Monday, May 28, 2007

Cabin Sex Anniversary

credit to Jules/Beyond Reason

I thought it'd be nice to reminisce a little about last year's Cabin Sex scenes. Personally, I can't believe it's been that long ago since we've had a non fade-to-black scene or that we've been drawn into a soap couple to this extent. For many, this day kicked off the whole Scrubs insanity. It took the interest in the Robin and Patrick pairing to a whole different level, as it solidified the characters' relationship and amazed fans at the amount of chemistry that radiated off the screen. It was a perfect choreography of music, acting, character growth, and cinematography. If anyone wants to take a little walk down memory lane, you can read the 248 comments in the May 29, 2006 Gush Post

First, the song Howie Day's 'Collide'.... There were a number of posts on the Scrubs Board and elsewhere in the months before this day about which song would be perfect for them - this song was unanimously decided on as the perfect one. I know for many people it was beyond surreal to then have it used by GH for the love scene. It felt like the powers that be actually listened to what the fans wanted, and took the extra effort to make it happen. Some couldn't even get over their initial shock that the song was actually playing for these scenes, and had to watch it again (and again).

The highlights noted by fans....

in the lead up...the way Patrick said "Don't expect me to apologize.,,you're beautiful", the look she gave him in return, how he would have walked 5 miles to get the spermicidal jelly and condoms and the fact that she was prepared, the way he kissed her forehead, how he picked her up to sit her down on the bench, him running his hand up her leg, kissing her neck and ear, her almost kiss and him brushing past her lips....the intense look they shared, how he brushed her hair off her face, their kiss, the way she looked at him taking off his shirt, the way he looked down at her, how he led her by the hand to the bed, and (hotly) picking up the condoms along the way...

In bed...the stomach kisses, the stroking along her thigh, the touching between both of them...and finally the last scene where they are facing each other and looking into each others faces. This scene had the most reactions, the most comments, and probably is the most analyzed scene to date. This scene sealed the deal that this couple were destined to end up together because the look of awe and love they gave each other was intense, powerful and intimate.

The aftermath...the look of fear and uncertainty from both Robin and Patrick, how closely they watch each other for signs, the defenses they both put up, and their need to experience that closeness again...

People may wonder why fans constantly ask Jason and Kimberly for spoilers about another scene like this...I think it really comes down to the expectation of a soap opera to fulfill the need for escapism with romance, mind-bending sex, and love. We're constantly barraged with images of violence in our streets, the war in Iraq, the murder/crime/cops/mob shows on prime time, and even pervasive mob storylines of planned hits and violence on GH. The days when a couple waltzed through a department store, made love on a beach on an adventure, or kissed in an alley in the rain are few and far between...

We see the storyline for Robin and Patrick as a haven in all of that darkness - a genuine light of great acting, lively banter, quick comebacks, amazing chemistry, and a true buildup in writing of a relationship not common these days of quick soap romances and bed-hopping. They've been described by critics as "fresh" and "realistic" - and are immensely popular with the fans. Last year's montage opened up the endgame speculation for Robin and Patrick, and a hope in GH's ability to tell a true love story.

Can anyone really blame the fans for wanting that perfect escapism again?



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