Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thoughts on the 5/23 show

I watched the scenes last night from Wednesday's show and overall they were cute and funny. But as I watched other show's season finales, some things from this show kept bothering me and I felt compelled to make the first observation post for the blog. Kim (buff29) will be posting her own observations in another post, she's being added on as a contributor.

  • Why couldn't the triplets be normal girls who just happened to be gorgeous? The barely-there clothing, the twirling of the hair, the grinding motion, the moaning, the posing, the pouty voices...the writers did everything they could to portray these characters as bimbos. I know I wasn't the only one rolling their eyes...
  • The statement that "3 gorgeous women came in and snaked your man" was underscored throughout the scenes and Robin's blog, and it implies that Robin isn't gorgeous in her own right. Robin even looked down and compared her own chest to theirs, implying that she was somehow lacking. The delivery was funny, but the implications were just sad.
  • Why is Patrick the only one getting hit on? We're not asking for a 3rd party to be involved, but Robin would be hit on by other doctors on any other show. Come on...Kimberly is a hottie, I know because my brother would hit on her if he could [sorry J. - you've been outted for the Scrubbie cause]
  • The constant writing about Robin's insecurities are getting very very old. She's an accomplished, intelligent, and beautiful doctor and why she has to be portrayed as insecure is just bad writing.
  • The whole "boys will be boys" feeling I got from the show, it didn't bother me as much but it just disappoints that it found its way into the Scrubs storyline...again.
I understand that this is part of a build up to something bigger, perhaps a grand gesture to take care of Robin's insecurities and to possibly move the storyline forward. However, the end result is that the writers are implying that these two characters are not on equal footing in the relationship. The writers built on a child and teen character's history and then wrote her as closed and insecure until her relationship with Patrick brought her out of her shell. They used makeup and wardrobe to highlight the "plain Jane" aspect last year, and have steadily allowed Robin to show her real beauty. However, the latest inconsistencies don't allow viewers to truly break their memories free of little Robin growing up or the "plain Jane" portrayal of a year ago. The writing seems to constantly remind us that Robin is "analytical", and therefore cannot also be hot. However, Robin is at her most beautiful when she's allowed to be happy, smart, fun, carefree, and confident - perhaps it's because Kimberly is then allowed to infuse her personality into the character and genuinely have fun with the role.

When you look at some of the great couples in soap history, one character wasn't written as "lucky" to be with the other - Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna, Sonny and Brenda, etc. Each brought their own confidence and individuality to the table. I believe Scrubs is poised to ascend to these heights, however if the writers could take their own advice/words (via Patrick) and "get out of their own way", we'd surely get there sooner...



madaboutscrubs May 25, 2007 at 10:26 PM  

Excellent analysis, Amy. Thanks for sharing your POV. Now if only someone at GH would read it. LOL

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