Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fashion Alert

First Post...'s my first official post and your first official 'Fashion Alert'. I've decided to not only give a recap of the outfit/item but also give the clip in which it aired.Because im new at this and because i havn't done this before,all the outfits are going to be from older episodes until i get a hang of what im doing. BUT when i do finally have a hang of this thing i'll be doing weekly caps of the best outfit(s) of the week.

I was searching everywhere and i finally found that Plaid Scoop Neck Dress that Robin was wearing on the January 23.2007 episode. I couldn't get a screen cap,it was all fuzzy,so i have a clip and I got the SID article picture. Thanks to Tay for the clip and for the picture. Get the clip here

This Plaid Scoop Neck Dress is L.A.M.B . Sorry i couldnt find anything else on the dress! Because I gave you so little tonight i'm going to have another item for you tomorrow just to make it up to you :)

Pay attention for my rant about my weekly 'Fashion Dont's' list. When I say 'Don't' I of course mean 'Don't or someone is gonna beat the crap outa you for wearing that nasty' not 'Don't because thats not your colour.'


madaboutscrubs May 25, 2007 at 10:28 PM  

LOL...Okay, well I will look forward to your "Don't" column, then.

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