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11/26 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 11/24 - W
Wednesday, November 26
Patrick tells Robin that prior to coming to Port Charles, he would always go on vacation at Thanksgiving time. As Robin and Patrick drift off to sleep, they dream about how things might have turned out if they didn’t meet when they did. If Fate had taken another turn, Robin and Patrick would have had a rough and rocky road filled with other relationships before finding their way to each other. Patrick and Robin awake, both happy to be together and decide to set a wedding date.
week of 12/01 - W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
December 3 - An exhausted Robin has her hands full trying to calm Emma. Although exhausted himself, Patrick still pulls off a brilliant surgery but Epiphany sends him home when it becomes clear he needs sleep. Emma immediately stops crying when Patrick returns, much to Robin's frustration.
December 4 - Patrick and Matt take excellent care of Emma while Robin tries to return to work at the hospital. Kelly diagnoses Robin as having Post Partum Depression.
December 5- Patrick tries to comfort Elizabeth, who blames herself for everything that's happened.

CGS: 12/3 Episode: "Robin Has Her Hands Full" Robin has her hands full with Emma
Soaps.com: Next on General Hospital:
Patrick tells Robin that he used to go on vacation during Thanksgiving break.
Patrick and Robin both dream of what their lives would have been like if they hadn't met.
When they awake, they are both anxious to set a wedding date.
SID (credit SZ)
Robert Returns!
The entire Scorpio family will be back together just in time for Xmas when Tristan Rogers beings Robert back to GH starting Friday, December 18. Now in remission from colon cancer, Robert returns to PC to play grandpa to baby Emma. How long he'll be around is still up in the air, but fans of the Luke/Robert adventures of GH past should know that there is an encounter with Luke, Mac and a corpse ahead! Oh, and Robert's got one other major thing to do while in town: Let's just say it involves Robin and a party
Soapnet spoilers: We see what life would have been like if Robin and Patrick hadn't met when they did.

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post
TristanRogers.com: (source)
I have just finished shooting the wedding sequence for Patrick and Robin's wedding, and if I do say so it was upbeat and intimate. More a gathering of a close group to witness the ceremony. The emotion was high as were all the normal attributes that you find at any soap wedding. Robert and Anna were very much the proud parents, who throughout the ceremony reflected on their life and what brought them to this moment.
I liked it because it was a gradual build to the moment with Robert realising he was giving away AND losing his daughter. The realisation of all the time he had lost over the years, and moments that he could never be part of, I think weigh heavily on him. But the one thing I was aware of through out the four days we shot was the rise of "the Scorpio family as a solid unit". In this, we see something that could really be built on for the future. The family generated a great vibe, with Robin, Patrick, Mac, Anna, Robert and baby Emma creating something very "soapish" yet reassuring in its own way. I believe you will enjoy this celebration.
Have a great Thanksgiving

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source and source):
Are the writers considering Liz and Patrick?
I have no idea what the writers are considering.
Its not happening anytime soon and I would think that might be the one sure-fired way of getting Guza fired.
Frons would wee wee on himself if he thought Guza was planning something like that.

Is it true KMc and JT are getting a Christmas Present after the new year from TPTB?
I think they have already gotten it.
They just aren't going to tell anyone about it til after the New Year.

BH has asked the show to be paired JT now that Liason is ending, but she was refused. As a compromise, Liz was added to Patrick's upcoming dream sequence. Look for more Patrick/Liz interactions but do not expect it to mean anything more than appeasing BH.

I realize that this doesn't fit someone's agenda but the above post isn't true and there isn't going to be a Patrick/Liz pairing or very many Patrick/Liz interactions in the future.

Robin and Patrick want Matt and Maxie as Emma's godparents.

ITS..is frons happy with the sweep numbers?

Not particularly, but he's not infuriated either.
Will Luke and Ttacy be at the scrubs wedding?


TS has some creditable information with some drama in the mix.
The information about TR was under wraps for his appearance on NS2, so the information about his scenes on GH may not be accurate.
But his appearance on GH for the second wedding has not been a secret. We have known for a while that he will be there.
No information about the specifics of his scenes has been divulged.
Can I be Linus?
When TS is talking about robin fans not enjoying stuff is that stuff happening now with the dream, and ppd?
I am not intimately familiar with TS, but the scenes the insider is illuding to relate to the PPD arc.
The accuracy of someone having a fit over scenes that have been shot, edited, sent to the affiliates is suspect.
Linus, can you give us examples on why Robin fans won't like this PPD material and do you know how long this arc lasts? Thanks so much

If you are a fan who prefers Robin as cheerful and competent, you will be disappointed.
If you are a fan who prefers a dose of reality (PPD) portrayed by a good actress, you will not be disappointed.
I prefer the latter so I guess I will happy. PPD survivor here and I am thrilled that KMc is getting this story angle. I'm sure that she will be great.
Because you passed a note earlier and maintained your sense of humor throughout this discussion, KMc actually made the suggestion during a production meeting with writers and producers.
TR post today made it seem as though the 2nd wedding was small and intimate. While others keep saying BIG soap wedding.
can you confirm either way.

What is your definition of small or big as regards soap weddings?
If you are expecting the entire cast to be present, the wedding is small.
I worked in TV my first job out of college many years ago. Our affiliate never received the network series much ahead of time -- most series, in fact, were on the live network feed and the master-control operators simply flipped the switch to the live feed and built the local breaks ahead of time to flip the VTR to air the local commercials.
Is that an archaic way of doing things now? Is GH being fed to the affiliates weeks ahead of time?

It isn't archaic but a bit dated in regards to the current process.
I don't want to mislead you into thinking that the next three or four weeks have been forwarded to the affiliates for air, specifically.
Press and advertising have previews which enable develop of such things as Soap Scoop and promos.
I was doubting that any MCO at any affiliate would be seeing GH episodes within a few days of the actors and actresses taping their scenes to know what might be trimmed or not. It makes much more sense that marketing and other on-air promo people would see that material before the affiliates.
I know that the SS is fed to the affiliates for instance early for their use to customize, right?

The airing of Soap Scoop is generally not customized by an affiliate.
The airing of SS has actually been canceled by numerous affiliates in recent months.


ALLY2HisHeart November 27, 2008 at 4:53 PM  

Happy Thanksgiving Amy! I sure am thankful for YOU and the awesome job you do here! May your holidays be wonderful!!!


The Scrubs Hub November 28, 2008 at 8:08 AM  

Awww, thanks Ally!!! I'm thankful I have great friends like you too, I hope you had a great holiday!


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