Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super Soap Saturday Events

credit to lele44094

HQ Picture:
ABC medianet - Kimberly/Jason,
KMan101: Jason, Kimberly
NikLover: Jason
Anon: Kimberly, Jason
GH Motorcade: seaton429
GH talk show: soapfankatie, kdn1681

recaps from the Scrubs Board:

General Hospital Motorcade/Star Talk
  • When BH was asked about Liz getting with Jason and JT asked Thompson or Cook
  • LW said that happy characters are boring and don't get airtime. So when they got to Kimberly and Jason, Kimberly said she hopes they are not boring. JT spoiled wedding at Christmas time
  • JT also spoiled that Nik will be milking a cow next week. KeMo was talking about the jacuzzi. Kimberly said that there's a set called Sam's jacuzzi. Kimberly wants to know how she can get a job like that (where she has her own jacuzzi)
  • Kimberly told JT he was giving away secrets, won the hottest couple poll. Not sure what KMC was doing but it looked like she was playing with JT's shoe.
  • Jason/kim rode together in the motorcade
GH Talk Show
  • They talked about Christmas wedding with Robert and Anna
  • JT was asked if he was more player or family Patrick said he was more family Patrick.
  • Emma’s were 28 days old when they first aired.
  • JT likes working w/baby says lines just come out because you don’t want to drop them
  • KMC asked Becky during labor scenes if she was realistic, Becky said she was scaring her.
  • I think KMC is here with her godson and god daughter and JT has his cousin with him, he is staying Monday to ride rides

  • She went to heartbreakers, she said that BA came out and was patting the seat next to him for JT to come and sit by him.
  • They asked JC about his first love scene on days and he said that KS told him she would bite off his tounge.
  • Bob Guiney asked JT if he was a heartbreaker or something BA answered yes and JT said he is not a heartbreaker anymore his daughter is.
  • Bob said there might be a bromance with jt and bradford
  • Bob said Jason isn't a heartbreaker anymore -jt said he didn't really break any hearts;
  • Emma is the one breaking hearts now
  • Bradford and jt are sitting next to each other; joking around with each other and
  • laughing
  • Question for jt - what he likes to do in his spare time: surf play hockey
  • Bradford commented isn't that perfect? jt added " yeah when I'm at bradford: we do
  • lunch and dinner.
  • Jt said to bradford's family/guests that he's hot
Motorcade/Street Jam
  • JT and KMC rode in together in the motorcade, KMC is wearing a red coat with a fur collar.
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