Monday, September 1, 2008

Letters to Muffin (Part 4)

Anna sat down at the desk in the hotel she was occupying and opened the package that had been waiting for her.


Wow you are a hard woman to track down. Luckily not that hard. I can’t believe you are visiting Aiden in Pine Valley. It’s cool though. I wish he would come to Port Charles so that we could get to know each other, but I know with his new wife and all he might not have time. Anyways, I hope that you have an awesome time with him and that this letter finds you well. I’m sure you are wondering about the package that came with this Patrick got me this journal to write down my pregnancy experiences instead of blogging, but I thought of something better to do with it. So what I’m doing is asking everyone important to me and Patrick to write a letter to the baby. It’s your turn. When you are done please send this back to me so that I can give it to the next person.

I love you and I wish you were here.



Anna smiled as she found the page marked for her letter. She pulled out a pad of paper from the desk drawer and started to write. She wanted to make her letter perfect before she transferred it over. She had so much to say and she didn’t want to take the chance of messing it up. So she wrote out her thoughts and then would decide how to put them in order and put them in the book. She loved the fact that Robin was doing this for her daughter. She only wished that she had thought about doing something like this for Robin. This was definitely going to show the baby how much she was loved by everyone in her life.

She’d spent an hour writing, she know had six versions of the letter she wanted to write her granddaughter. Each letter was different and each had everything she wanted to say, but Anna still felt that she was missing something. So putting the letters aside, she took the book and went to the table on her balcony and put her pen to the paper in the book. She’d just tell the baby whatever came to her mind this time.


Hi. I’m your nana Anna. Your mother Robin is my daughter. I have to say that I was not very receptive when I first found out that your mother was going to have you, not because I didn’t want my daughter to have everything that she’s always wanted, but because I am entirely too young to be a grandmother. But over the last couple of months I have realized that I’m ready to be a grandmother. I’m ready to see my daughter get everything out of life that she wants. You see your mother is the most important thing in the world to me. She is my pride and joy. The best thing your grandpa Robert and I ever did. She has always been the thing in my life I’m the proudest of.

You see your grandpa Robert and I left your mom for a while. We didn’t mean to, at least I didn’t. But it happened. I have to tell you that I was so happy when your mother found me, you see I was in a boat explosion and lost my memory, but it came back the moment I saw your mother and since then I’ve done everything I can to stay in your mothers life. And I’m thankful for that. I’m also very thankful for your great uncle Mac stepping up and taking such good care of your mother. He did such an excellent job raising her. I probably haven’t told him that enough, but because of the way he raised her, she’s learned to endure most anything.

You see your mother had to go through some things in life that I wasn’t there to help her with. She fell in love for the first time, and I wasn’t there. Your mother lost her first love to a terrible disease, and I wasn’t there to comfort her. I wasn’t there for her second love either. And I wasn’t there when that turned south and your mother left town. But I was there for your mother while she lived in Paris, and luckily I’ve been there to watch your mother’s relationship with your father grow into what it is now.

Your mother is a very special woman. She has endured more than anyone her age should possible have to. You see your mom has so much heartbreak and sorrow in her life. She has dealt with everyone she loves leaving her at some point….and she’s scared that some day your father will do that to her as well. But I don’t think he will. The love I see between your mother and father is a rare one. It’s a love that is built to last. Your parents have the kind of love that most people only wish for. The forever kind of love. The kind that can endure anything and last.

And that is what you are going to see as you grow up. You are going to see two very special people loving each other and you the way that everyone wants to be loved. And you my little baby are very lucky. You are going to grow up in a house that is built on love. A house that has two parents that no only love you but love each other beyond reason. The kind of household that unfortunately your mother did not grow up in.

You see your grandpa Robert didn’t even know Robin was his until she was seven years old. Not only that she didn’t know I was her mother either. You see Robert and I worked for a company called the WSB, as international spies. We had to lie to protect your mother, but once we told her, we did everything we could to keep her safe. But you don’t have to worry baby. We don’t do such dangerous jobs anymore. Grandpa Robert does medical work of sorts now, and I’m happily on a desk job so that I can be with your mother when you are born. Well that and I want to retire soon so that I can be around you as you grow up. I missed so much with your mother that I don’t want to miss out on anything with you.

Plus I think your Aunt Maxie needs me. You see Aunt Maxie has lost a lot in her life as well. I’m sure that by now you know that your Aunt Georgie was taken from us a few months ago. It was senseless and way before her time and it left Maxie feeling quite abandoned, even if she won’t admit it. And since her and her mother don’t get along, I think it’s time for Aunt Anna to step in and be there for her. I know that she is feeling like everyone is going to be too busy for her. Your mother with you and your father, Uncle Mac with his job, her mother with her biological father, so I’m going to be there for Maxie. I’m going to make sure that she doesn’t get sick; you see she has a heart condition, and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t do anything to destroy the life she is trying so hard to build for herself.

You see I had another daughter, Leora, she didn’t make it. But I know that if she had, she’d be exactly what your Aunt Maxie needs, someone to fuss over….and since she’s not here, then Maxie is going to need you. And since my baby girl is gone, and your mother is all grown up, I need someone who needs me, and that is Maxie. So you see, both you and I are going to be filling a void, and that muffin is a very good thing. It’s a great thing to be needed…..but also to be loved. And you are loved, and I know that both Georgie and Leora are watching over all of us.

And in all of that I hope to be able to teach you, my granddaughter, what it is like to truly be there for your family. You are going to learn that the Scorpio’s, Devane’s and Drake’s are a family, and we will always be there for one another and for you. You are going to be our newest joy. You are going to fill the void that we are all still feeling from Georgie’s absence.

It’s something that is going to be with us for a long time. Especially your mom and Maxie. But my baby, you will help, because you are giving them a whole new person to love, you are giving us all that.

So thank you. Thank you for coming into my daughter’s life and making her dreams come true. She’s wanted you for so long, and wasn’t sure she’d ever get a chance to have you. But you are the miracle that your father gave her. You are the gift that Georgie left behind for your mother and father. The thing that brought them to the point that they realized they wanted a forever together.

I can’t wait to meet you my grandbaby. I can’t wait to see you in your mother’s arms. And I’m thankful every day that I get to be there for that. That I get to spoil you rotten as any grandmother should, and since your father’s mother isn’t with us anymore, I will spoil you rotten for both of us.

I love you muffin.

Love always and forever,

Nana Anna.

Anna re-read her letter and then closed the book. She placed it beside her on the table and stared out into the Pine Valley night sky. She smiled as she thought about her daughter. Robin was the most important person in her life, and she hoped that the mistakes she made with her wouldn’t be repeated with her grandbaby. She was ready to be around and be a full time grandmother, she just had to convince herself that she wouldn’t be bored.

She knew that she shouldn’t think like that, but after being a spy for so long, she wasn’t sure what else she could do. Of course she could always ask for a permanent desk job, or take a job with the PCPD. It was still some stuff to consider. First she had to ask Robin if she wanted her around full time, then she would go from there.

But right now all she was focusing on was making sure that her daughter and granddaughter came through the birth with no problems. The rest she would figure out later. Sighing she took the journal back into her room and found the return packaging that Robin had included and put it inside with a letter to Robin.


I think that this was a great idea. Having those you love and that love you write a letter to the baby is something I know that your daughter will always treasure. It’s something I wish I had thought to do with you. Or at least kept a journal that you could read and see my thoughts while I was pregnant.

I want you to know that I love you Robin. You are and will always be the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Never ever forget that you are my world.

I love you.


She placed the letter in an envelope and then placed it inside the package and sealed the package. She took it to the front desk and asked for it to be mailed tomorrow. She then walked back into her room and smiled when she felt her cell phone vibrate and saw that it was her daughter calling her.

“Hi baby girl.” She said answer the phone.

“Hi mom.” Robin said. “Are you busy?”

“For you never.” Anna said walking onto the balcony to talk to her daughter.

TBC………………Up next Noah.


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