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10/31 Heard in the Waiting Room

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Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/30 - Patrick
10/31 - Robin
11/02 - Robin and Patrick

SoapZone spoilers:
Robin gossips with Maxie about Patrick and Leyla, blaming a lot of what went wrong on the other woman. Maxie gives Leyla hell on behalf of Robin. Patrick takes up the gauntlet for Leyla (source)

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Script Insider:
Chat Up Anon:
Chat up anon
Any more sweeps promos to come soon?

there should be another one early next week. (source)
The thing about O/Henry and Scrubs on Thanksgiving be at a good place?

Is this from Chat Up or someone answering instead?
If Chat up Thanks.

Sorry - that was me.
(chat up anon) (source)

Chat Up, while the promo is really great until the very end, what possessed them to focus on Leyla while everyone else's clips went by at warped speed where you have to slow down the promo to even see their faces and here we have Leyla with all this screen time and the only speaking lines? WTF were they thinking? If you want to end the promo on a Scrubs-centric plot point, why didn't they just use Robin and Patrick. Don't they know this would piss fans off?

The short answer is no, they wouldn't know it would piss fans off. They don't break the promo down the way fans do - they are looking to add questions to the mix, create mystery and get people to tune in to see what happens. So the idea there is - does Leyla sacrifice herself, does Patrick get shot, what does it mean for Robin etc - it was never intended to be a comment on the relationship of Patrick and Robin in the way some are interpreting it. (source)
Chat Up,
You may have answered but when is Leyla out of Scrubs story?

Out of the Scrubs story? I don't have a date. But Patrick and Robin are scheduled to be reuniting by year's end, so I would say likely then, if not sooner.
Pay attention to how many lines and scenes she's had (they really haven't been that many) (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:

Just stepping in quickly to post this as a reminder to scrubs fans.Whether you are watching or not just hang in there.There is a reunion coming and Scrubs is the story and for those who don't see that you will sooner rather than later.The sweeps may not be what some were hoping for but it will not be all bad.This week,starting today with the peyla scenes,will be rough and bumpy and it may hurt a bit but it is not the end.Again hang in there and hopefully the tweaks and cuts made are in your favor.
SR (source)

Somehow I think Leyla isn't going anywhere. Especially with her taking a bullet for Patrick, and not saying shot Robin. Scrubs are fucked, not as bad as Jasam fans. I don't think any fan base got as fucked as them. But you're fucked.
She isn't taking a bullet.
I think she will.
She won't. Patrick shields Robin and Leyla hits the floor. AZ misses. (source)

so she loses her pearls and gets shot? bad day for Leyla
Leyla doesn't get shot. AZ misses his target. Leyla hits the floor meaning she gets out the way (source)

Was AZ going to shoot Robin and Patrick was trying to shield her? Why was Leyla running over there -- trying to help Patrick or both of them? Thanks.
Leyla is running to get away from AZ. Patrick is the one who shields Robin and they both fall to the ground. (source)

I heard the samething about Leyla/Patrick/Robin. Someone posted it before I could.
MM (source)

What same thing?
Patrick shields Robin, Leylas doesnt shield anyone.
MM (source)

But he's pointing the gun at Patrick?
She said he shoots in thier direction, Patrick covers Robin & Leyladoesn't run in front of Patrick. That is what I heard anyway.
MM (source)

You are a brave one, MM. Your information is correct. (source)

i'm surprised no one spilled Scotty and robin making a pact
I want to know what it's about.
He agrees to help her start project
Really?! For the hospital?
yes (source)

Robin will not be pregnant until next February sweeps. That way, she and Patrick can make the decision (i.e. talk it to death) during February sweeps and then the baby will be born at full term in time for November sweeps. November sweeps is what they want for Emmy material reels.
But first, there will be a New Year's Eve wedding with a few surprise guests in talks to appear!
I hope this makes the unhappy Scrubs fans breathe a little easier.
Thank you . I hope this is true, but I can't see Robin wanting to get married so soon after Geogies' death.
Death will remind Robin once again how fragile life is and what a short time we have here. It will propel alot of things forward. (source)

SR, I just want to be clear. Leyla does not try to get in front of the gun?

No from what i know she does not get in front of the gun
SR (source)


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10/30 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • The FCW Scrubs event is planned for Sunday 7/13. Cost is $90 per person. 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Tickets will go on sale on 12/15

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/30 - Patrick
11/02 - Robin and Patrick


credit to Cazigirl

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Script Insider:
Someone ask SI what the last scene is of Friday's episode.
Is it Robin fainting?

No (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
Q: What is the explanation for Robin being woozy? TIA.
A: There isn't one. She's just overwhelmed.
Q: How does Patrick react?
A:He's concerned if she's feeling okay but when she says she is, they all quickly move off to Ric and helping him. It's not brought up again.
Q: Can there be truth she is preggers? Also I know there is no reunion but is Patrick done with Leyla after the ball?
A: Not in my information she's not. He's not done with her. Nothing occurs to end their relationship.
Q: Insider, what day do Scrubs dance together and how does it come about? Thanks so much.
A: There is no dance at the ball in my information.
Q: Thanks how much longer is Leyla in Scrubs story?
A: She's in it as far as my information goes out and that's November 30th's tape date which is a December 27th airdate. (source)

What day does the Georgie/Robin/Maxie convo take place? Thanks.
Thursday (source)

So Robin must get knocked out then if the Scrubs dance takes place late next week. And it's her dream.
So there is no dance at the ball it's in her fantasy.
What makes Robin stay behind to help Nik? Is he injured?
She doesn't (source)

What happens to Nik that Robin decides to stay with him? Is he injured?
She doesn't decide to stay with Nikolas. I'm not sure where that one is from either. (source)

Yeah, Patrick screaming at Robin is really all for Scrubs. Pfft, it's all for Peyla.
There fight is about their relationship.
So then there must not be a dance next week at all between Scrubs if Robin's not unconscious.
Robin is not unconscious. Another thing people keep talking about that doesn't happen.
What does Robin & Patrick do for love?
Not a darn thing if the promos are what you're going by. You'll see it for yourself there is nothing unless you consider
Robin cries over Patrick
So Robin leaves?
No one leaves. I'm not sure what people aren't understanding about everyone is stuck on the island. They're not choosing when to stay or go.
Do Patrick, Leyla and Robin leave the island together? Do any of them stay behind?
When everyone leaves, they leave.
What week do they all get off of the Island?
The week of the 19th (source)

Here are some of TIOLI's posts today
-Well I post info sometimes - and will make sure to make a note of it. I'm extremely aggravated at what I have seen here this weekend, and believe that it is trolls - not fans of Scrubs or Robin.
-Thanks - I have been here the entire time. I just stopped posting info when things got ridiculous. I will wait and see if things cool down - but in the last 6 months or so, things have not.
-As it changes from week to week on the fly - so I try not to post anything storyline dicatated. I also do not mention actors by their names.
But, I will say, that a couple of months ago 2 popular actors were not very happy with a storyline which exploded on an evening series.
Since then, serious moves have been made to repair damage - and it seems to be appeasing these actors as to the outcome.
But that is all I will post - I am returning to lurkdom.
Play nice SD.
ex-TIOLI (source)

Hey SD -
May I offer some food for thought about the promos? So far the way I've seen them discussed and dissected here is would Patrick, Lucky, Jason, Nik etc die for love.
I would encourage you to flip it over and think about Robin, Liz, Emily and Sam.
What would they do for love?
I'm sorry I can't offer more insight at the moment but when I get the all clear, I will.
(chat up anon)
Robin - gives up her sperm search for love?
Behind the scenes - not much new that I haven't already talked about. Demos/ratings remain a great concern as does the writers' strike
chat up anon
Any actors in A or b storylines currently not happy?
more than a few.
Have they voiced their concerns to TPTB?
Hi Chat Up -- Is that why it seems like they are toning down the Peyla stuff on GH compared to what it was on NS? That they are looking to tell the story but to make it more clear that Patrick and Robin are really the story?
Hi deedee -
Yes. The story was always supposed to be Robin and Patrick. I completely understand that people are unhappy at how it has been portrayed as of late but they are the story. (source)

Thanks. Can I ask one thing though - With asking what Robin, Liz, Em, and Sam would do for love - does it necessarily have to do with the man they are feautred in the promo with? For example, does "What would Sam do for love?" does that mean, it HAS to do with Jason? That she would do something for Jason?
... Or maybe that she would do something for love (as in her love for someone else beside Jason) that would effect Jason?
If you can't answer, I understand, but thanks.

You're on the right track. Some hast to do with exactly the person they are featured with and some has to do with impacting them through another party.
And keep in mind that even though some of those couples have broken up, it does not necessarily mean there are no feelings left. When push comes to shove, even if you've ended it with someone, would you not come to their side in a crisis? (source)

Hi chat up, any truth to the rumor that Anna might be returning?
There is pretty much an open door policy for Finola so it is always a possiblity but I haven't heard of her coming in the next few weeks. (source)

Chatup, can you say whether or not, it's Patrick dying for the love or if it's Robin?
I can't say. Sorry. (source)

Hi chat up! thanks for all your responsese over the past couple of weeks! They really help in understanding why TPTB are doing what they are. Do you know if they regret bringing the whole Patrick sleeping with Leyla stuff to GH since we know at first the two shows were supposed to be separated?
Regret is not a common emotion in television so I would say that might be overstating it. I would say they recognize how poorly received it has been and are working to rectify it without throwing it all away.
I am good! How are you?
That's good news about the demos! Thanks! My fear is that they were looking at NS and GH and saying it was only Robin and Patrick that cratered the ratings and would not address the rest of the problems.
My opinion has been that if they told less stories and used more characters in those stories would be a great first step because there would be more focus and more cohesion with the cast.
Do you know what the demo goal might be? Like a 0.2 improvement?

.2 would be in the ballpark.
From the discussions I've had, no one is openly laying the NS ratings at the feet of Patrick and Robin - there are some things that worked and some that didn't (including the break up) and they know that now.
Thanks Chat Up. Does it seem like they are putting their eggs in one basket with sweeps? That they are relying on numbers to rise, but that if sweeps is not successful, they are going to re-evaluate a lot of things, including the current stories and how they are being executed, the introduction of tons of new characters, and the inconsistent writing?
There is quite a bit riding on sweeps to be sure. The writers' strike, if it happens (I am betting it will and it will be ugly) is bad timing for them in certain ways.
Nothing it outside the reach of re-evaluation. They know which characters and actors test well and receive good responses and so at some point you have to examine what part of the on-screen product is the problem - the actors or the writing or the production.
Hey Chat up,
do you know are the plans for the show if the WGA strike happens. Will they find new writers to continue the shows stories as they have been planned or will the producers be writing the show?

I can tell you that there are scripts ready to go and there are contingencies in place. I can't go into details beyond that. Replacement writers are not the first choice of anyone for a number of reasons. (source)

Have you been here during the stuff Chat Up has dropped? Everything sounds good?

I haven't read all that they have posted, but I have seen nothing that is untrue regarding the strike info. I don't know about the storylines as that isn't my area.

TIOLI, did I misunderstand your item? You don't have to then say what the item actually meant.

Yes, you misunderstood. I don't like to give out names of actors - but I will say my post was in response to a Scrubs fan inquiry during all the brouhaha this morning.
I really wish I could, but as I posted earlier - I don't post storyline info as most of the time the details change so quickly because of rewrites these days - it isn't best - in my opinion - to post with the current environment the way it is.
I will say though, that certain actors (could be male or female) who are known to create sparks where there are none, have been noticed - the question still remains how their stories will be told.
Writers are just as territorial as fans are when it comes to their "favs".
And with that, I must leave for a bit, as I have dinner to make.
ex-TIOLI (source)

They don't argue about Leyla/Maxie. They rehash their relationship. Both are yelling at each other until Nikolas has to break their fight up.
Really? Because that's not the way it's sounded so far. I'd like that better, so I hope you're not lying.
well initially he goes to Robin because of Leyla/Maxie but their argument quickly turns into a rehashing of their relationship in front of everyone. Nikolas interrupts and slams patrick against the wall and then pushes him on the couch
Why are they rehashing things again? Who starts the conversation? Seems odd that the would even be speaking at the ball.
Patrick witnesses Maxie's attack on Leyla and goes to Robin because he thinks robin put maxie up to it. They start yelling at each other and rehash their relationship problems in front of everyone. They both are yelling at each other until Nikolas interrupts (source)

Thank You, I appreciate it. How does Nik overhear then? Where is Leyla during this time?

Leyla is in the ballroom and Nikolas overhears them yelling as he's walking through the hall.
Thanks for sharing. Is there anything else you can give us? Anything on the positive side?
When they're working together on Ric, they're not fighting so that distracts them from their personal problems. Doctor mode is good for them. Don't really look for positives until after sweeps. Another thing is there is a dream where they're dancing but it's neither Patrick or Robin who are dreaming it. It's someone who is dreaming of numerous pairings and Scrubs are one of the pairings that dances across the screen. You'll also see Patrick and Leyla and all the other couples dance by. That's what those media net pics of Nem are. They're part of the dream too. (source)

It's in private NOT in front of everyone.
yes it is
Look I'm trying to give real spoilers to the Scrubs fans because I know some people are no longer sharing with them. I'm telling the truth when I say it's in private and not in front of everyone. (source)

she is talking to scott. She has no idea that maxie attacked Leyla
They're a couple of feet apart. Everyone sees what happens to Leyla (source)

Who gets Nik off Patrick?
That's how Maxie makes it sound. Robin just watches her attack Leyla and doesn't stop her or correct her. Instead she makes it sound like Robin is behind the attack.
I thought Robin was talking to Scott.
she is talking to scott. She has no idea that maxie attacked Leyla (source)

but why was the promo so much about Leyla??
you know what, never mind, it doesn't even matter. GH wrote this, this is what they wanted to promote: Leyla. the promo is because that is what they wrote, and that is what they wanted to promote. Not Scrubs, they are silent and merely scenery, but Leyla and her great upset and motivation and ultimately love for Patrick. Patrick and Robin are secondary in that promo.

Karmic -
this promo follows the individual promos of would you die for love. Leyla is a catalyst - not the story.
(chat up anon) (source)

Thanks Chat Up. Understand if you can't say, but we have been speculating here that when AZ shoots either Patrick or Robiin will try to shield the other and take the bullet -- and that is where the would you die for love comes in. Are we on the right track?
You're in the ballpark.
There are reasons why big portions of sweeps have gone unspoiled or spoiled incorrectly. There is too much riding on them to let people be cavalier with information. (source)

Hi Chat Up,
I am so mind boggled. Why can't she pick Robin? The promo aside how much longer is she in Scrubs story? I thought the response to her and Patrick was negative. Why is she showcased in the promo? Her with Scrubs makes me not want to watch more of the same thing that made me not appreciate NS.

Hey Bella -
It would be pretty irredeemable if she picked Robin, right? It would box the character into a corner that it would be nearly impossible to write her out of.
I wouldn't call her being showcased - the scene is being showcased - it's another layer along the theme of what would you do for/would you die for love.
My information about Scrubs reuniting has not changed - from end of sweeps to the end of year. (source)

Is this the turnaround for Scrubs? Will things slowly begin getting better after this?
Patrick and Robin will still have some serious work to do. Take care. (source)

I am so upset at that scrubs portion of the promo. Looks like Leyla jumps in front of the bullet. Seems like just another way to stall scrubs and do more Peyla.
Chat up - you did a nice job with the promo overall. Congrats.

I think GH wanted to show one thing, forgetting that they had shown months of something else. I doubt they even thought about someone taking it another way. Which shows you how little they calculate in history - even recent history - with their decisions and speculations on fan reaction. (source)

Scrubs fans can relax. They are the couple but dont expect an easy resolve it will be a long and painful ride.
Leyla will eventally be eased out of their story and into Niks but not before spending more time with Patrick. By the New year Scrubs will be reunited as everyone has been tell you. (source)

Anything on Patrick? Does he get shot or does he try and shield Robin?
Patrick doesn't get shot.
Robin doesn't get shot.
Leyla does.
Patrick = obligated.
- Just anon (source)

Thanks "Just Anon" Very Happy
Anything on Scrubs?

Scrubs reuniting (source)

Can you give us some scoops for second week of sweeps?
How do scrubs reunite?
Bumpy road. Road clears by years end.
To be clear - I don't work for ABC. I just know someone who does. Gives me broad scopes at their discretion.
- Just anon (source)

Here is nmy opinions. Some based on what I heard & some based on what I think
7) Scrubs is the story & Leyla does not get shot.

You are a brave one.
7. Correct (source)

Maxie and Georgie get in Leyla's face, Maxie violently attacks Leyla on Robin's behalf
Robin and Scott make a deal
Robin, Georgie and Maxie bond over childhood memories (source)


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10/27 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Jason Thompson will be having an event in Las Vegas on Sunday February 17th from 6-9pm. Cost is $70

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/22 - Robin and Patrick
10/24 - Robin
10/25 - Patrick
10/26 - Robin and Patrick (separately)
10/30 - Patrick
11/02 - Robin

CGS: Wednesday~Nov-07-07 Patrick, Leyla, Robin and Emily begin Ric's surgery. (source)
Lynda Hirsch spoilers: Robin watches Patrick enjoying the evening with Leyla (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen:none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
My God, the Robin and Patrick fans on this board are ridiculous. You’re ready to believe the worst about absolutely anything. So here it is straight – your couple is the story. The folks behind the scenes at GH recognize that this story is not going over the way that they hoped and they are making changes to improve the execution. You’ve already seen some and you will see more. I would say you will be very happy with the end result, but honestly, I think some of you are determined to be miserable.
It is really kind of ironic to see this massive freak-out about the future of Scrubs when they are the only couple on GH that I would put money on being together come February. Unfortunately, it looks like some of their fans are damned if they're going to enjoy that. (source)

GH has had an outline of the current Scrubs story in place since early summer. It always called for a mid-September break-up followed by a reunion by the end of the year. When Night Shift did so well in the beginning, TPTB thought the Robin/Patrick/Leyla story was working and kept plans in place to continue the story on GH. By the time NS ratings dropped, it was too late to change those plans (the Patrick/Leyla sex filmed less than a week after the bottom fell out of the NS ratings). Since then, the writers have been changing scripts and cutting scenes to make the story go over better. But they are still following the general outline because frankly, given the writing situation at GH as a whole, there is no other option unless you would prefer that Scrubs just disappear altogether for the foreseeable future.
Thank you for the info. Were they actually ever considering Patrick and Leyla?
Not as a permanent pairing (unless there was some unexpected groundswell of support), but the writers believed Patrick needed to be in some other pairing before committing him long term to Robin and a baby. What Leyla represents is important to Patrick as a character and the Scrubs storyline and will be dealt with before they get back together (source)

All I'm saying is that I think it's silly for you guys to look for the worst in spoilers that a) aren't that bad, and b) aren't going to make it to the screen in the way they're worded in breakdowns. I would think that you had seen enough differences between spoilers and reality in the last two weeks to maybe realize that things are getting better. The storyline can't change overnight - it's not possible. Believe me, the writers know they screwed up and they are doing what they can.
Thanks. Meanwhile, what/who will be occupying Robin's time while Patrick figures things out?
Patrick will be. Leyla is out of the picture in any romantic sense by the end of sweeps. Then the rest of the year is Robin and Patrick dealing with the fallout.
Because in the original plan, Robin moving forward towards a baby was supposed to be the equivalent of Patrick moving forward with another woman. Obviously, the writers' intent has not transferred the way they wanted it to. I can tell you the issues on both sides will be dealt with. Only you can decide if its enough for you.
TPTB want the Leyla character to succeed, so expect them to give her a few months in another storyline before scraping her. She'll be away from Patrick for the most part, but she;s not leaving the show before spring. They will try at least one more pairing (and need to decide on timing and storyline for NS2) before any decision is made to get rid of the actress.
They realize. There's a reason Patrick's interaction with Leyla has been minimal since the sex. The ball stuff is not as bad as the original breakdowns may make you think. The boat ridiculousness from this morning is just that. Patrick isn't doing anything for love of Leyla. I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting the writers are smart, but they aren't that dumb
Why that particular character? Is it just a general sense that they need to beef up the hospital, or is there a specific purpose they see for her, besides as an interloper in Scrubs?
Any word on when a decision on NS2 is coming down? Since they've integrated everything from the show into GH, are they going to pick up with where they left off, or are they going to start concurrent with what's happening on GH at the time? Or is the writers strike getting in the way of all of that?
They like the actress and have gotten props for added diversity. Honestly, the character is secondary to that.
No NS2 until next summer, if at all. When it was originally approved, they were forecasting ratings that were over 30% higher than the average for the last four episodes of the first Night Shift. Without the good ratings, they can't justify building new sets and hiring new crew for the show, so they can't film it while GH uses their studies five days a week. So nothing until next summer.
No one knows anything about potential storylines at this point - it can't pick up where it left off, it would be too disjointed from real GH. And with the potential writers' strike, storylines for a show in 6 months is the last thing people are focusing on right now.

Thanks for the info. Do you know if they intend on bringing up the fact that Patrick slept with Leyla while they are bring Robin/Patrick back together? I can understand that they made a mistake but I don't want them to ignore it either. I think it needs to be addressed in the reunion. Any idea if they intend on doing that?

It was always the plan to address it. Why Patrick moved on in the way he did will be dealt with. I think it has the potential to be a very good arc, but you'll have to judge for yourself when you see it.
Scrubs s/l explanation insider if you are still here? (Sorry, I don't know what else to call you.) Someone suggested in the IL this morning that (as far as the boat thing goes) things may get lost in translation between the breakdowns to the script to what actually airs. (I added that last part.) Would you say that is accurate?
That depends on which breakdowns you're talking up - writers have one set before scripts are written, then others are written after for release to the press, etc. Sometimes scripts are rewritten after the press breakdowns are finalized, and sometimes scenes are cut after they are filmed. So yeah, changes get made and things get lost in translation. Breakdowns and scripts are going to give you a good general idea of what's happening, but a lot can happen before anything ends up on screen. (source)

Robin decides to hold off on having a baby (source)

For after the ball, watch for these characters to interact more with each other--
Robin, Georgie and Maxie (source)

Liason is most definitley the story and that is not changing anytime soon. I'd be wary of people that say otherwise. I can also say the same for Scrubs. The couples in jeopardy are...Skate, Carjax, Lusam.
Just thought you'd like to know. (source)

Someone is totally playing with you guys here.
Details, please and give us the real deal...
Skate is a go
Scrubs are a go
Liason is a go
Lusam still being watched and liked, so far, also a go
Carjax is still a go (source)

Anything on Scrubs??? Please?? Crying or Very sad
The truth is I don't follow the Scrubs storyline, so I don't ask for info on Scrubs. But I was told a little while back that the plan was originally to break them up & keep them broken up, but that's changed. All I really know is that the plan is to get them back together.
Sorry I don't have more to give you (source)

Wow thanks. So the plan really was to end them for good.

From what I was told, it seemed that Patrick/Leyla got somewhat of a positive response on NS. So GH decided to bring it over to GH, not anticipating that the GH audience was most definitely NOT the same as the NS audience. It backfired on them & they're backpeddling now (source)

I'm back tonight as promised. After having a couple of days to think about it, I've come to a decision about how to go about sharing on the board.
I think it would be best if I stopped sharing scene details surrounding the Patrick, Robin & Leyla story. It seems when I share details surrounding this story, people seem to get nasty. Maybe I should have a tougher skin but I don't. I understand people not enjoying a story, a character or an actor but when people begin throwing ethnic slurs, I shut down. Call it being overly sensitive but this is just the way I am. I've tried to ignore it for weeks, but it's getting to the point I don't want to post anything re: these characters.
I will continue to share with you which characters are sharing scenes together and that includes Patrick, Leyla and Robin. As long as the three characters are involved in each other's spheres, I will not be sharing the scene details which contain any combination of the above three characters.
I hope you all understand. I like to come here and share but I also like coming here to read what my fellow posters are talking about. I'm not trying to control or censor anyone but I would like to be able to enjoy any time I spend on this board as a lover of the show and as a fan above all else.
I am not trying to punish anyone, I just would like an enjoyable board experience. Looking over my November sweeps information, I think this is the best course of action at this time. I'm not naive enough to believe this will prevent fan upset on the board but at least I won't be the one perpetrating it.
Again, I hope everyone understands and I will try to return tomorrow night, if I'm fortunate. More than likely it'll be Sunday roughly about this time.
I won't be posting anything else tonight. (source)

If I may borrow "mytwocents" name for a moment or two, the insiders on SD apparently represent different aspects of the hierarchy at ABC, ABCD, Daytime, Prospect and GH. Given the different vantage points, you are being provided a small portion or filtered information. In addition, numerous posts contain false or misleading information as well as fan fiction.
There are posters/insiders who have significant information including AIG, Chat Up Anon, and others who have a larger view of the canvas and story arcs. There are also those who can provide script information based on scripts one to two weeks out. You also have others who work around the fringes of GH or have friends who can confirm or deny information.
The truths are:-scripts are NOT written in stone; changes and tweaks are occurring; demos and ratings are a concern; contingency plans are being discussed and implemented for the writers' strike; review and analysis of all storylines and couples continues.
Take care. O.Henry (source)


10/26 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/22 - Robin and Patrick
10/24 - Robin
10/25 - Patrick
10/26 - Robin and Patrick (separately)
10/30 - Patrick
11/02 - Robin

CGS: Wednesday~Nov-07-07 Patrick, Leyla, Robin and Emily begin Ric's surgery. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen:none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
Honestly, I'm not really an insider. I occasionally get information from someone who works on the set. And since I'm a fan of Scrubs, that's all I generally ask about.

What is the feel from your friend on the set Scrubs or Patrick and Leyla?

I seem to hear the same thing the poster MM hears. Scrubs is still the plan and they're going to start easing back into them during sweeps and into December. Is that basically what your source told you MM?
As for Patrick and Leyla, she kind of laughs a bit when I tell her how people are freaking out over it. Mainly because it's not and hasn't ever been what the plan was.
Pretty much.
MM (source)

RE: DYing for love
2. Patrick puts Robin in his place and stays on the island with the killer. (source)

MM PLEASE tell us about scrubs? I'd rather just know.
She said that Patrick does get mad at Robin & there are some "mushy" moments with him & Leyla at the ball at first but that it won't last long. She was going to get more details as to what the scarifice was. But basically if you can get past the first week it is a turning point.
MM (source)

Stepped out for a bit. The person who quit is behind the scenes.
~Set Source.
thank you
You're welcome.
Change is coming that's for sure.
~Set Source.
Do you think it would affect the Liason storyline?
I think it will affect EVERY storyline.
~Set Source (source)

MM, does your source still say a reunion in December is still in the cards for Scrubs?
MM (source)

Thanks. I want scrubs together, but do you know if they are going to just put them back together? I hope they deal with their issues. As long as the third party is out, I can handle them being apart and working their way back to each other. I think that would be half the fun. Very Happy
She said "slowly" I think that is why it s hard to say a date. So I don't think they will be slapped back together.
MM (source)

Is FSA around?
To my question, then, my friend. Crossover from NS to GH this week? Thoughts? Take care.
My Thoughts are that NS was NO more than a freak out dream on Robin's part, well at least her part of NS (and Leyla and Patrick's too)... Id say that this crossover is a manifestation of Robin dying from HIV before her baby is born. Robin is already pregnant, isn't she, my friend???
FSA,Still the dream theory! Now, dreams can also be premonitions. Correct?
Thus, my laughter during the last eppy of NS. Brookie promised to pass a message along to you earlier. Take care.
So, Robin sees herself on the gurney and ends up on THE gurney? My friend, is Robin ALREADY pregnant!?! Can you give me a hint if you CANNOT answer yes! Very Happy

Robin will see herself again, if not edited recently. There continue to be changes to dialogue and edits.
The later is still on the table. Sorry, no hints. There is a lot to the storyline with recent developments.
Glad we had a chance to chat as promised.
The hours are long. Take care.(source)

5 people will walk away from sweeps with a new secret:
Johnny (source)

Hey all you ratings spinners? The online fanbase is miniscule compared to what the offline fanbase is. You nitpick and complain about every little thing. The fact of the matter is, the couples that you will be seeing in the coming months whether you like them or not will be Scrubs, Liason and Lusam. Skate/Carjax will become a Quad. So continue to spin away while I sit back and laugh.
Thank you. That is exactly what I want to see on this show. When will we start seeing it???
Over the next couple of months, starting with sweeps. I am out night. (sourc)

MM it is basically what you see in the previews. Spinelli asks Jason to fill in instead of him. Before Jason can answer robin cuts in and says no. She tells him she understands why he can't do it. She would never ask him because of who he is and the life he leads. She tells him it would be ridiculous. He tells her that its not that ridiculous. He explains that if the circumstances were different and their life goals were different he would consider it but he can't do that. He tells her to re-think her methods of finding a father. He tells her not to give up and that she'll make an excellent mother one day. They hug, Patrick sees and Jason leaves. (source)

Hey Set Source,
You posted about the serious meeting that was taking place yesterday. Is this "news" today related to that? And was the meeting yesterday related to the ratings that came out today?

Yes and Yes.
Ratings are a concern.
~Set Source
Trouble on set today. Someone is resigning. Not re-signing. resigning as in quitting. Can't say who.

Thanks. Can you tell us what the Patrick/Robin scene after that is like?
Its bittersweet. He tells her that he was jealous of seeing her and Jason together and he's been running around trying to get in her business and that he sees that he's being unfair. He tells her dejectedly that he wants her to be happy and he'll give her what she wants and he tells her that he'll leave her alone and she can chose a father or to be a mother anyway she pleases. They part and robin is upset. (source)

There is a reason why you're not getting scoops for very far in the future. People are being gagged. Leaks are trying to be found. Everyone is being very careful with what they spill so as not to get themselves or their sources in trouble.
My only advice is to turn off the show if it's too much, and take things one week - better yet, one day - at a time. Yes, scoops for the week of the 29th suck. Nobody denies that. But I'd suggest waiting each week for scoops for the next week before flipping out and deciding in your mind where the story is going. See it out as a whole. By "see" I mean read the scoops for each week if you're not going to watch. But don't start acting as if you know where things are going, because I think I can safely say that nobody really does. (source)

Hey, chat up! I was so sad to see the ratings today. When they come out like this is it a big deal behind the scene buzz wise?
Someone was here earlier and said that someone behind the scenes was resigning. Have you heard anything?

There was some buzz about the ratings but do keep in mind that they are looked at over a longer term than just a week. There are trends established so patterns etc can be identified. No one is pleased with the ratings but I haven't heard anything about anyone resigning. (source)

Chat up-
You haven't heard about either Guza or Phelps leaving, but mention it could be under wraps. Even still, have there been any whispers of replacements or even a co-hw being brought in?

Not Chat-up but I can answer this. I really think they are going to ride out sweeps before a final decision is made. Certainly if demos stay this low, actually if they are much below 1.8, then some changes are going to be made. What I've heard as the most likely scenario is that Guza will get a new co-headwriter to help with GH while he works on NSII and after he leaves to work on NSII he probably won't be back at GH. That's what people in the know have been saying for several weeks now. (source)

Chat Up, if the ratings for sweeps don't go up, do you think that there will be some shake-ups in terms of couples and storylines?

Not immediately. If the ratings/demos don't improve there will be behind the scenes changes first. (source)

Chat up Anon,
Any rumors of SCRUBS not getting back together? I am one of some Robin fans really wanting a new pairing/story/anything without Patrick in it. TIA

Everything I have heard and the last information I had was that they remain the story and they will be reuniting. (source)

Hi Chat-Up,
Thanks for answering the inquiries. Any hope of Leyla getting out of Scrubs story soon?
Thanks again.

I've been told by the end of the year at the latest (source)

I've posted before that I don't agree that one couple is responsible for the make or break of the show. I just don't. So how can I interpret the ratings in the same way as you do? I agree that there has been a long term storyline going on that has involved many stages and which may bring Jason and Liz together (I hope). I agree that the story for Jason/Liz/Sam/Lucky has been their main story. It hasn't been the whole canvas's main story although it has affected other characters.
Does this story affect the ratings? I'm sure it does. Do the other stories currently on the table affect the ratings, yes they do. But IMO none of the stories alone are responsible for decrease in ratings. I think it poor planning, storywriting, and poor continuity have more to do with ratings than one couple does.

That is very much how it works. Decline in ratings are almost never placed at the feet of one couple or one actor - there are so many other elements that are factored in. This isn't like prime time where there is one lead actor and a supporting cast.
Storylines affect ratings, which is why many are tweaked as they go along but those who make the decisions take much more into account than just a couple.
(chat up anon)
and for those who said I haven't spoiled any stories, you're right - I've never claimed to have breakdowns or scene information. I don't work on that side of the business. (source)

SD !
i am not an insider by any stretch of the means, but i got the invite tonight to the ABC soaps casino night. I don't have much to tell (more AMC and OLTL things) but i did talk to Frons.
Basically the night was all about advertisers. So everything was about advertisers and media outlets buying with ABC - so everyone was approachable and on limits.
So being a scrubs fan, i got in Frons' relm - made some small talk and then just basically laid it on the line: "What are you doing with the best couple I've seen since Sonny and Brenda?"
he laughed, and said "trust us, we know"
made me feel good. Scrubs fans - they know the story. (source)

Sweeps is going to have a huge twist and one spoiler in the past few pages has nailed it.
Have a good one (source)

STOP ! Seriously, I am a huge Scrubs fan, and honestly Frons was not mocking us - he was literally being self-deprecating. I promise. I left the conversation with a huge confidence that they understood that the storyline isn't going well.
no, he didn't say anything about the future of scrubs, but he indicated that the couple is a big thing- and he knew what people wanted?
does this make sense? I can't put words in his mouth that he didn't say - but I promise all you Scrubs fans out there that he totally understood and at least led me to believe that they are going to stick with Scrubs (source)

Robin's bottled up pain finally explodes and she suffers deep depression with continued visions of Stone
hese are for after sweeps into December
Good night SD
Different/follow-up Anon
I don't know if those are legit but the Robin, Liason and Carly one is true
The Robin one is true. Her flashes aren't for nothing. It will lead to her depression after sweeps.
So all of the other insiders we've had made no mention of this depression thing. That's odd.
Her flashes tie into it. They will continue to intensify end of sweeps
Will anyone realize that she is depressed? How will she act?
Lainey notices it first. think of Brenda's depression Wink
What's going on with her and Patrick for the rest of November and into December? Thanks.
They are mostly in doctor mode. The big sacrifice isn't much. Btw Leyla and robin he saves Robin from a bullet first. They are not back together by the end of November but they've made some headway although its not much
Will Patrick still be dating Leyla?
she's still a factor. He is still "with" her
Insider, is there a Scrubs dance during sweeps? If so, could you give details? TIA.
There was one filmed. Whether or not it makes it to air remains to be seen.
Insider is patrick aware that Robin is depressed and how does Robina act?
How in the world are the going to put Robin and Patrick together again if he has a new girlfriend and Robin is depressed?
What is Jax doing?

This is the last one i'm answering anything after this is not mine.
He is aware and he'll be helping, doesn't mean robin wants him to, exactly the opposite. I just answered the jax one. (source)

Maxie attacks Leyla and rips off her pearl necklace from her neck
What week? All next week?
yes (source)

Robin and Patrick both are able to get on the boat to go but Patrick gives up his spot to Leyla so she doesn't have to wait for the next trip. (source)

Is that "what Patrick does for love" referring to him giving up his seat to Leyla?
I think it just means Patrick is noble. Patrick would allow any of the ladies to go before him.
No, it doesn't. This is what Patrick does for love. He sacrifices himself and his chance for a career so Leyla gets out. (source)

Patrick gives up his spot to Leyla because Robin refuses to leave the island. (source)

She has a spot on the boat though, why would she refuse to leave?
Robin chooses to stay to help Nikolas. Patrick refuses to leave without her. (source)

Robin chooses to stay to help Nikolas. Patrick refuses to leave without her.
I can confirm this Wink (source)

Srub fans,
The sky is not falling, they are not over. It may sting the first week of sweeps but the story is suppose to take a turn in your favor the second week.
MM (source)

MM and others,
The break up for your couple, Patrick and Robin, was never intended to be brief. Second, the character of Leyla was not intended to be a brief encounter for a variety of reasons. Third, the bonding will be evident later in sweeps. The reunion will not be swift by some standards, but there will be a reunion.
Go quietly into the day. Take care. Fingers and toes crossed that this posts. Take care. O. Henry (source)

The breakdowns specifically say Robin and Patrick have seats on the boat. Patrick gives up his seat for Leyla.
The script says they have seats.Robin won't leave Nikolas.Patrick won't leave Robin.He gives up his seat to Leyla.
The insiders this morning are clearly going off the breakdowns and winging the rest. There is a lot of that going on in the IL. On all storylines.
That is all I will say. (source)

The breakdowns specifically say Robin and Patrick have seats on the boat. Patrick gives up his seat for Leyla.
The script says they have seats.Robin won't leave Nikolas.Patrick won't leave Robin.He gives up his seat to Leyla.
The insiders this morning are clearly going off the breakdowns and winging the rest. There is a lot of that going on in the IL. On all storylines.
That is all I will say.

I am not known for "winging" it. Take care. O.Henry (source)

I am not known for "winging" it. Take care. O.Henry

I was not referring to you, O. Henry. and I will take care, thank you. (source)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10/25 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • According to SOW, Wally Kurth (Ned) will be joining ATWT and Lindze Letherman (Georgie) may also be leaving
  • In SOW Losers category - GH’s Leyla. She had sex with Patrick without discussing his HIV-positive ex.
  • Kimberly McCullough will be substituting for Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View during her maternity leave. No date at this point. (source)
By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/22 - Robin and Patrick
10/24 - Robin
10/25 - Patrick
10/26 - Robin and Patrick (separately)
10/30 - Patrick
11/02 - Robin

SOW: “Nikolas hears Patrick saying something wrong to Leyla and he confronts him,” recounts Christopher. “He flies into a rage that isn’t justified and then doesn’t remember it.” (source) Maxie attacks Leyla on Robin’s behalf. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen:none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
Script Insider:
Does Carly dance with Patrick at the ball?
Yes (source)
Does Patrick yell at Robin over the maxie/leyla stuff?
Yes (source)
Hi SI!
Does Robin ask Nik to be a donator?

Yes (source)
Do Leyla and Nik have a discussion about her broken necklace?
Are Patrick and Robin fighting when she collapses?
No (source)
SI there is one discrepancy we have. TC said in SOW that Nik yells at Patrick over something P says to Leyla and we had an anon this morning who says it was over something Patrick says ot robin
It's Robin (source)
SI, has there been much talk about the writer's strike behind the scenes? Do the actors seem worried at all?
It shouldn't affect GH unless it goes longer February sweeps. (source)
-does Robin and Patrick dance at the ball?
-does Maxie slap Leyla?
-does Robin go missing?

No (source)
Is Robin trying to leave when she collapses?
She's heading to help Ric with Patrick and Leyla (source)
Thanks SI,
Does Patrick feed Leyla hourdourves?sp?. Does he yell at Robin because Maxie gets in Leylas face? TIA

Yes (source)
The Tuesday scenes with Patrick and Leyla are they at the apt or the hospital?

Hospital (source)
SI, does Robin have any sorts of flashes, like the gurney thing from today, before she faints?
No (source)
Does Patrick get jealous of Robin dancing with Nik?
No (source)
Does Nik Punch Patrick over something he says to Robin?
He is having one of his moments. It begins while talking to Leyla and he gets upset over how upset she is. When he finds Patrick and Robin arguing and getting nasty with one another, he attacks Patrick. (source)
SI - does Robin literally ask him or is it more as a joke? Because I'm a Robin fan but that is fucking messed up to ask after he just proposed to Emily.
It's a serious question and she's disappointed when he refuses because the thought makes him uncomfortable.(source)
SI what are the Robin and Maxie scenes about.
Maxie and Georgie tell her to get over Patrick and stop being miserable.
Who breaks Nik and Patrick apart?
Emily (source)
SI can you give details about Maxie/Leyla?
Maxie confronts Leyla over luring Patrick away from Robin. (source)
SI, what does Patrick do when Robin faints?
Catches her. (source)
Good. Does Robin get tipsy?
Why does she faint?
Is Patrick concerned when she faints?
Does Leyla bring her water?

She faints in the last segment. None of these things happen the week of October 29th. (source)
SI -- have you noticed some rewrites from the scripts in the last couple weeks? For example, Robin was supposed to slap Patrick; on Monday Patrick was not supposed to tell Liz he still loved Robin.
Are scripts being tweaked after the fact?

Not really. They've been sticking to script 99.99% of the time. (source)
SI, the actress who plays Leyla, NB, has she learned how to act yet?
Has she learned English yet? Or will she be deported soon?

As someone of Iranian descent myself, my sensitivity is now taking over. I'm heading out for the evening. I'm going to try to come back Friday night and hopefully the posters filled with hate will be gone. I hope I answered questions for everyone's favorites. I tried to cover each character and their story in some way.
Anyone answering questions after this isn't me.
Good night. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
Robin's flashes will continue. She sees herself again this week on Friday and she sees her self again twice the week after. (source)

**** So there is no confusion, this is NOT from the Scene Insider ***
October 31
Segment 5
Scene 3
Patrick/Leyla dance

Segment 6
Scene 1
Patrick/Leyla dance. Robin watches.

Segment 7
Scene 3
Carly/Patrick dance. Next Patrick/Leyla.
Nikolas/Robin dance

November 1
Segment 1
Scene 1
Robin/Nikolas dance ends. She asks to be a donor.

Segment 2
Scene 3
Patrick/Leyla dance
Nikolas turns Robin down.

Segment 4
Scene 3
Patrick feeds Leyla hors d’ouvres. Robin watches.

Segment 5
Scene 3
Maxie confronts Leyla. Patrick sees it

Segment 6
Scene 2
Scott/Robin talk. Angry Patrick interrupts

Segment 7
Nikolas announces harbor is closed due to weather conditions
Patrick/Robin argue
Festivities come to a halt
No more dancing after this. Robin and Patrick do not share a dance. (source)

I think from same person who posted scenes above:
So let me get this straight? After they discover a stabbed Rik, Nik hits Patrick over something he says to Leya and instead of Patrick attending to a stabbed Rik he runs after robin? That just doesn't add up to me.

Patrick and Robin find out about Ric the last segment on Friday. When they get up to get to Ric. Robin feels faint. Leyla is with them at the time.
I am going to wait and see because I am skeptical at best. Also I can't believe AFTER Ric's body is discovered Nik has time to hit Patrick before the surgery
Nik doesn't know about Ric when he slams Patrick against a wall. After Emily and Robin put a stop the fight, Leyla rushes in to tell them that Ric has been stabbed.
I'm thinking somebody got a bad script here.
Well I'm just going by what the breakdowns say. However, it's possible that stuff has been rewritten. I just read the TC's quote in the SOW article and it definitely doesn't match up with what my breakdowns say (re: Nik/Patrick fight).
I guess we'll all see next week then. (source)

A few hints for what comes after the ball:
Robin decides on a donor and plans to begin trying immediately to get pregnant.
Leyla becomes more determined than ever to hang on to Patrick. Sabatoge and lies are on the agenda. (source)

The whole scoop about Robin being mortified and trying to leave Wydemere is FALSE.
I'll tell you this -- the stuff for Robin next week is pretty depressing if you're a Scrubs fan.
When does it turn around. Everybody has said it starts off bad and then changes. Something has to make it change.
When she faints in his arms. That's when things change. Before that, there's a lot of Patrick/Leyla BS that Robin watches. She even breaks down in a scene with Georgie and Maxie because she's having a hard time letting go of Patrick.
However, I do think the 2nd half of sweeps is going to be awesome for Scrubs Fans. You just need to get through next week's crap first. (source)

Scrubs don't share a dance next week. By Friday, everyone is more concerned about the killer on the loose so I don't think they'll be sharing any dances.
You don't have to believe me. However, it's not in the breakdowns for next week. That's not to say they won't share a dance later on in the month. I just doubt it.
Since you have breakdowns what is Robin doing all week and why does she faint?
She's not on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday she sees Patrick/Leyla while they wait for the launch to Wyndemere. There are scenes of her watching Patrick/Leyla dancing. Then she shares a dance with Nikolas and asks him to donate sperm. While she's talking to Scott, Patrick interrupts (because he's angry over Maxie/Leyla) and scrubs get into a fight which leads to them rehashing their breakup. The rest of the week they are in doctor mode and their last scene is of Robin fainting in his arms. It's not clarified yet why she faints.
Well, what would you like to know about tomorrow's show?
The show starts off with Robin/Kelly discussing the sperm donation appointment later that day. Patrick is eavesdropping and when Leyla asks him whats wrong, he says he can't believe Robin found some guy to father her baby. (source)

Scrubs is the story. When Emily fake "dies" and Robin starts to be there for Nik. Patrick sees "green". (source)

I have spilled the correct details. 5 times now but I will repeat it again.
Nik proposes to Emily
They dance
Robin/Maxie commiserate
Nik asks Robin to dance
Patrick then asks Robin to dance
Maxie gets into with Leyla
Nik attacks Patrick
Robin is mortified by the entire chain of events so she goes to leave
Patrick follows her
She does her fainting/stumbling thing and he catches her
I don't have detailed breakdowns but I was told that was the sequence of events. (source)

"After this Scrubs dance airs, I will explain why I'm so adamant about it happening (because it ties into something else we were discussing last week). If it was not a drop in scene, then it airs in the second week of November, towards the end of the week.
If it doesn't air, you can feel free to harass me endlessly about it." (source)

robin faints because she has another flash of her own death while talking to Patrick
why is she flashing on her own death?
It'll tie into sweeps but she will continue to have flashes of her death. (source)

Food for thought-
There is more than one killer doing damage on Spoon Island during the ball.
Numerous guests will be carrying guns.
An explosion is a result of a bomb.
There will be two stabbings, two shootings, a strangulation and shove to one's death.
There will be four couples exchanging heart-felt I Love Yous.
Seven guests will require medical assistance (source)

So if I understand the sweeps format properly, we are going back to the MC backwards in time style, right? For 11 hours this time?
So sweeps starts on the 29th with Em's death?
And for the next 10 soap days we start counting back to see how we got there?
Dare I hope that for my Scrubs it means that we get 4 hours of misery and 7 hours of reconnecting??

Starts on the 31 with Nik waking up next to Emily
10/31-11/2 - Hours 1-3
11/5-11/9 - Hours 4-8
11/12-11/15 - hours 9-11 (source)

Oh wait, so SI CONFIRMED what I was saying last night re:Scrubs? Hmm, maybe people shouldn't be so quick to chase off legit insiders next time.
-Insider from last night
Hey cocky -- we still don't know what will make it to air.
Hey, I'm not cocky. I just think it's funny that people were swearing up and down that I was trying to rile the Scrubs fans up, when that couldn't be farther from the truth. I still think Scrubs will have a great 2nd half of sweeps. Smile
insider from last night were you the one that said things get better for scrubs the second half of sweeps?
Yes, I was.
now are you saying that based on stuff you know or just a hunch? ...
Based on things I've heard, Scrubs is still the story. I think that's obvious to anyone watching the show though. Wink (source)

I think Robin fans will enjoy the Maxie/Georgie/Robin bonding. Robin breaks down into tears. Maxie and Georgie comfort her and they bond. Later on Maxie gets in Leyla's face and rips off her pearl necklace, Patrick witnesses it . (source)

Sweeps, at least the ball for sure, moves them farther apart not closer together.
So for all of sweeps, they have no moments at all?
So Peyla moves closer together?

At the ball, no, they don't, they're in doctor mode for much of it. And yes to Patrick/Leyla. (source)

So no Scrubs reunion by late Nov/early Dec?
No, not that soon. (source)

After this ball Patrick wants Robin back in a big way, except Robin has done what everyone, including Patrick has told her to do. She has moved on and won't let Patrick back in. Too much damage has been done.
Wrong. Robin isn't moving on, she will ice him out but it's being done to give Patrick and Leyla a chance. (source)


Saturday, October 20, 2007

10/23 Heard in the Waiting Room

Jason Thompson in a Joe Boxer commercial

credit to traveshamockery

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/22 - Robin and Patrick
10/24 - Robin
10/25 - Patrick
10/26 - Robin and Patrick (separately)
10/30 - Patrick

SoapZone spoilers: Robin’s sperm request is soundly rejected by Lucky.
Spinelli, however, is another story. He eagerly signs up to donate his DNA for Robin. At first.
Speaking from experience, Jason counsels Spinelli not to get personally involved, if he’s to do this for Robin.
Robin beefs Spinelli up as good daddy material.
Spinelli feels weird and confused about how he’s going to impregnate Robin until she says it won’t be the old-fashioned way.
Spinelli confers with Dr. Kelly for more info on this procedure.
Spinelli agrees to be Robin’s sperm donor.
Now it’s Robin’s turn to feel weird and confused, and just a tad uncertain.
Once at the hospital though, Spinelli has second thoughts, summoning Jason over to take his place.
Jason comes over to the hospital to help Spinelli but not in that way. He kindly declines. Robin’s cool about it. (source)
TV Guide: Murder at the Ball
Nikolas throws a black and white ball climaxing in the death of a top character. The story rewinds 11 hours, then each episode moves forward one hour-a la 24-to reveal what happened. Who's going bye-bye? There's much buzz that it's Nik's ex-wife Emily,but ABC is strictly mum. (source)
SOD Nov. sweeps: Scrubs/Leyla:
"Leyla is going to find out what Patrick would do for love and it's going to send Leyla and Robin reeling." (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen:none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
Script Insider: (source)
Tuesday 10/30

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
Liz, Emily, Lulu, Robin and Nadine will be in white
Carly, Alexis, Leyla, Maxie and Sam will be in black (source)

Liz IS NOT going to the ball with Robin.
Both are going alone as guests of Nikolas.
Cool! Are they both in white?
what colors to they wear?
Elizabeth is in white, Robin is in black. (source)

how about leyla?
Black and in a dress similar to Robin's (source)

any nice scenes with Scrubs? or is sweeps all bad for them?

No, not bad at all. It's starts off shaky but I think you will like the way it ends. (source)

If the insider is still here can you confirm if Patrick and Robin share a dance at the ball
Yes they do (source)

I want Patrick to break things off w/Leyla at the ball or for her to graciously back out seeing
Scrubs are still in love

She gets an eyeful Wink (source)

any scrubs stuff...something that hasn't been spilled.
Honestly all I know is what has been already spilled. They are going to get back together towards the end of the year. There are steps in place to help them resolve their issues and it's not supposed to be a quick patch up job. (source)

There is movement with Patrick and Robin but they aren't a big focus of sweeps. People have been telling you people that all along yet you simply refuse to believe it. As bodies are piling up Patrick freaks (source)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

10/18 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Don't forget that tonight is the 'Love Out Loud' pre-AIDS walk party!
  • A cute article about Scrubs

ABC promo for Scrubs

credit to Melissa

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
10/15 - Robin
10/17 - Robin and Patrick
10/18 - Robin and Patrick
10/19 - Robin and Patrick
10/22 - Robin and Patrick
10/24 - Robin
10/25 - Patrick
10/26 - Robin and Patrick (separately)

SID says the upcoming scene between Robin and Spinelli is quite funny

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen:none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
Script Insider:
Robin (source)
Patrick & Liz
Patrick & Liz

Epiphany & Day Players
Epiphany, Kelly & Day Players
Epiphany, Kelly & Day Player
Jason & Spinelli
Jason & Spinelli
Jason & Spinelli

Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany
Nadine, Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany
Spinelli, Nadine, Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany
Spinelli, Nadine, Jason, Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany

Spinelli, Nadine, Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany
Spinelli, Nadine, Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany
Spinelli, Nadine, Kelly, Leyla, Patrick & Epiphany
Kelly & Patrick

I thought Robin has scenes with Jason on Friday.
Sorry Jason should be included in there. I should put my pizza down when I type. (source)
SI can you expand on the Liz/patrick scenes? is liz mad?
No (source)

Does Lulu tell Spin she doesn't want him to give Robin his sperm or something like that?
She thinks it isn't a good idea. (source)

SI, does Patrick tell Robin he won't interfere with her AI plans anymore on Friday of next week?
Yes (source)

Does Patrick tell Liz he still loves Robin?
Does Liz slap Patrick?
Does Liz mention Jason to Patrick?
Does Patrick get jealous of Robin talking with Jason?
Does Robin shed tears this week?
According to my information
No (source)

SI, why does Patrick tell Robin he won't interfere with the AI anymore? Thanks.
Because it's none of his business.
SI, is Liz mad at Robin for asking Lucky?
No she sees nothing wrong with it and says what Lucky does is his own business. (source)

I can't believe Robin asks Spin for sperm and they aren't alone together once. She asks him in front of Jason?
Yes (source)

Does Patrick ask Leyla to go out w/him again?do they have any scenes in his apt this week?
No (source)

1. Any hints that Kimberly is leaving (this smells a lot like her last exit)?
2. Any clue that reaction to the Robin Sperm Search is causing any kind of change for the better in the story at some point (since it seems to be getting worse instead)?
No (source)

What is Robin's reaction? Thanks so much.
She taken aback. (source)

What do Liz and Patrick talk about?
Robin asking Lucky for sperm and her decision to go with AI. Patrick explains how he feels she's making a mistake. Liz tells Patrick he's not over Robin and Patrick tells her the reason they broke up is she wants a family and he doesn't. He says even though he wants to be with her he has to accept that he can't be. Liz tells him she understands exactly how he feels. (source)

SI, is there a mention of NS during J&R talk?
No (source)

SI, is there a scene next week where the mystery Night Shift ending (Robin seeing herself on a gurney) will be explained?
Yes (source)

SI, is there a scene next week where the mystery Night Shift ending (Robin seeing herself on a gurney) will be explained?
Oooookay. We had one "No" and one "Yes".
The Yes is mine. Robin momentarily sees herself on a gurney but snaps out of it. She mentions it to Kelly. Kelly says maybe she's just having second thoughts about having a baby. Robin becomes defensive and says no she has to be more aggresive in finding a father. She goes to see Spinelli. (source)

SI, do Patrick/Leyla have any alone scenes next week?
What is their argument about in the medianet pictures?
She defends Robin's right to ask Spinelli (source)

SI,Does Jason give Robin/Spinelli a reason why he won't donate sperm? Is it something he announces to the hospital hub at large or just to Robin/Spinelli?
Does he mention giving up Jake when talking to Spinelli about what Robin's asking for?
Before Jason can say anything Robin knows he won't do it and lets him off the hook. It's in front of everyone.
Yes (source)

SI? Would you be willing to give your opinion on something? Do you think this is all going to end with scrubs as the couple?
Eventually (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
They casted a new doctor in his early 30s. I'm not talking about the SID casting call. The new doctor should start after November Sweeps
Is he for NS2?
No for GH. Although I assume he'll be on NS as well. (source)


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