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3/13 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Our friends at POZ magazine are throwing an AIDS Walk NYC fundraiser on May 14th at 5:45pm - scheduled guests are Thorsten Kaye (Zach - AMC), Ilene Kristen (Roxy - OLTL), and more to confirm later. The event will be at Prohibition, owned by Alicia Minschew's (Kendall - AMC) fiancee.

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
week of 3/10 - T,W
week of 3/17 - M,T,F
week of 3/24 - T,W

CGS: 3/25 Robin braces herself for a narrow-minded conversation with Claudia about HIV. (source)
SOW: (next week 3/17) Patrick and Robin discuss the chances of having a baby with HIV. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Anyone know if Chat-up is still here? I want to know what is happening with the status of the EP and HW?
I have no news to report on them right now
CU a while ago you were still waiting to see if scrubs were going to be reuniting before the baby was born and you thought yes but had 2 sides to the that we got the new scrubs you have any other info to give..are they going to be reuniting before the birth at least?
I haven't got that sorted yet. sorry
I just want to know whether or not JT and KMC are having issues with one another behind the scenes. Nobody will answer me though. Sad
not as far as I know.
Hey Chat-up - you still here?
Can you tell us the status of Guza and Phelps? are they secure or what? And what kind of pressure is Frons under these days? All of ABCD is in the tank.

I have nothing new on the HW or the EP - neither are secure and JFP is less secure now than she was early into the strike.
The pressure on Frons is constant - his money people are getting very testing with the shrinking revenues. He hasn't been called on Sweeny's carpet lately, as far as I know, but that won't last.
Does it look like the same place they were headed before though but just getting there a lot quicker..??
Also can either of you answer if there is any mention/notes that patrick is going to stop focusing on being with robin and the baby at all after all the good stuff..even though it will be hard for him is there any mention of him giving up at all if robin pushes or does he remain dedicated (basically is he involved with any female third party or even think of it)

I'm pretty sure I answered this exact question last night far as my information goes, there is no third party.
Any idea why Frons has been given so much latitude. I mean 2 major sweeps tanked and all the shows are doing poorly(not just GH)? Why is Sweeney so forgiving when the Bell soaps at CBS make changes in a heartbeat
any answer about the latitude would be my guess, not based on real information.
as for the CBS soaps, there is profit sharing at stake with the Bells/Sony/CBS etc, money losses *may* matter more quickly to them as there are not other resources to draw from.
So I told you all in the past when the network actually takes notice of GH Scrubs fair well because the people at the network think they are good for ratings. That is what is happening now. The network (people Frons works with) are taking note of GH because of plunging ratings and Guza is "righting" Scrubs as a bone to them. It is similar to the April story after the summer of periodic Cartrick.
JFP doesn't care about them so if she was in charge they would barely be on. Guza likes things sleazier so if he had his way this paternity secret was going to last until May with Carly outing it and a bunch of people lining up and telling Robin how wrong she was and Patrick have one last serious temptation. He is giving Scrubs good stuff right now. The only caveat is if the network takes their eye off GH again then Scrubs like all of GH will be complete control of Guza. The good news is with the ratings as bad as they are Guza is being watched more closely than ever before
Hi there! I remember you saying this before. Can I ask why the network deems Scrubs worthy of this attention? In other words, why do they get focus at the network's request, and others don't?

They score well in focus groups and a soap a show anchored on them and SBu brought Soapnet its biggest ratings ever (and even if Guza and Frons don't think the change in direction on NS affected the ratings others at the network believe it did). That is the reason that any network promotion (campaigns for all three soaps) and network sponsored events usually has Scrubs in some form. If they could get SBu for those events they would as he too scroes well in focus groups but he is not as open about attending them
How long have Scrubs been together, 2 years? Have they really ever done crap for ratings, even when they were "happy"? I certainly think they have popularity, but I don't think it's any more or any less than the rest of the couples right now.
They nor anyone have done anything sustainable for GH ratings wise although unlike SBr KMc's return did result in a short term bump (as did RS and TR). They were 2/3 of the team that anchored NS which brought SN its biggest ratings ever and that got noticed. Add to that both of the actors are team players and easy to work with and people at the network like that. (source)
TTYL: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
You'd be right about that. Robin's fears stem from her not believing Patrick is sincere. Patrick's confusion stems from not understanding how Robin could have wanted a child with him and then change her mind so quickly. She's afraid they will hate each other. He's afraid she'll never believe him. Somehwere in there is a common ground and they do find it. With much convincing on Patricks part. (source)

Guza is back in the house and he NEVER likes things tidy and he must have really thought that Scrubs were way to tidy because he goes out of his way to mess them up. (source)

Regarding Scrubs:
They are a baiter, cause I kno for sure that scrubs fans are going to love the next 2 weeks. U guys already had ppl confirm most of teh scoops. From scrubs talking about the HIV with regards to the baby to Robin finally getting a home. And No Iam not answering questions because there is no point, ppl wont believe me, but I can say for sure that scrub fans will like the rest of March
Np, scrubs do go on a date and they talk about there baby, and yes its at the MC. You guys will enjoy it.
Iam not posting here anymore... (source)

I think it's safe to say this now.
All my little duckies are in a row. Smile
a) The date is true.
b) That is Robin's house.
c) You are seriously going to love, LOVE, and love some more what airs in three weeks. I seriously feel like someone seemingly picked up some Scrubs fan fic and went, okay take that, that and a little piece of that and mixed it in a bowl to come up with these few days.
Her apologizing to him is the start of the thaw. The house, the date, some stuff in between, is all just kind of building off that, IMO.
It's light, it's fun, it's a good thing.
Now I'm off to kill some time shopping, so don't yell at me for not answering questions. LOL
Tracee (source)

3 couples will have a very good end of March going in to April you know of one currently, who are the other two?
I left that, DD can check the IP's and I did not say that Liason was one of the couples.
Scrubs, SpinMax and JLex. Again, DD can check the IP's if she would like (source)

Robin braces herself for a narrow-minded conversation with Claudia about HIV.

Isn't that next week before the apology?
Or does she go to visit claudia again the week after and that is where she is standing the media pic pictures

Robin apologizes on Monday.
This Monday coming up?
Are Scrubs on at all for the rest of this week?

Robin isnt, Patrick is with Jason
Scrubs are on Next week. Monday and Tuesday
Claudia and Robin fight Twice. First one next week, the second on the 25th
Yup, Its guza's wink wink nudge nudge. Expect it
Bye Now (source)

I think they cut the third party stuff out. I originally heard Patrick was suppose to "act out" more before the reveal & imo that is what was cut to step up the story.

That is what I heard as well. After finding out she was pregnant he was supposed to step up the sex games with Leyla and that along with hospital troubles like losing patients were going to bite him in the ass
do you know if they have dropped the hospital troubles angle for him?

From what I can tell yes. Mostly because they have cut Leyla out of the story completely except for a little clean up job with the HIV exposure.
How was that suppose to add to the story you think?
And why did they decide to cut it then?

The story was supposed to be Patrick got in trouble and Robin stood by him and then she had health issues and he stood by her. They got closer and Patrick was accepting the baby even though it wasn't his. The secret was outed and Robin got called out by a lot of people. Patrick was tempted again but stopped it.
They cut it because the network is watching and due to the early success of NS and focus group results the network thinks that Scrubs as a couple sells.
Is this why the Leyla/Ian stuff was dropped to? Because that all would have been connected to Patrick's troubles, right?
In part but also because they wanted to get Sam involved in the Ian story.
Interesting. Thanks.
Any idea if the end result remains the same? Anything you can tell us about that? Reunion? thanks again.

As you have already read the Scrubs story picks up in a positive direction over the next few weeks. The one negative is that there never really is any discussion of Patrick's flirting or other things people want addressed. TPTB feel Robin apologizing is addressing all of the issues that needs to be addressed and Patrick being "swoon worthy" is all that needs to be done on his front. You just won't hear an apology from him at any time.
Of course. Translation: GH wants people to forget the shitty parts of this story as fast as possible, and Patrick apologizing means that WanderDick was wrong to do what he did. Let Robin fall on the usual.
I wouldn't word it exactly that way but TPTB realize going to the Leyla well a third or forth time (however you want to count it) was one time too many so much like Jax's rape they are trying to pretend that Leyla and by extension Patrick's issues with flirting never existed. The only break from that is addressing the exposure with Leyla because of the firestorm that got rained down on them because of it. There will be an apology there
SO will it be like ne had never told her?
DOes she cry and does he have to hug her..hope not...robin doesnt' see it and get any doubts does she..
I mean i hope he tell her that he was tested and was found negative before he slept with should mention that

No. The apoolgy is more along the lines of I am sorry I used you. In that conversation him having told her is addressed.
does she cry and does he have to touch her or is it just him telling it as it is..hes done being that guy and is moving on with the baby and robin if she'll let him
Please just answer dying to know what to expect

You are making too much of the scene. It is a short scene meant to show the audience the HIV expsoure was addressed. The apology is something like (I don't have the exact script) I never meant to lead you on as I thought we were just having fun. He doesn't declare his undying love for Robin to Leyla.
SO it's meant for closure /and reassure us hiv was addressed right? is that what you are saying..will this be the scene that ends it with them do you think? i have to they hug?
Again you are making way too much of this. It is just meant to address the HIV issue. TPTB think they don't need to end Patrick/Leyla because there is no Patrick/Leyla to end in their minds. I happen to agree it would behoove the story to address them ending definitively but I am not a show runner.
As I said I have no idea if they hug as I don't have a script. (source)


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