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1/1 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • If you missed it, April has written a new one-shot for New Years. Enjoy!
  • The ladies of Serial Drama pull no punches with their best and worst of 2007
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  • We Love Soaps counts down the top 10 episodes on daytime, GH's metro court crisis came in at #2. They also list the best and worst of 2007, Night Shift gets worst execution and Steve Burton is Most Overexposed

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
Week of 12/31
Liz & Epiphany
Liz, Epiphany, Cassius & Patrick
Liz, Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Regina
Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Kelly
Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Kelly

none at the time of this post

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post
Script Insider: none at the time of this post
Chat up: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
Dropping in before I head out to dinner.
This was not a last minute storyline change. If anyone is claiming it is, they are being less than truthful and I'm being polite.
Kim and Jason were both made aware of the story in late October. It trickled down to crew in November. Ask them straight out at one of their upcoming appearances and they won't lie.
As for revealing it too soon, I sat on it for close to two months and bit my tongue every time someone would post BS here. Trust me that's pretty difficult since BS is posted here 80% of the time. That's okay because as I said when I first began posting here, this place is nothing if not entertaining.
The only thing I can add is just because the baby's father is Jax doesn't mean Patrick and Robin are done. Quite the opposite is true.
I'm off to dinner.
Happy New Year!!!!
TTFN (source)

I've got information on a few storylines. I don't know much, but considering what I've been reading the last couple of days I figured I'd share it. I have a friend who is generous enough to share with me and while it doesn't mean THAT much to me I think it might mean more to some of you.
2. Robin and Patrick - I'll just put this to rest right now, Patrick is the father. TPTB have already made that decision. Both Patrick and Robin have their own respective changes of heart. The storyline has a few secrets but not necessarily to the viewers. Look for parallels and a small amount of intertwining to occur.
^ I'm not necessarily a big fan of this couple but from what my friend tells me I am now looking forward to this storyline. (Hey, it's better than the mob right?) (source)

Please no lurking please are Scrubs over? TY
Just for you but this will be it. Scrubs are with out a doubt reuniting. Will not be as soon as previous insiders have said. Look for end of Feb. into March. As for the Baby storyline I will not say because the legit info is right now highly guarded. And I do me Highly. (source)

I hate to break it to you but Sb is not behind the Liason pairing. He really does not care who he is paired with and Liason is not "protected" No pairing is or storyline is right now.
The ratings are abysmal and Disney is close to ready to just just dump the whole daytime line-up by fall 2008 if things to not improve with by the May sweeps. Many heads are on the line here and they are all scrambling to save their jobs.
Guza is back as Consulting Producer but is truly being shut out of the story end right now as Frons and Phelps blame him for their current predicament, and believe me neither of them cares at all what SB thinks.
Of the couples currently open screen, those most likely to still be on screen at the end of sweeps are only Scrubs and CarJax.
The TMK story will be cut short as the other planned death will not happen since they are afraid to kill off anymore long time players. JFP would like to find a way to save the killer as well but things have gone too far for her to do that unless she lays all on Sam's stalker which she is hesitant to do.
Sweeps will not follow the outline laid out by the striking writing team. Right now everyone at GH is in CYA mode and they are scrambling to save their own jobs. Expect what they think will be a "quick fix".
Some characters will lose screentime while other's will gain. Think mob vs. hospital.
Just about everything is up in the air right now and until they actually start filming sweeps, no one will really know where JFP is taking the show.
Also, SBr is not being brought on to be a part of any pairing though she may eventually be. Right now she is strictly an antagonist for Sason. (source)

any engagement on the table for them?
Not as of right now. They feel their hands will be full with the baby storyline. Insiders that have said Liason and Scrubs "somewhat parallel" are right. Take it as you will.
oh man!!! I'm taking that in favor of the bad storyline I don't want!!
I don't suppose you could possibly drop something a little bit more in regards to that? I don't want to push, and I apologize if I annoy you, I just really need something good to hold on to about this baby storyline right now.

I looked in the IL a minute ago an the Anon that said the Babystoryline is be guarded is telling the truth. It is be guarded however for several readings. Also there are several Red Herring spoilers for this storyline. I'm not allowed to divulge this info but I will say this.
Remember even legit insiders get a lot of scrub stuff wrong
TPTB purposly feed false info to legit people for a various reasons. (source)

Okay SD I'm out
I dropped the Scrubs stuff
Word to the wise
Don't try and out your insiders.
Also there is someone on right now that is not being totally truthful they are about 40% right. But I wont step on their toes
Night SD (source)

Won't comment on the Baby storyline. But Scrubs will reunite. They aren't on much in Jan. because of Leyla leaving their story so suddenly because of fan backlash. However they are reuniting. And don't assume their reunion depends on how the baby storyline turns out. They aren't one and the same
I'm sorry for not believing you if you are telling the truth but the fact is we've been told reunion around the corner for several months now and it has yet to come to pass. I have a hard time believing it since once fans are being told "pushed back, stalled, delayed.".
I totally understand. But it was never supposed to be January. It just wasn't. They were supposed to get closer to a reunion, but leyla was still supposed to be front and center in their story. She was taken out, so the story for scrubs in Jan is deminished. If you watch your screen you can tell they were never supposed to reunite in Jan or Dec. It was to fast with no resolving of issues. I don't know why legit scrubs info is hard to come by but it seems to be. Here is a good timeline. Few scenes in Jan. Few scenes begining of Feb. End of Feb Moving closer to a reunion. Very end of feb into early to mid march full blown couple again.
Hope this helps some (source)

My theory the ones that no the legit story know it is guarded. those that have the red herrings or false spoilers don't think it is guarded. Possible?
It's possible. Though I believe, after reading the forum here, many of your insiders are probably questioning their information and their sources. Someone on the inside is being played.
It won't be long before you are left with only a few insiders who are either willing or able to give you accurate information on a regular basis. The recent influx of insiders is a fluke. And it will be a short-lived one, at that.
Think About It (source)

Finally a post I believe 100%...
Thank you and happy new year for telling the truth the way it is playing out on our screen. The days of coddling are over.

Really? I was thinking someone had a little bit too much time on their hands on New Years Eve myself. The only part of the post I believe is that right now the ratings aren't that great. The rest of it just reads like a deliberate antidote to the shitty CarJax/Scrubs sperm switch news that TTFN dropped off. "Don't worry guys, they're in panic mode, total panic mode, everything's changing but CarJax and Scrubs are SET!". It's basically an attempt to implicitly say that the sperm switch story is dropped and your couples will be fine with HEAPS more airtime and story.
I think CarJax and Scrubs will be fine myself, but this? Just a leeetle bit too convenient for me.
For one thing, soaps have a very difficult time turning storylines on a dime, at best they can probably get things changed in a 2-3 month time frame. The rest is just cut and inserted scenes here and there to change the tone. Even in fullout panic mode, there's no way and no time to change what's planned for sweeps, particularly with Sarah Brown coming back.
When they come back in a week and a half - they'll be filming sweeps. At best they might have tweaked the outlines, but completely changed them in such a short timeframe? There's no way in hell.
A sperm switch was never considered. The Robin/Carly rivalary which is currently being played up will end as both experience the issues associated with AI (source)

I just wish someone could give me the real scoop so I could decide if it is worth investing anymore of my time and energy in, sigh.
As I've said before, the different information has deliberately been leaked here for an obvious reason, as has been stated by some posters tonight.
Nothing is set in stone, which makes it difficult for any insider to say with 100% certainty what is going to happen. It is my belief that the writers are divided on this issue, and have been for a few months now. This most likely stems from creative differences and ABC's desire to get this particular arc "right."
Also, I suggest that some of you not jump on the actors so quickly. Even if they know the truth behind a storyline, it would not behoove them to reveal it prematurely -- even if it means "protecting" their fans. They have loyalties ultimately to the show and to themselves. By spoiling it too soon, they would've brought all sorts of wrath upon themselves and their characters.
Think About It (source)

Are Scrubs over romantically? please no riddles i am a bit buzzed just lay it on the real-i am tired of guessing and trust you-thanks

I wish I could say for certain either way, but I respect you and do not wish to abuse your trust. If I knew for sure that Scrubs were over or still on, I would certainly tell you, though. Believe me when I say that.
At this time, however, that is one of the million-dollar, closely-guarded secrets these days. I believe it depends on how their fanbase responds, both to spoilers and to their interaction over the next couple of weeks. Consider it a test of mettle, if you will. Anything can change on a dime when it comes to a relationship's status. That's the easiest thing to fix.
Think About It (source)

Do you mean the majority is being played or the small minority?
I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean the majority of insiders vs. the minority of insiders, I can't say. Each of them have made valid points and have given you insight that you otherwise would not have had. I wouldn't equate quantity with quality, but I wouldn't necessarily rule the minority out.
At this stage, it's still a tough call.
Think About It
Can you say if any of the anon insiders that posted tonight and are now in the IL are legit?
Unfortunately, no. I'm going to follow the lead of many other posters before me, and let you guys decide as time goes on, based on evidence provided on your screens.
I know that's not the answer you're looking for, but I have no desire to "out" insiders, when they could easily just be victims of a carefully crafted diversion. I'm sorry.
Think About It (source)

I don't know about all with info but I do know I posted my be cautious post not specifically cause of TTFN.
I wont reference Scrubs but I'll just tell you how it goes if it is a general story that will be high profile and they want to see what will happen with their story plan as well as some B and C plans. They send out the A, B and C plans and see what the response is. Is it always listened to, No. However it is done a lot. That is why you get legit insiders giving false info. Then you have a small group that actually know what the story is either definatly going to be or most likely going to be, depending on response. Those are the ones that know the info.
Hope this Helps
Off to watch a movie
Hope to be back tomorrow
Red Herring (source)

So the father of robin's baby can be changed on a dime?
This is the one storyline Disney is all over. They are not happy about the Robin and the plastic cup stuff that recently played. They want this done responsibly. The father will not be who it should be. They are not playing around with this. It is soapy enough. Most of the angst in this storyline will be about them trying to get pregnant and the effect it will have on their relationship as the pressures set in. Scrubbies are probably the only fanbase that can count on lots of good stuff ahead.
I don't suppose you can tell us who the biological father of Robin's baby is really going to be?
Patrick, of course. Once again, Disney is not going to let them screw up this story. It has the potential to give GH the kind of credibility it has not had since Robin started with the cocktails back in 1996.
Thank you so much for this but i am confused, did you mean the father is not who it should be? thanks so much
Sorry that was a typo. The father is who it should be.
A sperm switch was never considered. The Robin/Carly rivalary which is currently being played up will end as both experience the issues associated with AI
I just got here. We had a legit insider? Anything good?
I hope you don't mean the "Scrubs are the only fanbase who have something to look forward to, Patrick is definitely going to be the dad, Disney won't let them screw this story up" insider - because that person, was clearly full of crap. It's not nice to get peoples hopes up like that.
Which insider said Patrick would be the dad
The one who tried to claim that Disney was looking to scrap all ABC soaps in 2008 if something wasn't done and everything was up in the air but scrubs and Carjax and that the feb sweeps outlines weren't going to be followed (when there is in actual fact zero time to change them because sweeps starts filming as soon as they get back from holiday).

That person was clearly full of total crap.

I was gonna hang around and answer questions but this post is indicitive of what I have been getting since I bothered to drop these off so I am just out of here. Good Night SD! Once the baby is concieved and theres is no hint of a sperm switch, remember that no one has to share with you and too many people here would rather spit on you than thank you. TTFN seems to have so much cred here. I do not know where he/she works but I do know who I wake up with everyday and I am sure that you would have recognized that name. (source)


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