Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jason's Soaring Eagle Casino Event

I'm bumping up the topic due to the amazing pictures from Mary D that came in from this event....

And because it's Mother's Day and Mary D.'s pictures of Tyler and Rick Springfrield (from a nearby show) turned out amazing, I'm also including them

Highlights from the event come from the Scrubs board, I'll add to this later if more come in...
  • The venue is a big concert hall
  • Christian LeBlanc from Y&R ran most of the show, he is hilarious and very talkative
  • Jason was wearing a black t-shirt, dark jeans and boots - same hairstyle. He didn't look tired, went above and beyond to be polite to take pictures and sign stuff.
  • There were a lot of kids at the event, and Jason went out of his way to talk to the kids, hug them, give them autographs, etc. You could tell he really loves being around kids.
  • The event was long. There were a lot of questions. Almost 95% of the questions, if they were directed at an individual actor, then the lady that was moderating the show would change it so that all 3 of the actors were answering the question.
  • At the end of the event, everyone surged to the stage, so it was a bit hectic and rushed as there was another event scheduled right after theirs.
  • Jason's favorite person to work with is Kimberly, as they've built up a level of trust between them
  • Jason's new nickname is Jason/Patrick, as there are too many Jasons on the set - although he'd prefer to be called "Doctor" all the time
  • Apparently there's a running joke where Tyler asks which scene is the one where he can where a crown since he is a prince and everything

More recap highlights by clicking on

  • They were asked who they'd like to be paired up with on the show. Jason and Tyler said that they need new people, but Jason did say that it'd be interesting being paired up with Nancy Lee Grahn
  • Tyler said he couldn't be paired up with Becky because Liz was his brother's wife (paraphrased)
  • They asked Jason about the baby storyline. He didn't give any spoilers, only that he could "see" them getting the baby storyline, getting married, moving in together
  • They were asked how do they cry for a scene, Jason said he tries to make it truthful by putting himself in that position as if that were happening to make it as real as possible.
  • He said that "Girls Night Out" day was his favorite day to work, and "that will never never happen again"
  • Someone asked if he wasn't in acting what would he be doing and he said something in architecture, he is always working on his house.
  • When he isn't working he surfs, plays hockey about 3 times a week. He said he doesn't work out, and joked that he probably should, but he said he just spends a lot of time outside doing stuff.
  • He loves Stuart Damon and hopes that they keep him around forever. He said he is a wonderful man and an all around great guy to work with and he thinks tptb will probably keep him around as long as they can.
  • They asked him about medical jargon and he said it's hard enough for him to say stethoscope and him and Tyler make fun of saying physchomotordisassociation all the time
  • He said they just finished shooting the third episode of Night Shift. They are working very long hours shooting. He DID have to shoot last night and fly out late. Shooting is going really well.
  • He doesn't know when in July the show is going to start. The show is centered around the hospital and they get more into detail with things going on there. The show will be edgier
  • They weren't able to find out if he's shooting next week
  • Apparently someone asked what the worst acting gig they've ever had was and Jason said there was this show Undressed and he was hancuffed to a bed in women's panties (Ya'll please do not dig up that pic-it's scary!!") and there were earthquakes when they were filming and Jason said that he thought that he was going to die in women's panties
  • Tyler also said that Emily and Nik are soulmates and they will be together.
  • Someone asked if the women are anything like their characters. He said KMc is not as uptight as Robin, she is a lot of fun. He said he and KMc really trust each other and it is easy to be in scenes together and they are really good friends.
  • Someone asked if they could be another character on the show who would it be, and he said Spinelli!!
  • Someone asked when Craig was "gonna get his", when are they going to get rid of him. Tyler said that tptb want to keep him around, but Tyler jokingly said that he was gonna get his.


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