Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kimberly at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Kimberly dancing to "Big Spender"here and a closer video here
Kimberly McCullough introduces Sonny Eddy
Bradford Anderson and Sonny Eddy skit
Bradford Anderson sings "She Was There"
Amanda Baker's performance
Finale with Bradford Anderson and Kimberly McCullough
Bradford Anderson talks about Broadway Cares, GH, and Robin's HIV storyline (scene shows Patrick giving toy to Robin) (source)

From the Scrubs Board

  • Sue just called and she just saw Kimberly go in with Beth Ann. She said their were a bunch of other OLTL who went in as well along with Bob Guiney.
  • Kimberly is performing "big spender" from Sweet Charity with Bree, BethAnn and somebody else from OLTL (Didn't hear the name).
  • BA and SE are doing a skit with two fans.
  • BA is singing she "She was there"
  • SE is singing "big, blond and beautiful" from Hairspray
  • KMc is also presenting
  • They saw BA go inside as well but he basically ran from the car to the entrance.
  • Brian Frons is there. Apparently, security didn't know who he was so they asked him for ID. Somebody in the crowd yelled this is the guy who is making GH tank.. (Sue said she wasn't sure if he heard that but I hope he did).
  • KMc's performance and BA/SE skit is in the first half of the show.
  • Sue just called and she said that Kimberly's performance was beyond amazing!!
  • Kimberly was wearing a hot pink strapless boustier, with black fishnet stocking and black boots that were up to her knee. The performance was basically all her.
    BethAnn was singing and Bree was a waitress. There was a guy who was sitting and Kimberly was dancing on him. Sue has taken a video and said she will post tomorrow but said the dance was very impressive and sexy.
  • Amanda Baker (Jolene from NS) sang "impossible" and sue said she had an amazing voice.
  • BA and SE had their skit where Spin is trying to get Pip to get onto a dating service site to get her a date. The skit was done with two girls from the Cloud 9 site.
  • Bradford sang. The song was about a girl and so he had a picture of Georgie.
  • Sonya was introduced by KMc and she sang "Big, Blond and Beautiful" and was really good.
  • The finale was done by the guys of OLTL to the full monty song.
  • Kimberly was wearing a purple dress, black tights and black boots.


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