Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Scrub Spoilers & Speculations

Can't stand it? Dying to know what's going to be happening with Patrick and Robin? Come check out the latest in the spoiler/speculation summary guide.

Enter at your OWN risk as the information isn't always pretty!

During the week of May 7th through May 11th scenes are being filmed to air during the week of May 28th through June 1st.

Watch OUT for ANON's claiming to know anything beyond May 25th!

-I won't bore you with details for this week, but suffice to say Scrubs are, according to various spoiler/spec sites (GI/SQ/SK/Wizard), scheduled to be on and in doctor mode everyday.


-For the Week of May 14th, we currently do not have Scrubs in any breakdowns. However, they could still be on unspoiled.


-For the Week of May 21st, Scrubs are scheduled to be on 5/21, 5/22 & 5/23. The following breakdowns are courtesy of SQ/SK/GI & SON:

Robin fears her and Patrick won't survive if she moves in with him 5/21

Scrubs make up and uhm ... Hit the sheets, have sex, make love!
-- Need me to be any clearer on that one? 5/22

Robin can't hide her jealousy when Patrick shows special attention to a pretty, mildly injured woman on 5/23


I know that sometimes the spoilers/specs can be confusing and so each time I post them here I will include my personal conclusions or interpretations ...

Based on the latest round of speculations that we received today, I believe that Scrubs are about to begin phasing out of the Craig/Jerry situation and back into what makes them so special, internal angst/relationship issues.

Look for the moving in "discussion" to become front and center once more and for Patrick and Robin to ACTUALLY deal with it THIS time around. I feel like Robin is going to realize she has to take the risk despite her fears. Living with Patrick is truly what she wants and I know he will do as much as he can to help her see that.

Expect the jealousy scenes to be a catalyst for this issue.

I predict by the end of May, Robin will be back living with Patrick.

**Disclaimer: The spoilers/specs that I include in this post are available to anyone. This information is compiled for the benefit of the Scrubbie Heart and for no other reason. My personal conclusions are just that and, yes I might occassionally be wrong. LOL.


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