Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thoughts on the 5/23 Show

I feel there is a reason for everything and there was a reason for the scenes we got on Wednesday's show whether we liked them or not.

I didn't feel that Patrick came across as flirting but I did feel that he was coming across as a clueless boyfriend who didn't realize the way he came across in front of Robin was annoying her. This is Patrick's first real relationship and he is still learning as he goes. He doesn't realize how he interacts with other women is going to make her feel annoyed or even jealous of the situation. He is very much in love with her but he is clueless on some of the ways of a relationship with her. He is still treading water at times and today was one of those days.

In the past, he would have never used the word girlfriend but shrugged it off as just someone he was seeing casually. He would have gone for what the girls were offering but like he told Robin when she said he was like a kid in a candy store he wasn't buying. He is in a committed relationship with her and I feel these scenes are going to get him to the place where he decides that he is going to make her feel more secure about him and their relationship. He finally saw how annoyed she was at the situation and I feel that he is going to make a few changes in his life so she is aware that she is the only one for him. He has shown her before how he feels about her but I feel he is going to need to reiterate this again to her especially after today.

I felt that the 5/23 scenes showed how secure he is in his relationship with Robin and vice versa. He is secure in the knowledge of his love for her and that she is the only one for him. He has become a caring, compassionate doctor and that is all due to him knowing and being loved by Robin. She showed him that he needed to be compassionate in his work and care for his patients in order to really be a great doctor. He has shown that he can be a caring, compassionate doctor and it doesn't matter what type of illness one has he is going to treat that person with the same care that he treats all of his patients. That is not the mark of a good doctor but of a great doctor that sees more to life then recognition for his work and media attention.

Sure, Robin was annoyed with Patrick but she is also secure in the knowledge that he loves her. He has shown her his heart and that wasn't an easy feat for a man who used to hide behind a mask filled with an ego and arrogance so he didn't have to show the world his true self. She broke through his walls to get to the heart of the real man and she isn't going to let him go or what they found together. He may have chosen to look but he also knows what he has in Robin. He isn't going to jeapardize their relationship because of the man he used to be because he is now a man that is loved by a remarkably, beautiful woman who has opened up her heart to him.


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