Monday, September 29, 2008

Jason Thompson at Walmart in Dekalb

credit to TheDoctorsAreIn

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credit to TheDoctorsAreIn
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From the Scrubs board
  • he had pictures to sign - photo where he's wearing a white shirt, skinny red tie, hands in his back pockets
  • he didn't give out any scoops (but then he rarely does)
  • he enjoys working with everyone on set, but is closest to Kimberly because they work together so much
  • wishes more time and depth could be devoted to the Noah/Patrick relationship but RS is very busy outside of GH
  • Robin is still pregnant in the last episode of NS (dispelling the rumors that she goes into labor on the last epi) and joked that "that baby better be MINE!"
  • they finished filming the last NS epi on Friday and then he went to the airport to catch his flight for Chicago
  • he was taking a 7pm-ish flight back to LA after the PA.
  • his shoulder is fine and he's back to playing hockey and surfing
  • he really liked working on NS and hopes everyone has been enjoying it (many people around us agreed that they liked it MUCH better than last year and he kind of chuckled)

From SoapZonethere was a good number of people there. The line stretched from the front of the store to the back.
  • for some reason, they decided to put him at a table that was up by the registers. People were walking by and either wondering who he was or getting excited because they didn't know that he was going to be there.
  • they ran out of pictures for him to sign and had to go print some more
  • there were two armed security guards standing by him


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