Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kimberly's Girl's Night Out in Vegas

credit to aimers943@SZ

From the Scrubs Board

  • Debbie Morris ushered Kimberly and the girls into the Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant to eat before the event starts at 10:00. They were in the casino first.
  • They're all wearing short skirts and stilettos.
  • Debbie Morris is running this event and there are a total of 62 fans who bought tickets.
  • She said there seems to be some miscommunication on how this was supposed to be set-up so Debbie has been dealing with the hard rock but it seems like right now there is a wedding party that is leaving and that they will be cleaning that table up and it will be used for this.
  • Kimberly is doing a silent auction of the bra from the first time scrubs made love and she is being all funny like twirling it around and talking about it touching JT's chest.
  • Kimberly is wearing shiny off-white jacket with black dress and Ann said she looks very sexy and the rest of them are all mostly in black dresses as well. I think she also said Kimberly had wavy hair. kimberly is wearing marc jacobs jacket, wet cement shirt, ae skirt, betsy johnson shoes.
  • minae's dress is from forever 21.
  • She said everyone had a great reception.. KMc obviously had the best, with Minae, Kent , Amanda having great ones as well.
  • Apparently they all took tequila shots and also they were fed some icecream
  • Kimberly is drinking wine.
  • She said Minae has been really funny the whole time as well as Kimber.
  • Ann asked about when Patrick would find out he is the father ..Kimber said she doesn't know
  • Nobody has asked anything about airtime yet. Some discussion was about the writers strike being over and a lot of sex questions apparently.

From Soap Zone

  • The event was in a hard location to control. They didn't have enough tables and we had to share with the rest of the restaurant who was still open for business. All of the ladies dressed in kickass black dresses and sky high heels. Quite a sight!
  • They started with a trivia game that I played and lost because I couldn't name a third person Kelly had slept with. Oh well. The winning table got to take the shot with the girls and get a group shot.
  • We couldn't hear much of the brief Q&A because they took their mikes away. But they got it back later.
  • ok what I heard:
    • Robin is wearing regular clothes when Patrick finds out he is the dad but they are at GH.
    • HIV will play more a part in this story going forward. Kimberly agreed they needed to address it more and voiced this to TPTB.
    • no upcoming stuff with Mac or Maxie.
    • was also sad that she didn't get a chance to tell her family she is pregnant on-screen.


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