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11/13 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Theme Park rewind: a reporter reminisces on SSW - includes a small mention/picture of Jason Thompson (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Minae and Kent will be have a Girl's Night Out in NYC on March 8th, 2009 from 7:4pm - midnight at the R Bar, 218 Bowery St NYC. Tickets are $88 (fyi: the Broadway Cares event is the next night on March 9th).
  • Tristan Rogers: Unscripted has a video of Tristan answering a viewer question about how the economy might affect daytime television
  • SID Q&A: What's your favorite line or monologue from a movie?
    • JT: "I watched Casablanca recnetly in a really nice screening room. It was great to see it again. I was blown away by how many quotes came out of that movie. 'Here's lookin at you, kid." 'I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.' Every five lines was something that we've been saying for the last 60 years. That pretty incredible
    • KMc: "Light speed too slow? Yes, we're gonna have to go right to ludicrous speed!' from Spaceballs. I have a really nasty one from Tropic Thunder, but I can't say it! It's unprintable

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 11/10 - M, F (spoiler pics)
Monday, November 10
Anna urges Robin to muster the strength to fight to stay alive for the sake of her baby.
Friday, November 14
Robin is on the road to recovery.
week of 11/17 - M, W
Mon, Nov 17
Robin and Patrick get their first taste of parenthood when they bring Emma home from the hospital.
Wed, Nov 19
Robin finds that motherhood is more difficult then she imagined. Patrick seems to take to fatherhood like a duck to water.
week of 11/24 - W
Wednesday, 11/26
It’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles.
Patrick and Robin wonder what would have happened if fate hadn’t crossed their path.
Robin and Patrick make a decision about their future.

SID - Baby Doll (credit to SZ)
Playing a doting daddy on TV can take a lot of acting talent, especially when the baby is made of rubber rather than flesh and blood! GH's JT was trying to bond with his new "daughter" when he looked down into the bassinet and saw a doll with what appeared to be hair on its chest. "And the hair was falling out!" Thompson laughed. "Then, there was one of our prop guys beside the bassinet with a little pump. He was hiding and using the pump so that the baby's chest would go up and down like it was breathing. So I'm sitting there having this first dialogue ever with my daughter and she wasn't even real. It was fake, it was made of rubber, it had hair on its chest, and a prop guy was sitting there, trying to be as incognito as possible, pumping this little thing. "To top it off, Thompson has a three-page monolgue he has to say to "it" with feeling of course.
SOW (credit to SZ)
Sneak Peeks: While Robin struggles, Patrick excels at parenthood.
Buzz: JT is elated that not only is his character a father, he gets a moment to catch his breath now that baby Emma is out of the woods! "The whole reason we did this storyline is to show that an HIV-positive woman can have a healthy baby," explains Thompson. "It was a just a little scare - which also can happen, but the important thing is she was born healthy." GH consciously built the story on a foundation laid in 2007 on GH:NS. "Robin came down with DIC, which was the same thing that Stacy died from. It is basically that the blood won't clot, so nothing could heal. Robin, of course, ended up being okay," points out Thompson.
Well, how about the new dad? "I am exhausted, because it was an emotional roller coaster. It was a very draining couple of days of work, to say the least," grins Thompson. Any new dad would agree!

Hit - GH plans for wedding bliss
GH made the buildup to Patrick and Robin's wedding special with episodes featuring something old (show history), something new (baby Emma), something borrowed (Days of Our Lives alums Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook) and something blue (Georgie's bracelet).

Not only was Mac's heartfelt conversation with surrogate daughter Robin awesome, he also took time to reminisce with Maxie about raising three girls, calling them "my true success." It was so moving to see that poor Georgie's memory was kept alive amid the hubbub. Then, keeping romance alive, Lesley showed Laura's kids a memory book and explained how Scotty and Laura really did love each other once upon a time. Even Sonny and Jason's banked bromance superceded their mob machinations for a few days as the duo recalled how Robin changed their lives.

There was plenty of room to have a little fun, as well - witness the freshly scrubbed Coleman cleaning up with the ladies (Talk about being the best man!) and the scrubs-bedecked Matt, ushering Patrick into the church. (Appropriate for Scrubs' wedding!) Meanwhile, steadfast Robin got to bond with her mom and galpals, as well as her baby. Perhaps most importantly, she demonstrated faith that AWOL Patrick would show up!

Sure, GH acceded to soap opera convention by interrupting the nuptials, but at least the wedding crasher was little Emma Grace Drake - a symbol of tomorrow, not a reminder of a sordid yesterday.

So what if the future became now when Robin went into labor? She (and GH) had done the heavy lifting to make the story a party worth RSVPing for.
:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post
Minae and Kent chat (recap from Scrubs Board): Minae Noji had a chat tonight and she said when the Scrubs baby's birth was taped, the baby was just 14 days old and 4 lb! So JT/KMc were/are dealing with a real newborn (twins, actually - Rose and Ruby)!Apparently, it is perfectly legal [according to CA laws] as long as their health is certified by a physician and the babies are a certain weight. With twins, lower weights seem to be acceptable. What I can remember is they talked about halloween and they got a party bus like a Girls night out, which included kMC, Naz, Sonya, Minae, and Kent. There was a pole on there as well. I think they were talking about pole dancing. Another thing was talking about how kent and minae seem really close and Minae was talking about how Kent is very possessive of Minae. And what I can remember we were talking about their GNO event in NYC more information will be posted on Minae message board.

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
Rest of month airdates
Kimberly 14 17 19 26
Jason 14 17 19 26

Hi I was here on Monday talking about the SSW promo. I am working on setup down at Disney. Finally got to see it this morning. Out of respect for the actors and everyone else at GH, there are somethings that I just cannot spoil.
It starts out with a very romantic scrubs proposal and Patrick giving Robin a special gift. Jason looking real evil and threatening some guy before pulling the trigger with Sam in the background with a shotgun. There is a clip with Sonny in bed sleeping and Claudia standing over him with a knife. Carly walking in on Kate and Jax. There is a clip of Johnny and Lulu but thats one thing I cannot spill. Its a big twist and it hasnt been spoiled. There is another Jasam clip I cannot spill. Its not romantic in any way, but the dialogue is a big spoiler. There is a clip of Maxie walking in on a LL2 kiss. It doesnt look romantic though. Liz slapping Maxie. Liz looks like a total mess. She is in pink pajamas and looks like she has been crying. The promo ends with another huge spoiler that I cannot talk about in any way.
Its very dramatic and it looks like they are going to spoil some stuff that will not play until after sweeps.

Sorry, but some of this stuff is just not true.


Anonymous,  November 13, 2008 at 1:28 PM  

how long is FH staying??

The Scrubs Hub November 14, 2008 at 8:49 AM  

I believe an article said into November. However, except for today, I don't see spoilers that would indicate that she will be on for awhile.

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