Friday, May 25, 2007

Donating Books to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, The Childrens Aids Center

Jenna and Kim on the Scrubs Board have put together a fantastic project that needs your participation. Jenna's idea is to donate books to the Childrens AIDS Center at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles on behalf of Jason and Kimberly. The Childrens AIDS Center provides inpatient care to babies up through 17 years of age and is a multidisciplinary, coordinated and comprehensive program for the treatment of AIDS and HIV infections. The program focuses on the multiple and unique needs of HIV-infected children through a family-centered approach.

They are looking for books appropriate for children ages 2 through 17. These could be either new books, books you have at home that your children are no longer reading, or duplicate books that you might have ended up with for your children. Jenna and Kim are gathering the books to send at one time so that it's not sent piecemeal. In order to cover UPS costs, it would be very much appreciated to include a couple of dollars to cover the cost of shipping.

The deadline to send the books to Kim/Jenna by is June 21st, so that's in receipt of the hospital by June 29th.

If you are interested in participating in this project, sign up here

ETA: the total book donation closed at 387 books!! Truly amazing!


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