Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jason's 12pm Zanie's Comedy Club Highlights

Here are the highlights from the appearance so far from the Scrubs Board, if there are more that come in I may add to this (source):

  • 70 tickets were sold for this appearance. There's a stage and general seating
  • Jason is wearing black tshirt and jeans. He has a gray tshirt on underneath the black tshirt and he is drinking some iced coffee drink.
  • He got in at 5:15 after working late last night. He is flying back to ca tomorrow.
  • He said he and Robin are broken up for now and then he said ha ha just kidding.
  • I am not 100% sure about this because it was difficult to hear. Someone did ask about the love scenes and if it was a full on love scene and he wasn't sure.
  • Someone asked him if Robin and Patrick were going to get married this year and he thought it was a little early in his opinion.
  • There are times when he reads the scripts he's just not emotional about them.
  • He's telling the story about the grandmother in the grocery store who told him she was 85 and he still did it for her. He said he told her thank you and then just went straight home and thought "wow"!. When he was telling the grandmother story he was turning so red. He has told the story at least four times.
  • He said he likes going home and "chillin out"
  • He said his two business partners go with him a lot of places. He said that is cool because it gives him somebody to talk to.
  • He said they go on trips for fun, they look at bars and restaurants. He said he went to London and Paris.
  • Someone asked if Pervy Pete was really gone and he said he did a pilot. Someone said they hoped he was more likable on that show. He also said he liked that, when they said "pervy pete"
  • Kimberly and Jason are doing a Fun in the Sun in Daytona but he doesn't know when.
  • He is doing his kitchen in stuff from Italy and he is having one piece brought over at a time. They are swimming it over.
  • He could see the fire from his house and his neighbors said it was time to wet down the yard. He said he was going to call his insurance company to make sure his check went through.
  • He said that when he auditioned he and Kimberly found out that he and Kimberly lived about a mile apart from one another. He was going surfing and he saw Kimberly and he was going to run up to her and tell her that he got the job but he didn't.

The rest of the comments are after the jump. For those that are spoiler-free, I'll leaving some blank spaces so that you know they're coming up (as fair warning)

  • He said Greg's baby is adorable.
  • Kimberly said he is the goofiest person.
  • Steve is growing his hair out for a part that he is doing.
  • He didn't know anything about Anna and Robert.
  • He said his parent's were in town and usually they come to the studio when he is filming but he had 40 pages to go through. He said it was something he needed to focus on. It was very in depth, intense and he couldn't have the distraction of his parent's being there so he asked them to come back to the studio the next day.
  • He said he hasn't watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy yet.
  • Someone asked him who he would like to work with that he hasn't really worked with and he said Anthony Geary and Nancy Lee Grahn.
  • They asked about emmy nominations and he said that Kimberly should have been nominated and that she is really great.
  • Someone asked what states he likes that he has visited and he said New York and the great state of Canada. He said he would like to have a second house in Canada. He doesn't see taking his kids down Sunset Blvd to go to school. He said it isn't the right environment for him to raise his kids in so he isn't sure what he is going to do.
  • Someone asked him what quirk he would like to give up that he has and he said he would have to watch a videotape of himself to see what he would have to give up.
  • Someone asked him again about SSW and he doesn't know if they will ask him to go or not. He said if he was asked he would go.
  • Someone asked if he would rather be with Robin or Carly and he was like I wonder what the right answer for that would be. He sees Patrick and Robin together.
  • Someone asked about his audition and he sees himself more like Patrick now then before. He says that they look alot alike. He sees him as being more empathatic and that he has a heart. He likes that he is the first Patrick Drake cause it would be hard to fill someone else's shoes.
  • He doesn't get recognized too much. In LA he doesn't get recognized.
  • He talked about Stuart and that he had 30 years on the show and that it was sad. He is glad that Stuart is still on the show.
  • They were talking about the scene at the MetroCourt and he said it's great when they do a good story.
  • They asked if Rick was going to be on NS and he said my dad is really busy.
  • The craziest thing he ever filmed was the fantasy for GNO and the crew were jealous.
  • It was sorta brought up when it was talked about this week when he was on the couch and didn't have his shirt on. When he was trying to get Robin to move in with him and he said wasn't that six months ago.
  • He doesn't know where he is going on vacation this year and Sal is planning it and he is keeping it a secret. He goes on vacation with his partner's.
  • Someone asked him what his ideal date would be and money wouldn't be an object. He said who am I dating. He said am I going to be picking up Paris in jail. I would so not date her.
  • Someone was talking about is he the youngest child. He said no but he is the smallest. He said his youngest brother is 6'6, 6'7 and his oldest brother is 6'2. His dad is 5'11 and his mom is 5'5. Someone said was the milkman tall and he said the milkman was tall.
  • Mary taught him something. She said she told him in Buffalo that he needs to learn to do the 'lean' because he always stands up straight. So now at events he does the lean sometimes.
  • Someone asked if they film on the same set as Grey's Anatomy and he says he sees those guys.
  • Someone asked him if he watches the show(GH) and he says he is too busy looking in the mirror.
  • Someone asked him what he likes to eat and he says sushi and then someone asked if he likes pizza. He says he likes pepperoni. Someone asked if he cooks and he says he likes to cook and he says he doesn't cook that often. He doesn't even have an oven. He says when he gets an oven he will cook or he will invite people over to cook.
  • He has pictures of the fire on his cellphone. Someone asked if he needed to evacuate and he didn't have to evacuate. But he was told to be prepared.
  • His parent's had already had a trip planned to come see him on the Saturday after the audition. He auditioned on Wednesday and then called and told them he got the job. He talked about the audition process. You do wardrobe, makeup like you are actually doing the scene. Like you are thrown into stuff. People took him under his wing like Steve, Mo and of course Kimberly. Someone asked if he took anyone under his wing and he said Hell no and he was like why would he want to help them for. He said there are some new people on NS who haven't done daytime and he has done it for a year and a half. He said on NS, him and Kimberly are the main stars of it.
  • For NS, he said there are at least 10 new cast members for NS. Before you audition for GH you have to sign a contract and you don't know if you have the job or not.
  • He did say something about maybe 15 years down the road on GH. They were talking about Steve and Mo and that it doesn't sound like he would be imposed to being on the show like Steve and Mo have been for the length of time they have.
  • They asked him about his music and what he had in his cd player. He said the best of Frank Sinatra, Erica Badu, he always has to have Pearl Jam and I couldn't remember the fourth one.

Spoilers ahead
  • They (him and Kimberly) taped scenes at Jake, with another couple Denise thinks Nick and Em. Good scenes, they are a little tipsy.
  • It is a possibility NS could be extended.


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