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9/23 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Upcoming Night Shift Episodes
Episode 10 "Brothers and Sisters"
Leo and Kyle are caught off guard when their mother comes to town unannounced. Meanwhile, Claire confesses a secret, Patrick is stuck in an awkward situation with Epiphany and Toussaint, Kyle meets an intriguing patient (special guest star Chad Allen), and Robert comes to see Robin in a new light. Written by Sri Rao & Michael J. Cinquemani.
Episode 11 "Love/Hate" (spoiler pics)
Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes) rushes to Robin's side after Robert is brought in for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, the staff has a hard time treating a group of racists, and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) questions Kyle about why he can't forgive Claire and Leo for sleeping together. Written by Sri Rao & Christiana Miller
Episode 12 "Truth and Consequences" (spoiler pics)
Patrick puts the entire hospital in jeopardy when a notorious patient dies and Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) pays a visit to the night shift. Meanwhile, Robert reminisces about the past with Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes) before taking a turn for the worse. Later, Saira confronts Leo while Kyle and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) share a tender moment

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 9/22 - M, T
Monday, 9/22
Robin tries to talk sense into Matt.
Tuesday, 9/23
Noah warns Matt and Patrick not to end up like him. Patrick leaves Matt with a challenge.
week of 9/29 - T, F
Tuesday, 9/30
Robin pops the question to Patrick.
Friday, 10/03
Patrick gives Robin an answer to her marriage proposal.

Soapnet spoilers: Patrick leaves Matt with a challenge.

:: Pretty Reliable::
EMI: none at the time of this post
So if Patrick says no when do Scrubs get engaged I hate this
idk but getting spoiler for them is like pulling teeth so we aren't going to get any

Let me explain why...
He thinks she is doing it for the wrong reasons. She has just spoken with Sonny. Who aside from being distraught over Kate, is glad to see Robin in love and happy. They talk about life being too short. It moves her and she realizes she wants to be with Patrick forever. She proposes to him in the locker room. No PA. When he says no he says it's because he does not want her getting caught up in the moment and regretting it later. He is loving about it and tells her he loves her too much to let that happen. And just so you know this is not the end of the matter.
Really appreciate you dropping that for us.
That sounds really nice. :oops: :oops:

Your welcome.

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
From what I've got it appears that October is going to be a big month for Lusam, Scrubs obviously, Spinmax with Matt thrown in to the mix. A new doc is coming and he'll be interacting with Claire [Claire Coffee or Claire from NS?], Leyla, and Carly. and then Sonny/Skate and Olivia's big secret are huge.

I want to know where the poster above heard the baby's name was going to be Hunter?
If that happened to be the name, and I'm not saying it is, but if it is, then it was suppose to be a secret.
Somehow I really doubt that Muffin will be called Hunter. As much as Patrick might bond with Matt, naming your daughter after the last name of the woman that Noah cheated on Mattie with is pretty out there.
GH is going there.
I love the name Georgianna. Maybe the baby will be named after cousin Georgie
It's Hunter.
OK. Um... why?
She is named after the person who helps deliver her.

you all don't really see me (because i'm at work), but Hi.... and... i have a question...
if muffin's name is already known then can we please get a cute tidbit about the scrubs proposal?


Brooke are you feeling a little better about scrubs?

I hope they have a boy. That would make me feel better :lol:
Interesting you'd say that.
Stop acting. It's a girl.
I was waiting for it after the "Hunter" drop.
It's a girl and her name will be Hunter.

How does the proposal go?
Box of tissues.
Where does it happen? When? Do you know segments?
Don't know details. Just that it was an emotional taping.

By way of priority
Skate/Olivia will have the most airtime
After that SpinmaxMatt/Lusam/Jolu have quite a bit coming up.
Claudia-Rik Nik-Nadine-New Doc-Carly-Jax have some interesting stuff ahead.
I think Scrubs will be limited until the 3rd week of October then they'll pick up big time.
Then Liason.
At least that's the way it appears right now.

Afternoon Little Sharks,
How are the waters here today? I know I'm a day early and that I missed a week. Things are hopping here.
Also whoever tries to tell you guys that Scrubs are anything but Golden right now is feeding you a line of crap...don't believe anything they say, as with NS3 nothings going to happen to this couple until Soapnet and ABC determine what direction they are going in, and look for Matt and Pat to connect in ways that will suprise everyone.
Sorry will be back Tuesday after work.
But my lunch is over.
Bye SD

Robin proposes, but Patrick says no.
And Patrick says no on the 3rd.
Just when you think you're leaving, you get pulled back in. Now I am really done answering anything.
Mandy - you are more than welcome. You give so much that you deserve to get answers too.
Later DD.

Or killing time, I should say.
That's going to be one super quick wedding she plans for the end of October.

Scrubs are not over. They are getting engaged VERY SOON!
We have heard this before.
Not my fault. But if you have a problem with redundancy here is one that should be new to you: Scrubs will be engaged within the next twelve days(episodes)
Is that better?
Promise? please

He put no effort in Scrubs except to make sure they stay the same
I'm sorry but yes he has. Scrubs have had several love scenes. They've had their I love you's. They're having a baby. They will be getting married. They have their own freaking show. DAMN you guys are greedy
Will Robin and Liz be at the hospital when Kate is brought in for being shot?
Robin yes
Liz no
When do Scrubs get engaged?
Within the next 12 shows. Then all the scrubbies can stop saying they will never be engaged and changed to "but they will never get married" then to "but they will never stay married" and so on.
Just like living together? I am not being mean just this is the same pattern,
I know you aren't. Look your skepticism is well earned which means that you will be pleasantly surprised in October
The next 12 shows? Who asks for the proposal that sticks?
Patrick does. Original outline back in March - 1) Patrick proposes, Robin says no 2) Robin proposes, Patrick says no 3) Patrick proposes, Robin says yes

Kate tells Patrick about Sonny having another son.
Patrick is her surgeon she tells him before going into surgery.

Matt decides to give Patrick a chance. However, he still wants nothing to do with Noah.
Maxie is surprised to learn Matt's background.

The engagement of Scrubs is on, but what comes first.. baby or wedding? TBTB claims baby.
Matt will be having seconds thoughts regarding his new found family, but the truth will rear it's ugly face as to why he is really in town.
Fans are not happy with the "Anna" story line, simply because there is none. Although, Finola claims she likes where it is going.


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