Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrubs Videos

Every year, a GH video awards site 'Capture This' gives out video awards to the best fan videos. This year, several videos by Scrubs fans were nominated for various awards, and today the winners of various awards were announced. A couple of videos featuring Scrubs won top awards, congratulations to them!! Credit goes to the videomakers and 'Capture This' for all their hard work!

Best Couple Video
Vidder: Stephanie
About: This video shows the love of Robin and Patrick through the hostage crisis. Stephanie used 3 different pieces of music, starting with a soft melody showing scrub's happier times. The video continues into a fast paced exciting beat showing the pivotal moments for scrubs during the hostage crisis. The video continues using well placed voice overs of snippets of Robin and Patrick's love story and beautiful glowing effects.


Best Storyline Video
Vidder: Sarah
About: We saw many vids to the GH hostage crisis, but this one definitely stood out as the best. It really shows the horror that the hostages went through. A nice use of effects shows the hsotages in black and white and the ones outside trying to help them, in a reddish color.

All of the videos on the site 'Capture This' deserve recognition and applause, but I wanted to especially point out ones that captured Robin and Patrick.


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