Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jason's 5pm Zanie's Comedy Club Appearance

Video taken by Lissa (Lissa3184)

Here are the highlights of the event recapped from the Scrubs Board (source)
  • There were about 40-45 people at the event
  • Jason was wearing a white tshirt and jeans.
  • He says he really likes Chicago.
  • Basically Robin and Patrick will have to work the NS every Saturday night for thirteen weeks and they are in every episode. The beginning and end is at the hospital and every show has an ending. They shoot NS on Fridays. He said it's been fun to do something different. They are having a good time. He said his dad, Rick Springfield, is gonna sing it, and then he said no, he was kidding.
  • NS is going to have a new theme song but he doesn't know what it is yet.
  • Someone is asking about the rumor that Logan was going to be his brother. He basically doesn't know what is going on. He said it would be fun if they gave him a brother or sister.
  • They asked if there was a woman in his life and he said he has two nieces. He said in 4 hours he went from zero girlfriends to 60. They asked what's your age limit and he said he doesn't discriminate.
  • He said he is 30. He said it's a great age, it helps to have a job.
  • They asked what he did before GH and he said he was on vacation for a couple of years. He says he tried to get a job, but he just couldn't.
  • He said he was with his aunt and cousins, and he had the six kids in his car, and the more he's with them, the more he wants kids. He likes to go home and hang out with his family, and go to bars, and different places.
  • He said he didn't like the Craig storyline. He likes staying at the hospital because it is more realistic. He prefers the stuff at the hospital and at the apartment. He doesn't think that is Patrick's type of s/l.
  • They asked him if he likes drama or comedy. He likes the drama part of it, but he also likes Jerry McGuire types of movies.
  • His three favorite shows are House, Greys Anatomy and Entourage.
  • Someone asked him if he would ever be on Dancing with the Stars and he said he can't dance. There is no way he would do Dancing with the Stars.
  • He says he is going to Nascar this year. Mary thinks it will be around the Daytona 500 for FITS.
  • Kimberly just moved into her house and he thinks her brother is putting in an airconditioner for her today.
  • He was talking about his tattoo bars and how that is how he gets back into the country because they scan him.

  • Someone asked if he has taught Kimberly how to surf. He said she went to Costa Rica with a friend and the waves were really big so they scared her. They are trying to get her back in the water to surf.
  • He hangs out with Greg, Kimberly and Tyler but not too much.
  • He really enjoys working with Kimberly because they get along really well.
  • He said the last movie he and Kimberly went to see together was "Children of Men"
  • His dog Scarlett got lost when he was staying with Greg. They came home one day and she had gotten out and he hasn't seen her since.
  • He says the pa's are about half set up by ABC and half set up by his agent, and they are all his choice. He generally doesn't turn down the ABC ones.
  • Writing in and calling in is absolutely important. He has actually sat in Brian Fons office when he is going through emails and letters and has gotten phone messages. It is absolutely important.
  • The Metro Court crisis and the AIDS storylines were his favorites. But he felt the AIDS one was a bit lackluster toward the ending. Bob Guza came to him and said they wanted to do the storyline, but they hadn't done all of their research so the way it ended wasn't the way they thought it was gonna go.
  • He has been living in LA 7 to 8 years.
  • He started out modeling there and it didn't do much for him. The last 2 and 1/2 years before GH he had no job.
  • Nancy Lee Grahn and Kimber learn their lines on set Kimber is his favorite person to work with.
  • The scene in the apt. where they were talking about her moving stuff around and him moving stuff back is their favorite scene ever.
  • He did some episodes of Felicity but they got cut because his visa had expired and they had to cut the scenes. They were doing a background check and found out about the visa and got mad at his people and the whole thing blew up.
  • He recently did a short film with James Cromwell.
  • He is leaving to go home tomorrow.
  • He didn't want to do the Winter Wonderland thing. But the producers begged him too, so he did it. He went in at 10:00 pm and they cut it and it was done by midnight. He had been in London and was exchanging emails with the producers about it and then when he decided to do it, he flew in and was surprised at how quickly it went.
  • Somebody asked him if he had seen SpiderMan 3 and he said I don't watch men in tights
  • His favorite movie is Legends of the Fall.
  • He thinks he has a hockey clause in his contract, but he doesn't pay attention to it. He is really happy about Ottowa because they are still in the playoffs.
  • He was a little over 21 when they started the bars. They have been going strong for over 8 years. The last year and 1/2 they have done really well.
  • He said he would like to do stuff outside of GH so that he isn't stagnent, but he talked like a long-term GH person, that was Michelle's impression.
  • There is somebody on set 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, because there is only one set that is filming at a time. They move the camera's and equipment to each set.
  • One reason he likes doing all the PA's is getting to see different parts of the United States
  • He likes to go camping
  • He really likes Montana and course the state of Canada. (He was on a roll yesterday with the one line comebacks)

I've put spoilerish type of information about upcoming GH and NS scenes below, just to give those spoiler-free fair warning...

  • There is some stuff coming up babywise in the storyline. Not like they are settling into the whole baby storyline per se, but there are some things coming up that are going to lead into it that are baby related.
  • Nobody brought up anything about a wedding or getting married.
  • Robin and Patrick are having a shower scene and someone asked if he was for real and he said yes he was for real. Michelle said he wasn't kidding about the shower scene. She thinks the scene will be on NS because someone asked if it would fall under the category of racier and he said yes. He said of the shower scene, for people that like that kind of stuff, I think you'll really enjoy it.
  • He just said as of yet Robin and Patrick have not moved back in together.
  • Someone asked if him and Kimberly were out of the Craig storyline and he said yep pretty much.
  • Someone asked him about the jealousy storyline and him flirting with a nurse. He said he doesn't know anything about the jealousy storyline. He said unless he forgot about it. He said he knows there is jealousy, but he knows nothing about any flirting.
  • She says that Jason did say that they may not be on NS together in all of the episodes. They are still a couple, but they just may not be in every episode together.
  • He talked about the thing at Jakes. Lanie and Kelly are there. They were filming the stuff at Jakes Friday.


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