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2/9 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Kimberly and Jason make the cover for Soaps In Depth (source)
  • Soaps on ABC is polling who is your ABC hunk valentine
  • Finola Hughes talks NYC Fashion Week on her blog here with the same (or shortened) entry at ivillage, and provides a fashion week wrap-up here.

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
week of 2/11 - T, Th
week of 2/18

GH PreVUe Week of February 11: Robin breaks down in Mac's arms when she becomes convinced that Patrick will not be the man she wants him to be. No fighting ladies! Robin and Carly learn about each other's respective pregnancies. "GH" will tackle the issue of how heart disease effects women with a more practical approach as a noteworthy member of the General Hospital staff suffers a heart attack. (source)
ABC Hotsheet: At GH, the staff deals with two very different matters of the heart: Epiphany has a heart attack, while Robin receives an unexpected Valentine's gift from Patrick.

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Chat up,
in the past they have done stunts for the sweeps.. However, this sweeps seems to be very different in the stories they are offering. Any idea what the big concept for sweeps was this time b/c it doesn't seem to be working. It seems all the gains they were making in Jan have suddenly halted storywise.

There isn't one single event for sweeps this year - they are trying to move a bunch of stories ahead significantly.
I don't disagree that so far, it's not hitting the mark
CU i just wanted to know if you have anything new on scrubs?
Is it gonna get better or should we leave the armor on longer?

I posted yesterday what I knew - I believe it's in the IL. I don't have specific dates for anything and so won't be offering more info for a while.
What was the reaction to last weeks ratings?
Ratings were not well received - not at all.
I was certainly surprised by the ratings yesterday. Were they met with surprise by TPTB?
You and me both M2C.
and surprise is one way of putting it. ::headdesk:: is another
Chat up, if your still here, we know there is a Robin/Mac scene coming up. I believe you mentioned that the pervious Robin/Mac scene got a positive response. Do you think we might see more Robin/Mac moments because of that?
As there is a lot of the pregnancy story left to tell, I would expect more scenes
If the writers strike ends as predicted tomorrow, will GH finally pull the plug on Guza and Phelps

Phelps and Guza are two different issues and the EP has made a stronger case for herself over the last few months.
The HW is not safe.
Wondering how long after the strike ends will we know if there will be any changes to the writing/production staff at GH?
Depending on which changes they go with and how they choose to enact them, it could be weeks to a couple of months.
The strike prevented any real meetings between potential writer replacements and management so they would need to move forward on that first
Caht up are they talking about what changes they need to make or are they going to stay the course?
Sweeps is pretty much in the can so there aren't a lot of changes to be made at this point.
Chat Up: Do you know why they had Robin's pregnancy reveal now, when they weren't going to give her any airtime to show it or deal with it? Was there a reason they had to do it now, instead of saving it for March when it might get at least a tiny bit more screentime?
I just don't understand the rationale of doing this storyline, and giving it so much publicity in the press, but not actually SHOW it on the show.

Karmic, there is a lot of story to come and you will see the airtime increase. Several factors went into the timing of this story kick off and after a few stalls they went forward now.
Based on what Chat-up? WHat has the EP done that is so great?
Better balance for starters. Upward trends in ratings (until this week) and having a healthier set
But isn't Phelps essentially running the show on her own this sweeps, and tanking it just as bad? So how can she be in a better position? are they not counting this bad sweeps against her? Or are they waiting to see what will happen?
The EP is running the show and there are several elements that are better now and that's been noticed. The sweeps performance to date has been a disappointment but I don't think they will make a decision on her for a while yet - especially if they go forward with writing changes.
What are the chances that Korte is gone or that her job is in jeopardy?
At this point I would say the writing team is all in various states of danger
Chat Up, Was there a real belief that the mob story lines would be wildly popular again if an old favorite was brought back and inserted into them? Is there any recognition of the fact that they've been doing the same story for years and years now with only slight differences in the "bad" mobsters and the way in which Sonny/Jason eventually triumph over them, saving all the loved ones in the process? Or do they actually think this is new?
I just don't have an answer to that as I'm not part of those conversations with the writing/production team.
I would say that stunt casting rarely if ever works in any kind of sustainable fashion but that doesn't stop people from wanting to try it.
Any idea if NB is gone yet? Will she finally fly on her own and get out of Scrubs story?
She is not gone yet.
The story with Ian is very much supposed to be a proving ground.
CU, if I say, give JFP benefit of the doubt, could this week's push of too much Ric be her effort to get to the story she's trying to tell out there and it will balance out next week?
I would say that's a reasonable theory
Why has the show brought in so many newbies? This show has a big enough cast and there is certainly not enough screen time to go around. I have heard comments from 2 of the actors on the show at a PA saying the cast is too large. If this is the case and money is tight, why do they keep insist on bringing new actors in and not use the ones under contract who they have to pay?

I don't have specifics at this point other than to say, part of it is show/cast renewal, part of it stems from having put people on contract when they beleived there was another show going into production (NS2) and part of it has to do with other contracts ending this year
I get all this but the volume of additions is ridiculous to the point of driving viewers away because vets and contract players who should be getting airtime have it taken by a character no one cares about. Do they realize they have failed in how these new characters have been introduced?

I don't believe they think they have failed.
Is part of Robin's story - the high risk pregnancy parts - now going to Carly instead since LW is pregnant?
LW has not confirmed to anyone that she is pregnant.
And I don't believe Robin's story is being given to Carly.
Chat Up how are the NS DVD sales?
I wouldn't know and haven't asked.
Did you see my question about Wolfe and Conforti?
Are their jobs in jeopardy even thought they went Fi-Core?

Fi-Core is a risky choice for writers and I would not be surprised if they are moved (not fired, moved to another job)
CU: When will Patrick know he is the father? What is the reason they think a lie is the best story? It really goes against who Robin is and I can't believe they would think this is the best way to go? Will Scrubs be reunited or has that changed?
I'm not answering questions about this pairing at this time.
Is Frons getting any pressure to improve things? Is he involved in the show more?

He has been under intense pressure for months now for all of ABCD
Is there a chance since the ratings on all of ABCD have not improved much that he will be gone?
He is not first on the list to go but he's not safe
What has the recent response been to both liason and Scrubs?
Jason/Elizabeth are getting a good response but there has been negatives directed at Elizbeth/Becky
Scrubs is still generating a lot of reponse, not all of it good.
Chat Up, if HH/demos don't improve from what they are now over the next three weeks what happens then?
Budget readjustments. Potential staff reductions (behind the scenes) as well as wholesale changes behind the scenes.
Can you elaborate on the Scrubs response? What are the negatives people are touching on? Just curious to see if some our issues have been identified.
Jason Thompson has received more negative mail than he previously did. The subject matter covered in it, I don't know.
This is NOT surprising CU! Go to and read what fans wrote in re: to JT sharing Robin Unwrapped w/ KMc... OUCHIE!
I would suggest that there are some who struggle with keeping the actor and the character separate
CU: Why did Jason Thompson's event get cancelled this weekend? I think they didn't want him to have to face the wrath of fans, especially if he only could share bad news.
This was not an ABCD event - it is his decision to accept these events. His event was postponed due to a scheduling conflict
CU how is Kmc's mail?
CU, I Know you are not answering Scrubs questions, but I have a quick question...
If you were a positive Scrubs fan and you still are one, hypothetically, would you say that like that positive Scrubs fan would be happy w/ what is coming down the pike?

Yes. (source)
TTYL: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
Any insiders with legit scrubs info for a really heartbroken fanbase?
You'll be happy at the end of the month.
Don't ask me any more questions.
DYK (source)

What day is it that Leyla kisses Patrick and Robin sees but doesn't see Patrick shove Leyla away from him?
It's not this week since Patrick and Leyla have another round of hospital nookie Wednesday, February 13th.
Hmm. I am skeptical of this. Robin sees Patrick/Leyla Monday or Tuesday because she breaks down with Mac on Tuesday.
She doesn't see them having sex on Tuesday and neither do we. We see another round of half-dressed Leyla and Patrick on Wednesday. I'm referring to that. (source)

Great! So how do Robin and Carly find out each is pregnant?
Where does the Mac/Robin scene take place?
Why does Patrick give Robin flowers?
When is Epi's heart attack?
Thank you

Both have appts with Dr. Lee. One right after the other.
Scorpio living room
Congratulations on the baby.
February 13th in the lockerroom (source)

Since I know the Mac/Robin one is false, I'll reserve believing your other spoilers.
Where is the Mac/Robin scene?
I'd say nurse's hub is a safe bet

I only know it's in the hospital (source)


ariana February 11, 2008 at 7:34 PM  

Hi, do you knwo if Robin will have a girl or a boy. Also when is the date that she is supposed to give birth.

thisisjustatest February 13, 2008 at 5:32 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Scrubs Hub February 13, 2008 at 5:34 PM  

I don't know...maybe both??
I don't think they mentioned the exact due date on the show, but my guess is that it might be September 24th.

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