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2/26 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • An ''In Loving Memory of Shell Kepler'' (Amy Vining) graphic will air at the end of the episode today (Entertainment Weekly)
  • According to Robin Leach's Vegas Luxe Life, Kimberly McCullough, Bradford Anderson, Kirsten Storms, Jason Thompson and Greg Vaughan partied and danced all night long with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Clark Haggans at Revolution.

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates

week of 2/25 - T, F
week of 3/3 - M, T,W, Th, F

soap Scoop: abc site or YouTube
Soapnet Spoilers, for Tues.: Robin can barely contain her emotions around Patrick. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up: none at the time of this post
TIOLI: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon: none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
Patrick learns the truth, will he turn to his old ways? (source)

Jason's hands are not injured by glass or a bear trap. Whoever said bear trap was being very creative so kudos to them. His hands are not cut in any way. He's not shot either. They're burned. Anyone who really has information can elaborate. It'll be spoiled when the weekly promo comes out tomorrow.
I'll be back tomorrow night after the promo airs. I just want to see who posts the real deal today and is willing to sign their posts.

Since ISSY is in a contradicting mode, I'll just have to correct her scoop about Jason's hands being burned. They're cut by the glass when he breaks into the car to get to Liz and Sam. There is no fire.(source)

Joe the bomber is back - but this time he's not packin'. He does, however, stir up some trouble for Patrick and Robin.
Just the opposite really. He literally brings them closer together than they've been sincel December.
That is not true. He doesn't bring them closer at all.
Yes he does. Patrick bails Joe out of jail and arranges for his wife to have medical treatment. Robin gets emotional over this and it leads to a kiss. It also leads to Robin and Patrick having an emotional heart to heart on Friday that leads to the reveal. (source)

The big secret is that Patrick and Claudia start to have sex and then Patrick changes his mind.
Patrick decides not to finish having sex with Claudia as I understand it. He has a flashback to Robin and does not continue.(source)

You should be getting legit sccops about scrubs in one of the mags this week. Night.
Don't leave us hanging, which one?
I cant say which one, but there will be a whole article on it.(source)

Wonder what happened to the Nuss and Ian? I thought she said on her interview that Ian was for her? The quad has not quite panned out either. Anyone wonder if she's getting dumped?
Her story was given to KeMo.
Isn't Ian supposed to become involved in a story with Sonny & Jason and the mob?Why would her story be given to KeMo? Isn't KeMo for Lucky? That doesn't make sense. Did something change?
Ian was slated for a story which was supposed to tie in the hospital-mob-Cassadines, pulling Scrubs/Leyla/Sason/Nik/Lex ... it seems to be changed to Scrubs/SaSon/Nik/Sam . But who knows now with Guza's rewrites. I was just told that NB was having a tough time with some things and the reaction to her character still isn't what people expected - or wanted.
Oooo. I see. So what was Leyla's role gonna be exactly? Was it that drugging/raping thing?
That, I don't know. All I heard was that she was supposed to try and make Pat jealous with Ian, fall for Ian, then Ian would be exposed.
Do you know how Scrubs factor into the Ian story?
Last I heard Robin was supposed to begin to unravel Ian's dealings with experimental drugs - again - I'm not sure of the status of any of those stories since Guza returned.
As far as I know LuSam is on the retool list with Liason, Scrubs, Ric/Marianna and JLEX. This isn't to say any changes will be bad. Most likely stories will be sped up a bit to try and counter the bad ratings. (source)

Insider, do you know when Proposal No. 2 will be? Are the writers setting up an April 1 annniversary show wedding for Robin? (Desperate for ratings, perhaps?)

Proposal number 2 will come at the end of March but I don't have an exact air date for it yet. No wedding on April 1st as far as I know.
Will Robin accept proposal number two?
No. The third time will be the charm for Patrick.
When that will be? Does he have a ring each time?
I know there is no ring for the first one but not sure about the other two.(source)

Is Sam involved with Ian? And what about Leyla? Is she in Ian's story?
Sam is involved with Ian's storyline as is Leyla. Leyla will be a casualty.
Proposal poster: After Robin turns down Patrick the first time, do they reunite? Does she move in with him? Does she want to take things slowly?
No. No. No. She doesn't trust that he is sincere and wants nothing to do with him.
As in a corpse-type casualty?

Patrick proposes for the first time on the 7th and gets turned down on the 10th. 2nd proposal and rejection will be the end of March. 3rd time will be the charm. (source)

Thank you Anon!! I will set the DVR I cannot wait to see Patrick chasing after Robin.
Do you know if he is sincere or just going through the motions

The first time he is not sincere and Robin calls him out on it. The second time he is more sincere but Robin does not trust him. The third time she not only sees’s that he is sincere and he means it and he loves both her and their child.
do you know if Patrick does propose twice to Robin? thanks
Yes and then he also proposes a third time and yes third time is a charm for both of them at least for now. (source)

I want to know why Patrick is crying in the media pics.

Because Robin turned down his proposal.
I thought those were from when he finds out that he is the daddy? He asks in the lockerroom?
They both happen the same day. He wants to be involved and wants to be a family. She refuses.
He asks her before he goes to Jakes?
The reason he goes to jakes in the first place.
Do Patrick and Claudia have sex?
Nope. Not even close.
Can you say if Robin kisses Patrick tomorrow, and how does he react if she does?
She does. He is confused.
So Patrick doesn't get angry at Robin for not telling? And what is her reason for turning down his proposal, she doesn't believe him?
Thank you!

He is angry. She doesn't think he wants it.
Who does Patrick tell first that he is the daddy?
Coleman. Then Liz.
What are the circumstances that cause Robin to kiss Patrick tomorrow?
She is taken back by seeing this sensitive side of Patrick when he helps out Joe and his wife.
so he is angry and proposing at the same time?
Initially he is upset/angry.
I don't know if you can tell by your information, but does it seem like he sincerely wants it, or is he just reacting out of a sense of obligation and responsibility towards the baby?
Thank you!

Simply reacting in the moment. Nothing less. Nothing more.
How does Patrick find out about Jake's paternity? Does Liz tell him while they are talking about him being the father to Robin's baby?
He overhears a conversation between Jason and Liz. Which prompts him to bring up his own paternity information.
Do you know if the confession that Lucky overhears is about Liz and Jason seeing each other in the safehouse? or is it something else and if so, will you share?
It is about them seeing each other. No other secrets that Liz harbors.
Does Robin bring up Leyla in their discussions at all or him being a manwhore?
She brings up his need for freedom. It will happen after she interrupts their discussion. (source)


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