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1/20 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • The Soap Box sounds off on how the Robin's pregnancy storyline is being told so far

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
1/21 Robin and Patrick
1/23 Patrick

none at the time of this post

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
Chat Up: none at the time of this post
Information is very scarce and lots of things seem to be changing according to ratings. Here is what I posted at SD earlier:
Supposedly these were questions answered by the insider who left the list below. But who knows for sure.
patrick is bothered that Ian is replacing him?? Does he mean as a surgeon or a hot doc?
Is Ian replacing him with Robin?
Ian will show an interest in Robin after Patricks warns Ian to stay away from Robin.
Sounds like Leyla is salivating over him to? There was a reason NB mentioned him so much in her interview.
Leyla goes after him when she thinks Patrick will be jealous.
Is he?
No, but he knows Ian is a player like he is and warns Leyla off as a friend. Leyla misinterprets that he is jealous. Patrick is jealous of Ian's interest in Robin - not Leyla. Robin doesn't care, Leyla thinks its about her.
Why does Patrick warn Ian to stay away from Robin and what is Patrick's reaction to Ian's interest in Robin? Thanks.
Patrick warns Ian that Robin wants a picket fence, a husband, that she is pregnant and wants to settle down. Patrick is jealous of Ian's interest in Robin.
Does Ian have a genuine interest in Robin or is he just trying to annoy Patrick?
Insider,how does Robin react to Dr. Ian? Is she receptive back?
She is not receptive to him and does not want to get in between a pissing contest between Patrick and Ian.
Do you have any clue what ian's plans are and how the hospital staff figures into it?
Ian is going to move drugs through the hospital.
There is someone else here, I am stepping out of SD. The last ques I answered was Ian moved drugs through the hospital. I will give the other person answering questions, the floor.
Good Night SD (source)
Why does Carly continue to grow more resentful of Robin and Liz?
Does she continue to get in their faces?

She is jealous that Robin conceived so easily and she can't.
She continues to get in Liz's face regarding Jake.
She bumps heads with both of them.
What is Jason's role with Robin will he be around alot?
Jason will be on Robin's side as a friend. I don't know the frequency.
This is all that I posted. I will try and see what I can find out about Jerry and Alexis - but things are really tight in regards to spoilers. I do know that several of my colleagues have been given false information that has made its way to the message boards. It doesn't mean they are not legit - it just means they (and maybe myself) have been give false info for that round of story.
I will try to return at a later time tonight.
No, I didn't drop those .. I answered ques until the other person began answering, and I logged off. I will be at SnD's board a little later to compile the ques I answered here, as I don't see them in the IL - and I will have to go back through the thread.
The long list of spoilers were posted by someone else.
See you at the back up board later on. I would have logged on here, but didn't feel like doing so - but I will log on at SnD's board when I put the compiled list in the IL over here.
TTYL ... a friend (source)
LOL, I wasn't referring to NB. [about the new opening]
I can't really stay on too long - I have a ton of things to do tonight.
Ian/Patrick - for folks wanting Patrick to get a little comeuppance, you will like this little story. Patrick gets a taste of his own medicine when Ian begins to steal his spotlight - and not just at the hospital.
Thats about all I have time for - but I do lurk here often and pick up on peoples concerns and put feelers out. I will try and post again this week - not sure when I will have the time though. (source)
TIOLI: Money is being lost and this sweeps must be recieved well - if not - a move will be made - though it won't be public. Heavy pushes from above to get a new top scribe to head the crew. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
erin presley is comeing to GH in may
Sarah Webber will return with a very familiar face. (source)

Soap Dish Anon:
if the writers' strike is settled, dare we hope that several writers for gh who have been protected by the strike will end up in the unemployment lines-please, pretty please.
Well management would finally be free to pull the trigger on the plan that has been idling since early November.
What plan?
There is a shortlist for new HWs
Great but how will it change GH?
Will given that I'm not on the shortlist for the new HW I couldn't tell you. What I can say is that any new HW will be given carte blanche to retool the show
Hmmm. When they get new HW, are the other daily writers kept or do they get the boot as well?
That would be at the discretion of the HW
The last time I saw the shortlist it was completely made up of outsiders.
Can't give names.
What about Wolf and whoever the other writer who's going fi-core soon? I thought they were going to co-HW from now on?
Who's working on the outlines?
I heard that Frons was spending the majority of his time working on AMC & OLTL. True?

No other writer has gone fi-core yet though it is under consideration by some.
If there are two fi-core, then they will likely share co-HW duties but it's not confirmed.
Frons is trying desperately to keep AMC afloat.
But if someone else goes fi-core, and helps Wolf co-HW, it will only be until they can find someone from the outside to take over?
You also said that it would be up to the new HW to keep whatever staff they wanted, right? How much input would JFP have?
How is Frons taking the backlash from the Greenlee promotion? Is there any buzz to dethrown him?

Yes to your first question
JFP would have little say in who the new person could bring over
The backlash was not what he needed. The return of Greenlee, Angie and Jesse was sold as a guaranteed way to prop up the ratings. Getting it wrong out of the gate has not done much to bolster the flagging confidence people have in him
What about backlash on GH for more of Patrick and Leyla?
It's a little early to say that there has been any of significance.
How much is Sweeney paying attention to things now?
Are Guza's outline being re-worked completely?
What's the plan for Guza's actual return? Will he just be handed a pink slip for both positions? Anyone else guarenteed one?

The Daytime division has her attention now - not a good thing
I believe they are but don't know for sure
If/when Guza goes it will be both positions since one is tied to the other. Not sure about anyone else.
Not sure if you are answering other questions, but do the actors seem happier now at GH with them trying to have more balance, etc?
For the most part, the set is happier
I heard that there is some fear on the part of JFP due to some talk about congrats not being re-signed. What is she doing about this?
by congrats I think you mean vets.
She has been having a series of meetings with some actors one on one
gotta run - later. (source)

Patrick gets suspicious when Liz goes off on him
Maxie suffers another loss and turns to Spinelli for answers. Spinelli and Maxie talk about Georgie.
Patrick attempts to not be bothered by Robin's pregnancy. Even though it's becoming a daily topic at the hospital.
Patrick is bothered when he sees that Ian is replacing him at the hospital.
Carly's resentment of Robin and Liz grows. (source)

I also think Jerry may clue Ian into how Patrick feels about Robin and how he can use that to his advantage. Jerry saw first hand how Patrick can fly off the handle and lose it where Robin is concerned. Ian probably wants to mess with Patrick so that the focus is on him and Ian can fly under the radar with moving the drugs through the hospital.
Correct -- you know? or Correct -- you agree?
Correct I know. (source)

Long insider from the other board. But I wanted to say that Leyla makes some not so good moves coming soon. She goes from the frying pan with Patrick into the fire with Mr Newbie.
I'm not completely sure on this but I'm pretty sure from what my source told me. I heard my information was posted over here so I decided to just drop one thing over here. (source)


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