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9/29 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Upcoming Night Shift Episodes
Episode 11 "Love/Hate" (spoiler pics)
Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes) rushes to Robin's side after Robert is brought in for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, the staff has a hard time treating a group of racists, and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) questions Kyle about why he can't forgive Claire and Leo for sleeping together. Written by Sri Rao & Christiana Miller
Episode 12 "Truth and Consequences" (spoiler pics)
Patrick puts the entire hospital in jeopardy when a notorious patient dies and Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) pays a visit to the night shift. Meanwhile, Robert reminisces about the past with Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes) before taking a turn for the worse. Later, Saira confronts Leo while Kyle and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) share a tender moment
Episode 13 "Past and Presence - Part 1"
While in a coma, Robert is visited by friends from the past including Sean, Tiffany, Mac and Luke (special guest stars John D. Reilly, Sharon Wyatt, John J. York and Anthony Geary). Meanwhile, Jagger is served with custody papers by Stone’s mother and Toussaint is rocked by a letter he receives. Later, Claire makes a bold decision about her career as a doctor while Kyle and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) come to a crossroad in their relationship. By the end of the episode, the lives of the entire hospital staff are put at risk on the explosive season finale of "General Hospital: Night Shift," Written by Sri Rao & Karen Harris

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 9/29 - T, F
Tuesday, 9/30
Robin pops the question to Patrick.
Friday, 10/03
Patrick gives Robin an answer to her marriage proposal.
week of 10/6 - W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
Wed, Oct 8th
Mac gives Robin a shoulder to lean on when she confides about Patrick not wanting to marry her.
Thurs, Oct 9th
After arresting Patrick, Mac forces him and Robin to sort things out between them.
Friday, Oct 10th
Robin and Patrick set a wedding date. Patrick is torn over whether or not to keep Olivia's secret from Sonny.

SoapZone spoilers for GH:
A delirious Kate blathers out loud about Olivia and her secret love child with Sonny – to Patrick.
Burdened with this huge paternity secret, Patrick debates with himself as to let Sonny in on it.
The bloodbath at Sonny and Kate’s wedding scares Robin into changing her mind about marrying Patrick.
Robin asks Patrick to marry her, in a very public manner.
Hold that thought, Robin. Emergency calls.
Patrick declines Robin’s proposal, nicely.
Robin talks about Patrick’s response with Mac.
Mac is kind to Robin. To Patrick…
Mac puts the cuffs on Patrick yet again. This time, he charges Patrick and Robin with the task of working out their differences and coming to a resolution already.
They do! As in I do wedding vows in their immediate future.
SoapZone spoilers for NS:
Things look grim for Robert. It’s ER time.
Anna breaks land speed records to comfort Robin and Robert.
A bunch of racist idiots arrive at the hospital for various ailments.
The hospital staff would rather let the racist idiots rot, but they have to do their job. Not an easy task.
Eric puts Kyle on the spot about his grudge against Claire and Leo. He brings up the subject of grace.

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post
Tristan Roger's message board:
Friday saw the final setting on the season of NS2. But oh, what a way to finish. The whole day had been given over to this shoot and the studio had but one set. Standing in all its glory and radiating an energy,
stood the reconstructed townhouse of Robert Scorpio.
The set guys only had scenes from old shows to go by as everything else had been destroyed years ago.
But they got it perfect.
The final players were a formidable bunch. John Reilly, Sharon Wyatt, Tony Geary, Finola Hughes, Kimberly McCullough, John J York and er’ me.
We were set to shoot something that will get plenty of discussion over time and raise a question of “Why not”. Because if nothing else this shoot proves that the difference between the past and the present is hardly any difference at all. What worked back then is as fresh and entertaining as ever.
However, if this is to be the last time we ever see something like this, better it’s played out by those who more or less created this style of soap.
I wont go into the nuts and bolts. You must watch the show for that. It’s episode 13.
Still, the nostalgia and emotion were abundant. You could scratch it with a fingernail. If you have never watched the show, catch this one episode. I have mentioned before about what NS represents. I don’t expect that this will be significant to many of you but in terms of what it means to the future of daytime it’s important. I will mention it many times in the future. I am currently working on something “nslike” that I hope I can talk about soon.
You may recall sometime back I alluded to a show I was working on for the Web. This has had its ups and downs but, it has stayed the course. Even through this screwed economy, the idea has evolved. We may now be ready to go.
The show is called……My Soap CafĂ©.
I will be the host and we will deal with any current issue happening in the soap world. Daytime and Nighttime. And pretty much anything else that falls out of my head. We will have questions posted by the public, read out. And who knows, you may even get an intelligent answer. Over the last year or so I have experimented on with “stuff” I want mess with on the show, and you people have helped. You didn’t know that, but you have, and I appreciate it. I will have guests but not necessarily actors. And no one, and no subject will be off limits. Still got a ton of work to do on this but I see it happening.
Some people out there feel I don’t communicate enough. Well be careful what you wish for……………
I’m done.

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
Olivia's secret is out and it starts with Patrick, however it wont stay that way
Two couples will get married: one out of love and the other one is a marriage of convienence that will shock PC.

Hi SD,
Hope you are all doing well.
Buckle up everyone, sweeps is going to be a bumpy ride. Someone is pulling you guys leg, B. G. is going to explore a story this winter that he has wanted to do since before the strike. He is killing two birds with one stone in that he is telling a story he wants to tell, and is using a certain actress in a front burner capacity but isn't necessarily going to have her be all sweetness and light. Should make for some soapy television. And anyone who told you the quad is going to be out of one anothers sphere has told you wrong, only for a short while will things be somewhat peaceful, but look for hell to break loose this winter.
Scrubs is as safe as a couple can be until Spring 09.

Scrubs Liason and Sonny/Claudia marry!

Robin sets herself up for heartbreak. Mac and Maxie are there for her.

Does Robin break down in front of Patrick after he turns her down?

No. She accepts his reasons.
Any more info on Scrubs?
I can confirm that Robin confides in Mac and Maxie that she regrets not accepting Patrick's proposal.

Robin attempts to get through to Matt for Patrick's sake.
Robin is hurt by Patrick's refusal. Both wonder if they will ever be at the same point in their relationship together.
Patrick and Robin make up after the failed proposal and agree to let marriage happen when they both feel it's the right moment.
Maxie lends a sympathetic ear to Matt as he talks about Noah.

^^Can comfirm

Robin and Patrick do marry. Matt is apart of the birth coming up and saves Robin

I'm leaving y'all with this
There a lot of stuff you'll hear in the coming weeks that are going to sound crazy but they are happening because Guza is rushing things to sweeps, meaning a lot of stories will be rushed for maximum drama.

SK about the new opening:
The recent trend for ABC is to remove the old people, then add the new ones later. GH also did this when Jennifer Bransford left. They used an interim opening which gave Maurice an extra shot until Laura debuted. Them removing the dead/gone character is a positive step.
AMC and OLTL recently did that too.

Sweeney might have pressure to intervene when something like there was no informed HIV consent if she had significant pressure from advocacy groups, her bosses or the FCC.
I can see her questioning Frons about why his shows' ratings are down across the board.
But I cannot fathom that she'd get involved in creative direction

If she hasn't stepped in to put an end to the violence, I don't think she has uttered a peep about the status of a couple.
Sweeney would not have the time or inclination to address the issues of a daytime soap couple. Following her return from maternity leave, she has been very occupied with financial matters for the network.
can you discuss what patrick was building from the ground up, since it seems as though that has been dropped?
Not at this time, there are some that have suggested it is merely being delayed.

FAF is there a reason why they dropped Patrick getting involved with the Drug story?

The drug storyline was receiving some bad reviews and ratings. A number of reasons for the curtailment of the storyline include presence of newbies, characters not normally associated with the hospital, etc. The drug storyline may be tangently connected to the ongoing mob arc-Patrick and Matt were to be engaged in the drug storyline arc. The hero prince will continue in some vein as he rescues the damsel once again.
It is so funny that they have attempted to do this story twice and have ruined it twice.
The drug storyline would have been the crossover storyline for NS2, if Guza had been selected to write this season.
Sweeps begin Oct 30th. The Sweeps stunt begins at the end of sweeps, not the beginning.
Doesnt he need high numbers for the sweeps period? What good will having it AFTER do for him?

Hope springs eternal that there will not be a significant drop in the ratings following sweeps.
Do you know why the Matt/Patrick/Noah stuff was cut last week?
Pecking order.
Have you heard if Jason Cook is looking to leave after a year? That was droped yesterday on the baords.
Several are not content with current storylines or the ratings associated with storylines while others are in negotiations for contracts.
Is safe to say some aren't happy with the writing right now?
And editing. Adios.
Robin and Patrick do marry. Matt is apart of the birth coming up and saves Robin.
The intent is to bond Patrick, Robin, Matt and baby Drake as a family given the future availability of RS and FH.

Is there anything about the engagement that you can share?

The proposals are typical Scrubs. If you are a fan of the pairing, you will enjoy the dialogue and actors' interpretation of their characters.
FAF heads for the door, realizing that I shared absolutely nothing in detail. Sorry, I simply don't want to spoil the scenes.
so, do you care to share a wager on wedding #2?
I don't think that would be fair to you, as you are not aware of what cards are currently in my hand.
And I'd bet the farm that there isn't a legit insider on the planet who would give you a date (Scrub's wedding) now, assuming they even knew. You know it's that old head on a platter thing.
Now, I did share that Patrick and Robin would have several proposals. I also noted that Robin's response/s would drive the storyline. Finally, I posted that the engagement was slated for the end of September into beginning of October. NS2 was also cited as a contributing factor as the specific dates for various events for Scrubs.

CU ~
SnD - it is a well thought out theory! But Patrick was always planned to be the father - it took three tries to get the pregnancy story going but that apparently was the charm.
CU- Was Robin supposed to be pregnant after the pregnancy scare last summer, and that was supposed to be a false negative?
There was a plan for her to be pregnant during the condom scandal but it was put off, then it was to be last fall and finally the story was given the go-ahead tied to the death of Georgie
My guess is:
1) Enduro
2) False Negative Aug 07
3) Night of Georgie's funeral
How did I do? And thanks!

well done FSA
Why was the false negative not done?
If I recall correctly it was mostly because it was felt the timing was off.

so once there was a list with 3-7 names on it. the big kahuna didn't share the list with many and had to put it away last November. the list came out again recently and he has had at least two meetings with someone on the list, looking for work. they already have a big show under their belt.

What I heard was that at the end of November, 2008, we get several flash forwards to a "shocking event' that is taking place in November, 2009. (Kind of like Lost and if you're a Lost fan think final episode May, 2007, and go literally with it) And then the whole year will be about showing what led to that.


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