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3/29 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • The Scrubs event is at 4pm ET today at the Brokerage in Long Island, NY
  • Daytime Confidential names picks for Top 5 Sexiest Couples - Robin and Patrick were one of the #1 picks (27 min mark). They also have a couple polls going - 'who wears the scrubs best - Robin or Liz?' and "who is Robin's true love? Stone, Jason, or Patrick'
  • TV Guide's Suds report announces Finola Hughes return and a possible Genie Francis return?

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
week of 3/31 - T, W
week of 4/07 - M, T, Th

Lynda Hirsch week of 3/31: After speaking with Robin, Elizabeth seeks out Jason and they decide they want to be together. Robin tells Elizabeth she thinks Jason would make a great father despite his career choice. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::

AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up none at the time of this post
TTYL: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish:
Patrick says Michael will never wake-up.
Ian becomes the hero when he says Wait, maybe Michael can be fixed
The audience knows very quickly that Ian isn't nearly as heroic as some people think
Anna returns and is shocked when she learns she is about to become a grandmother.
Robin tells her Patrick doesn't want to be a daddy.
Patrick tells her that Robin doesn't want him to be a part of his child's life.
Anna thinks maybe Robin and Patrick should talk things out.
Robin and Patrick think maybe Anna should mind her own business.
And what is her own business and why is she back in Port Charles?
Bet you can figure it out, if you try real hard. (source)

Did you get an invitation
To the hottest party in town?
Its coming in May and everyone who is anyone will be there.
Some dead people might even show up, or more likely, some alive people will show up dead.
True lovers will say a final goodbye.
A long lost child will be exposed.
A night of passion will lead one couple into an ill-advised marriage.
Good news from afar will lead to a former couple embracing and the two that witness the embrace will find comfort for their broken hearts in one another's arms.
And that's just the beginning of the party that promises to be a great big splash. (source)

Let's not forget JT is on vacation half of april so the "scrubs stuff" in may will amount to 2 weeks, 2 episodes a week for 2 minutes total airtime.

He is going after taping May sweeps
Scrub Fans,
dont worry about airtime! Iam sure Kim and JT will let you kno during their PA that they taped alot, because they did tape alot in the past 2 weeks. :)
Good night
Really? Can you say how many days in the last two weeks?
At least 3 days a week for sure.
I dont kno if they get physical or not, I just know both actors have been very busy taping (source)

Robin will be in danger, but not because of Anna.
FH is only going to be back for a handful of episodes.
Robin and Patrick will be involved with Ian's storyline via Nikolas. (source)

Patrick is not going with Leyla.
When will Scrubs kiss/sex ILYs again?
I believe there are ILYs coming up, but no kiss/sex. Patrick won't stay away from Robin.
Please don't ask me for a timeline.
TY! Any idea when Ian finds out Robin is having Patrick's baby? Will it matter?
Yes, Patrick may unknowingly put her in danger by refusing Ian's agenda, but I don't know what the agenda is.
What do you mean may? Has it not been decided yet? TIA
This was scabs stuff, and Guza wants to throw in some of it, thus they are just trying to see who to get involved with the Ian story and to what extent. (source)

Carly and Sonny are saddened when Patrick tells them that there is little hope for Michael. Robin and Patrick see the pain that Sonny and Carly are going through and explore their own feelings on parenthood.
Just what I've Heard (source)

Look for two weddings coming up in the summer . 3 will be planned but only 2 will make it . one couple is expecting and the other one will decide it’s the next step after a proposal ruined things for them they are moving forward this time . the one couple that wont make it is expected to break up after this .
Scrubs & Skate
A young woman who used to struggle in life suddenly has it all . she is finally becoming someone that others respect and admire for her work .
A pregnant woman’s worst fear comes true which result in a high risk pregnancy . Guza is in talk with Rick Springfield and Finola Hughes to comeback for this big storyline
Robin (source)

The above scoops are exaggerated and I will start with the very first one, GH is planning 1 wedding for this year. Also, FH's return will not be for an extended amount of time. (source)

I don't think scrubs are all that safe at all...the only ssfe couple on this show is Liason
They are 100% safe through November. Beyond that, I really couldn't say. But they will be together for the birth of their child.
That's not to say they will be lovey-dovey. Patrick continues to be conflicted and Robin continues to push him away. She has some health problems crop up and for a while it will appear that the best option would be to terminate the pregnancy. that's going to cause some additional problems for them as a couple but ultimately, they will be together for the birth of the child. (source)

Robin complains about the pregnancy, Patricks tells her she should stop worrying about the pregnancy, and that she is beautiful and still sexy. Robin tells him she is not worrying over anything and Patrick asks her to prove it by going to dinner with him. She is reluctant, but the accepts. Things don't go as planned. With an awkward start they end up growing closer, not in a sexual way though.
awww. do you have anything after their date? do they go back to her apartment? where does she fall asleep? TIA
I'm sorry I don't know where she falls asleep.
I don't have any more information, only that scrubs as a couple are safe now. (source)

genie francis will return in june (source)

robin has patrick life in her hands (source)

Anna is not pleased with Robins decisions (source)

Robin is going to bring up how patrick hurt her, when he thinks they are back to normal.And those who wanted patrick to apoloize, he will, because he doesn't want to lose Robin.
Thank you. Do you have a timeframe?
It's after the Michael stuff, she will lean on Patrick, and he will think things are back to the way the were only to be blocked by her wall, but there are ILY's coming up. (source)

Anna has a heart to heart with Robin about the baby and the decisions she is making. (source)

I would take all Anna Devane spoilers with a large grain of salt. FH is only back for a few episodes.
I can't wait for this. I wonder if they will address Patrick's fears that Robin will leave him to raise the baby alone. Should be great stuff for them to play.
Anna will give Patrick his own medicine. She will question Patrick intentions with both Robin and the baby, and this time it's not coffee and fries, she will tell him he doesn't want a Robert in her granchild's life. He has to make a decision that he will stick with it.
Oh, You'll love Anna in grandma mode as she drives both of them crazy. (source)

Don't worry scrubs, there are some closeness and touchage coming up.
Really? Spec or fact?
It's fact, just don't ask me if it's sex/kissing. Hey but there is a hair/forehead kiss. (source)

During Patrick's reveletion that he want's to be in the child's life he tells her that he loves her, hey but she doesn't hear.
To make myself clear Patrick thinks Robin didn't hear the whole conversation, but she may have heard the beggining of it.
Does he know she heard the beginning?
Does he say enough in the beginning for Robin to understand that he wants to be with her and the baby?
Not enough, because Robin's wall are still up, but they might leave her teary. Robin will also talk with Liz about the date. Patrick on the other hand will use patients as excuses to see/check up on Robin. (source)

Ian pulls Robin into a kiss for Patrick to witness
I don't buy that one.
you don't have to but it does happen the week of April 21st.
Oh and uh ask kimberly tomorrow if you don't belive me but Ian is the one that goes with Robin to the HS party that week not patrick. (source)

I almost hate to ask, but....for the insider here:
Since Robin is at the HS party with Ian, does Patrick take a date also?
Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

Alone (source)


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