Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jason and Kimberly at Uncle Vinny's

credit to Gina on the Scrubs Board

From the Scrubs Board
  • They arrived in a stretch white limo
  • He is wearing grey shirt/jeans. She is wearing green dress and stockings
  • NS questions--rumors there will be season 2, not definite though.
  • Not sure why there wasn't commentary on the dvd of NS--Kimberly would have liked to see more interviews with the other actors--Nazanin, etc.
  • Someone asked about the coat Patrick wore this week--they laughed. Kim said they don't have say in the wardrobe of their characters. Kimberly joked that Jason is easier to work with, so wardrobe gives him better clothes to wear LOL
  • Best part of modeling for Jason--traveling and meeting people
  • Kimberly wanted to know if he had a "runway walk" when he modeled--he said "No"--he didn't do much runway work
  • Nazanin may be in the background of scenes, but they haven't filmed much with her (nothing major). She has scenes with the actor portraying "Ian"
  • Kimberly did NOT pick the episodes SN aired for Robin's marathon--BUT, she did send Jason a copy of the "Jason/Robin" episode! LOL Kimberly called Robin a "hussy" in that episode LOL
  • Kimberly & Jason called Rick and Finola the "Sexiest Grandparents Alive" LOL
  • Kimberly wants a reunion, but says they cannot be happy all the time
  • Kimberly & Jason DID see Michael Sutton (Stone) a couple of months ago.
  • They are taping 3 to 4 days a week lately
  • They have filmed several scenes about Robin's food cravings--including a scene involving cookies
  • Kimberly doesn't want the Carly/Robin relationship to change--likes the fights and Kimberly believes they do see "positives" in each other that they would never admit to the other
  • They DID film another scene at the apt last week--didn't know it was cut. They still believe NOT many of their scenes are cut. They just filmed the "Johnny apologizes" scene, so they aren't sure it was even supposed to air yet--may NOT have been cut.
  • There may be a blog about Robin's pregnancy
  • Rick is completing an album. They suggested he may be back after he is finished.

From Soapzone
  • They are working a lot coming up. Kimberly is joking that Minae/Kelly is her OB-GYN
  • JT says he has 7 fiances and 4 girlfriends.
  • Awww, Rick Hearst is a Scrubbie! He loves KMc and JT and loves Scrubs together
  • Kimberly says: It's important to stay true to the HIV story and it would hurt her feelings if they didn't.
  • Someone asked if Patrick would get to see an ultrasound and he said something about how they've been working together a lot but their scenes didn't seem to be centered around that. And I took it to mean they aren't just talking about the baby constantly. Hopefully this means they're talking about their relationship more.
  • And random but Kimberly mentioned she is constantly eating in scenes lately, ribs and cookies, etc.
  • In addition to them mentioning working a lot lately they also said they were told they'd be working a lot coming up. Yay.
  • They were surprised to hear the stuff from the other day was cut. They mentioned there were supposed to be two apartment scenes.
  • Someone asked if they would ever bring Stone back to cause problems for Scrubs and Kimberly said that the HIV aspect should be told correctly past and present and that her feelings would be hurt if they brought Stone back because it wouldn't be true to the story.
  • Kimberly saying since she doesn't have a boyfriend right now, her motorcycle is the next best thing
  • JT saying today when they were asked about having significant others that Kimberly would be the better half of any relationship she had was just awwwww.
For a couple items that seemed spoilerish, click on

From Soapzone
  • Kimberly filmed scenes with Maurice where she is comforting him about Michael.
  • Finola will be back on set tomorrow.


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