Monday, February 18, 2008

Jason's event in Las Vegas

credit to ljc99

Robin's (rlplate) transcript of the event

From the Scrubs Board
  • Dawn says he does know that the baby is his - they taped the scene two days ago and Robin tells Patrick he's the father.
  • He wasn't as clueless as we all thought - when Patrick heard the convo between Robin and Mac he started to think about it.
  • He said the scenes with Patrick and Robin were really intense, and Patrick was upset but he understands why she didn't tell him.
  • Someone asked him if he wants to work with RS again, and he wants to because with the relationship that Patrick and Noah have they really need to work together. They are trying to work something out to get RS back because he is an integral part of this whole thing.
  • He isn't sure how they are gonna proceed with the whole HIV aspect of the story, they haven't gotten that far.
  • He doesn't know when the next love scene is.
  • Someone asked about NS2. He says it was in the works before the writers strike but now he doesn't know where it stands. If he is asked to do it again, he will.
  • Dawn said that he didn't even have a microphone so it was really hard for them to hear him and she figured there was no way I was able to hear.
  • They cut the Q&A short because they said that he had to be out of there by 9:00 - it couldn't run late. So he is going to the tables meeting everyone now.
  • Robin said someone asked him if he wanted a boy or a girl. He said "a boy would be interesting" - trying to make a joke about two Drake males in the hospital. He said "he'll be more at a loss" if it turns out to be a girl; more uncomfortable (per Robin's interpretation), which could be fun to play. He said he doesn't know if it's a girl or a boy or twins (his opinion; not spoiler); Patrick would totally flip out if it's twins.
  • She says that he is VERY syked to be a TV daddy!
  • He says the history of the Scorpios and Drakes are cool, and it would be very cool to come back years later and see his kid on TV.
  • Robin also says that one of the directors was at Jason's event tonight.
  • He's watched early Robin clips and early clips of them on YouTube; he said it was really fun to watch. He says he can see how far they've come.
  • He really likes working with Kimberly.
  • Jason says that their FIRST KISS was his favorite kiss, because it was "a long time in coming."
  • Some fans were there during the taping of the scenes and said that it was "Emmy worthy material."
  • Jason said it took an hour and a half to film - he says that's quick.

From Soap Zone

  • he's wearing grey T shirt and jeans
  • He is working every day this week
  • he said the road would be rocky. but hopefully there is a turning point to togetherness soon.


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