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2/19 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Serial Drama has some suggestions for the Campbell's product placement

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
week of 2/18 - M, T
week of 2/25 - F

: Patrick wants to do right by Robin and their baby but Robin doesn't want him to feel obligated.Patrick might change his mind and want to be a part of it. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:none at the time of this post
So was liz going off on Patty again a fake SD rumor?
And Lucky and Jason talking with Robin?

Cut scenes.
If you honestly know, why did they cut them?
Ric and Marianna set up scenes.
Thanks for respoonding. Are they still going forward with the Ian/Scrubs story?
That, I can't say because I don't know if Guza is "retooling" that arc.
Do you know how things are going backstage in tems of new writers?
I can imagine. Do you have any idea as to what stories he may retooling?
I really don't know - if I posted they would only be MY guesses - and I have no desire to argue with the naysayers on this board. But Guza only has a small window to make changes legally, as his own contract is being renegotiated/up for renewal.
Understood!!! When is his contract up?
March....so anything about Guza/Korte - I just couldn't say until we see what shakes out with Guza's contract...and no one knows what he is doing with the rewrites yet...but there are rewrites...so I would hope that legit insiders who MAY turn out to be wrong, are not vilified if things don't play out within the next 3 weeks. Anything Guza changes will play out in the next 2-3 weeks .. so until then, its anyone's guess what will happen.
Can I ask one more thing?
Why are the saving some of the big stuff in re: to TMK showdown and Patrick finding out he's the dad for the first week in March? I have a feeling that week will have higher ratings then any of sweeps. What is the thought process of doing that?
The story wrap ups, in my view, are in March because GH needs the audience to stay tuned in after sweeps. Purely a business move. They are bleeding money and ratings are lower than expected. Again, this is just from what I have observed.
Well given the expense I know is involved in "retooling" stories I'm skeptical much is changing in the short term(ie the next 2-3 weeks) but IF any retooling is happening it will be to the claudia story imo, given how poorly she is being received.
Well, I don't know about expense as GH isn't filming that far out anymore, so retooling stories is not that big of a deal at this point.
BrattyPatty, I enjoyed the convo .. I will see you on the back up board later.
I'm already registered there
TIOLI (source)
Yes, this was me and yes I did say , based on info that I received, that Patrick would ask Robin to marry him twice.
Please keep in mind this was BEFORE Guza's return and subsequent retooling of storylines. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
I spoiled to you all that they argue and he storms off. She doesn't get to make her view known. She gets in one bard about his playboy ways and that is it.
How can they argue if she doesn't say anything? Is he arguing with himself?
She answers him. He starts getting angry. She gets in the bard about his playboy ways. He gets more angry and storms off (source)

I spoiled to you all that they argue and he storms off. She doesn't get to make her view known. She gets in one bard about his playboy ways and that is it.
Well seeing as how I got to see the scenes filmed, I can say that isn't accurate whatsoever. Confused
can you describe them?
We were sword to keep our mouths shut. No joke, they were very serious about details not being leaked so I unfortunately cannot give details about the scenes. I really hate that I can't believe they are some really great scenes.
Thats ok....but without giving any details....as a robin fan will i be ok with them?
I think it depends on where you stand on scrubs and Patrick. Because they do fight and it is quite intense. If you're okay with that, I think you'll be fine.
i know kmc said at her PA that she isn't in scrubs, is JT? or is he in regular clothes as well.
He's in scrubs.
Not the OP but are there other emotions besides anger? If you can say that much. I don't want you to get in trouble.
Just from watching, I'd say there's a lot of different emotions flying around between them. Hurt seemed to be the biggest emotion from what I gathered. (source)

So the question remains when does Robin have her health crisis after her and Patrick's big fight? while he is off sulking will she be fighting for their baby or does the health crisis happen later.
Its after. Not immediately after - but after.
The same day?
is the health crisis because of stress?
Is Patrick kept away from her? Does he feel responsible?
Yes. (source)

So how long is Patrick pissed at Robin for?
Not long.
What happens that brings them back together? Will Patrick ever address his issues?
Medical crisis with Robin.
...but you guys have been told this stuff repeatedly from various insiders.
Why can't Patrick talk to Nik about this?
He talks to a male - just not Nik - Nik is in the hospital.
So how long is Patrick pissed at Robin for?...Long enough for him to have sex with someone else.
Incorrect. (source)

If Hmmm_Mmmmm is on target, when should the Patrick proposal scenes be airing?
Mid March IMO..
IMO I don't think that is happening that soon.
First proposal Robin will say No.
There's a proposal, but it isn't the response Patrick expects...at least not the first time.
Well, of course not. Patrick hates being told no. How many times does Patrick propose?
Twice (source)

I doubt there's any Scrubs propsoal anytime soon since JT talked about the rocky road ahead. I think Patrick is going to be hurt, angry, and confused for quite a while.
JT filmed the reveal 2 days ago. Which means the info he's operating on is limited. Patrick won't be angry for more than an episode or two, you can count on that. (source)

Hmmm Mmmm, anything on Robin, please??

But things aren't too concrete since it's been changed three ways since this afternoon, it's not finalized or made it to the big board yet to see where things will lead.
HM, Is the Robin/Scrubs thing all bad?
It depends on what your intepretation of bad is.
So it sounds like these stories are the ones the writers retooled and the others ones stay as is?
Is that right Hmmmm?

Some things are sticking, some things are being rehatched. And several new additions will change those that are sticking or as planned as things can be.
is it good or bad for the character of Robin that they are retooling her storyline?
Will this mean more airtime for her, do you know?

I have no info on airtime. Just outlines and drafts.(source)

These were dropped during the day on Saturday and we have some of them confirmed now so I am bringing them up from where they were a few pages back. Hopefully this insider will be back...
Robin is telling Patrick the truth when he asks her. It is not a happy scene.
He is not sleeping with Leyla again.
Can you elaborate at all on the Scrubs info?
Where does this scene take place?
And what prompts Patrick to ask he in the first place?
Thanks for stopping by.

The scenes happen at the hospital. Ian will be asking him if they baby could be his and he starts to put it together with what he overheard from her and Mac.
Thanks insider... So the Scrubs scene is not a happy one, cannot say I am shocked. Are there tears of hurt or words of anger?

Robin does cry and they both speak in anger.
How much longer after they argue is Robin admitted into the hospital for stress?
She will be admitted the following week.
Insider -- where in the hospital do the Robin/Patrick baby reveal scenes take place? Thanks.
The locker room. (source)

Robin and Patrick later in the year will get married
The pregnancy will be complicated
Robin has a baby girl (source)

When JT came to our table at his event, he said that during the scene in the locker room where Robin tells him, IT/THE Nurse interupts them in the locker room saying he is needed in the ER or whatever. Patrick tells IT this is not a good TIME & told her to leave. Robin & Patrick are wearing regular clothes. JT said this scene was taped this past WEDNESDAY (which was 2/13 so we should see that the week of 3/3).
We asked him if he has any more "Scenes" with IT/THE Nurse before Robin tells him about being the father. He said he hasn't taped any alone scenes with her but she could be in some scenes that he is not aware of. (source)

Patrick will want to be part of Robin and the baby's life (source)


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