Sunday, May 6, 2007

Omega Sports Event Highlights

photo credit to lucytalk

Photo credit to Mary D.

Here are the highlights from Jason's event at Omega Sports in Niagra Falls, NY (I'll add to the post if more come in)...

According to Scrubs board
  • The event location, Omega Sports, is a sports store
  • The event itself was pretty disorganized, the room was hot, and the lighting was bad
  • The event lasted until 8pm, and he apparently hadn't eaten before the event (and none was provided for him at the event)
  • He was in black jeans, black shirt, and black blazer
  • They paid $10 for a professional photo with Jason
  • His family was in town since Wednesday
According to KMc board
  • Jason doesn't know if he will be going to SSW yet
  • Filming for Night Shift has been very long. He filmed until 4 am last week and yesterday he filmed until 12 am and he said he had to catch a flight at 6 am this morning. He arrived at 4 pm and went straight to the location. He films next week Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Most of the recaps from SoapZone are spoiler-related so don't click on 'Read More' unless you want to know...

According to SZ recap (compiled at Scrubs board):

  • He's a red sox fan
  • Taped scenes at apartment with Robin.
  • Thinks they are out of the Craig storyline
  • Love scenes for NS.
  • NS is "racier" - his words
  • Taped 3 days last week
  • Definitely a couple for NS.
  • taped at apartment for GH and love scenes for NS.
  • week of the 21st he'll be on 3 episodes
  • week of the 28th- 2 episodes...
  • He RECENTLY taped apartment scenes iwth I guess two weeks from now it'll be on.
  • NS is going very well. Taping ALOT and upcoming SEX scenes.


madaboutscrubs May 6, 2007 at 3:13 PM  

YAY!! to RACIER love scenes!! :)

Thanks for that bit of info.

Jason looks great. Thanks for the pics!

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