on through sweeps.
It's just like the last sweeps. Leyla gets Patrick for sweeps periods then Robin gets him for the 2 months in between, then Leyla gets him for sweeps again.

I didn't dodge. I try to get to as many questions as I can which is not always easy.
I've posted time and again about the purpose of Leyla in Patrick and Robin's story. I was trying to answer other questions on other storylines.
And I get that but you can't answer when the sex ends between them. And until someone can answer that all the stuff about Scrubs being the story doesn't matter.
I've posted it before - it's not a long term by any stretch and by that I mean not even through sweeps, as I've been told. You want the exact date? I'm afraid you're going to have to break into Phelps' office. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
Anything on Scrubs that is not bleak?
Keep your eye on Ian. He's not what he seems and by that, I don't mean he's a drug pusher on the side. That's fairly obvious fairly soon. There's something else.
He's got an agenda. (source)

more from Insider 2 posts above that talked about Ian having an agenda:
Who does Ian's "agenda" involve?

Honestly, I don't know anything after the first three weeks in February, and I firmly maintain no one else does either. But I can speculate the same as everyone else and based on what I do know, I almost wonder if Ian has a connection to Faison, or maybe he's an undercover cop. That's just speculation but other than the fact that he's a doctor, an old friend of Patrick's, and seems to be trying to run drugs through GH, he has something else going on. There are quite a few hints dropped about that in his scenes.
But I don't know where its going. Just that the hints are there. The man definitely has an agenda.
So with the mention of you thinking Faison, I would think his agenda has to do with Robin.
It seems to but its hard to say. Ian attempts to manipulate Patrick. From the early scenes it almost seems like he's attempting to manipulate Patrick toward Leyla and away from Robin although it ends up not having that effect and, its hard to explain, you'll see when you see it. But he definitely has something else going on. And, like I said, I'm just trying to figure it out as well.
That's really all I have.
I've got to go now. (source)

Dr Ian isn't a mobbie. He is either tied to the government, a mercenary, or Helena/Faison. There are finishing with him a story they were going to do with Alkazar, and included Pete.
It will tie into Nik's tumor/hallucinations, the TMK, Scotty and something that will happen with Robin that ties in with her earlier hallucinations. Ian will use Leyla to try and distract Patrick, since he needs to use Robin for his mission.
That's all I know, and was given to me by someone doing a small peripheral
job for the show. (source)


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