Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Soap Sunday Events

credit to SassyK

ABC medianet: Jason
Anon: Kimberly/Jason
Sweetest Goodbyes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
GH talk show: 1lilspark
Motorcade: Sagitarius77 (30 sec mark), italiababe0x

From the Scrubs Board
  • At the talk show the girls wanted funnel cakes and some cast member brought them all vanilla almonds and jt looking for a chocolate chip cookie
  • Host asked laura who carly would save: jax or sonny and jt said jason would save them. Greg said lucky would take patrick and go save them
  • Host asked becky how its like to kiss steve and she said all the women could answer that (laura, kmc and kelly)
  • Asked about the wedding: kmc said the theme was a completion wedding: anna and robert will be there; not sure who will walk her down the aisle; maybe mac halfway then robert the last half
  • Kids who play emma are cute; they are 49 days old twins
  • NS2: kmc liked the std/old folks storyline; loved the guest stars. JT thought that was funny too. He talked about difference between filming GH and NS
  • Jt said it was a long summer but loved the end product of ns2
  • Jt said that patrick has "grown up" but joked that personally he hasn't
  • Kmc joked that patrick didn't fall for pregnant robin? And jt replied oh he fell for her before that
  • JT was asked how he feels about all the fans who want to rip his shirt off when they meet him. He said he loves stalkers with charming smile.
  • He then talked about how he loves to meet fans. Kimberly was asked if Stonecold ever smiles. She says that she makes him smile all the time. JT and LW were not happy. I sent Jess a text back to clarify the last part and it is what I thought. That Patrick and Carly are not happy that Robin can make Jason smile.JT added that he (Patrick) must spend too much time at the hospital (if Robin is always making Stonecold smile)
  • Thety were talking about how Patrick had changed and KMC said something about the pregnancy and JT said, I did commit to you before the baby then he said I mean Robin.
  • Question to JT about his biggest mentor he said KMC and he said it was good for him, and she said it was good for her too. He said she keeps him in line. KMC said that Finola was her mentor.
  • KMC was talking about the wedding and said the baby would be there and JT said "she has a name honey"
From Soap Central (rjmlaw2008):
  • JT and KMc talked a bit about working with the twins who play baby Emma. KMc said that the babies didn't come to set unless they were just fed, so the babies always very relaxed around them; some times a bit too relaxed because they often do "baby things" while they are holding them during a scene.
  • JT also spoke about his latest project: a documentary about athletes or something.
  • JT confirmed that the Thanksgiving episode will be devoted to Scrubs and will contain some fantasy


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