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Kimberly and Jason at the Brokerage

credit to Eva from the Scrubs Board

Video (partial): GHlover23

From the Scrubs Board
  • Jason said they knew the sex of the baby, but they weren't telling them. The girls think it was a joke.
  • To recap the past hour or so. They did the pictures/autographs first. Then, they took a small break where a Comedian came on stage. Now, it's time for Kimson to come back out.
  • Kimberly choreographed her own dance for Broadway Cares.
  • Jason liked working with the baby.
  • They don't know what their role will be in Ian's storyline.
  • Who would they like to work with more? Jason said John Ingle. Kimberly said Maurice Benard.
  • Kimberly hasn't gotten her motorcycle yet because they are fitting it for her. She had it ordered a month ago.
  • Someone asked if they are going to name the baby after Stone. Jason said "Hell no." Then he said "What about Stone Leyla?" and he said that jokingly.
  • Jason's contract is up in November. Kimberly said they would stay as long as the show would have them. Jason really didn't have anything to say about it.
  • Jason has not filmed the broken condom scene with Nazanin.
  • Kimberly said that playing Robin is the best character that she has ever played because it is the most challenging.
  • For emotional scenes, all Jason has to do is look at Kimberly. He kept praising her and she called him Schnooks.
  • If they ever had the chance to meet someone, Jason said he would have liked to have met James Dean.
  • About the baby, if it was a girl, Jason said she would be locked up until she was 35 and he would pick out who she would marry.
  • Why didn't Patrick tell Leyla about the broken condom? He really didn't have an answer, but he said a voice mail, text, or e-mail offscreen to her.
  • For three days, Jason wore Natalia's scrubs and they were tight, but for continuity he had to keep wearing them.
From Soapzone
  • JT is wearing a red plaid shirt and dark jeans; KMc is wearing a cute red and beige dress.
  • Colleen says JT gushed about working with KMc again
  • No scene has been written yet about Leyla and the condom.
  • KMc mentioned she has no upcoming scenes with Steve Burton.
  • JT is still noncommittal on his contract status, but he loves what they're doing now. (I think she's referring to the out he has at the end of his third year)
  • Patrick will not be apologizing to Robin, but KMc didn't think it was a big deal.
  • This was funny..after talking about Robin's apt and then segueing to Patrick's apt someone asked if they are burning his couch. and Kimberly said burning? why would they burn his couch. and then she stopped for a moment and said...EWWWWWWWWWWW did Patrick SLEEP with her on that couch. EWWWW that's gross.
  • Someone asked if there will be a scene where Robin goes to the bridge to ask for stone's blessing and Kimberly (god I love her) says why? do you think Robin needs to ask for Permission from stone to have a baby? LOL LOVED her answer.
  • I asked whether there would be a J&R scene where Robin tells Jason and she said no. Then I said well we were afraid Patrick was going to tell Jason at the apt the other day since he's been telling everyone. And Jason said. "he's a proud Papa!!". And I said...that's really nice and we love that but....
  • My personal favorite part was JT saying they hadn't been working very much with others lately but have been working together a lot and in her apartment.
  • I also liked how they seemed aware of certain things, like always being in the hospital.
  • Just wish the answer wasn't a firm no to whether or not Patrick would ever apologize.
  • One other thing...they kept saying how much they were working together lately and upcoming stuff. But they also said it was very lighthearted and comical and they hoped they were able to pull of the comedy the writers were writing.
  • This was cute too! JT came out and one of the first things he said was...Oh! It's nice to come to a PA when there isn't any animosity in the crowd
  • When talking about the recent scene with the baby. He said the baby was hilarious and he had a great time filming. JT said it was funny to act like he was uncomfortable holding a baby when in real life he so clearly is not. He loves kids and thinks acting with them is wonderful. He is looking forward to their baby.
  • Kimberly was talking about how she wishes Scrubs got to have more fun and she said "why can't we go to the race track" and then suggested that Robin should dance for Patrick.
  • She said now that she's pregnant it would be weird but thought about it some more and said maybe not, they could work around it or some such.
  • JT saying Patrick's proposal would probably be at the hospital and be "Scalpel. Scalpel. Marry me."
  • Kimberly loves Maurice and working with him. Says they are still very connected. She likes scenes with him because he is all over the place and she loves trying to figure him out and follow him. Guess she likes the challenge that brings.
  • NightShift: When they said it was very likely coming...our faces in the audience must have spoken volumes because Kimberly said, "Look at the fear on their faces" or something like that LOL
  • Then she said something about having a bun in the oven and how that would make things better than last time..or something funny like that.
  • She had a great time playing Tyler's GF in that Stage 4 thing. She hasn't seen it finished. Couldn't go to the premiere. Thinks TC is hysterical, he always makes her laugh and liked that people could see that side of him because he is really funny.
  • She understands the frustrations we had about Robin not telling any of her family etc and hopes that those things are coming. Maybe things will be more family centered when FH comes.
From the Cloud 9 Board
  • Won’t say when they will get back together. Seems like they don’t really know. Of course they joke that it might be “if”. That got a booo from the crowd.
  • KMc is happy that Robin finally has a home.
  • Someone asked about their involvement in the Claudia/Ian/Drugs story. They don’t know how much they will be part of it but would suspect they will be a bit. JT made some joke about Claudia at GH wearing tight red scrubs. That led Kimberly to tell this story of how JT was wearing these really tight scrub bottoms for like 3 days. Turns out they were Natalia’s pants. Tyler apparently came up to him at one point and said something like “Get out of Natty’s pants!”
  • JT would love to do Night Shift again but made it clear that he would want to make sure about a few things beforehand. He was clearly referring to what the negative stuff that happened to Patrick last time,
  • They both want a baby girl. JT said she would be locked up until she was 35 and Patrick would get to choose her husband.
  • Someone asked if Kimberly was like Robin. She said JT should answer that. He said not really. Kimberly is more fun. She laughed and said thank you. She then said she thinks she’s more spontaneous than Robin.
  • One of them said that JT is not really like Patrick either. Kimberly said he does flirt. He seemed a little surprised by that. JT joked that they have the same hair.
  • Someone asked about their contracts. JT said his is up in November. He said something about how as an actor you want to do other things but that he’s happy where he is too. Kimberly cut him off before he said anything more. Then said something about how they want to stay as long as you [the fans] want them to.
  • Someone asked if they would get married. They don’t know but Kimberly would like too. She’s not married yet so it would be like a test run for her. She would know how to work out the kinks for her own wedding. JT said the show needs more happily married couples. They both think it’s possible to be a happily married couple on the show and NOT be boring.
  • Kimberly is wearing the pregnancy pillow already. She loves wearing it. She's also wearing breast enhancers to make her breasts look like they are getting fuller. She joked about how she keeps going up to Jason everyday and being like "Look at my boobs." Then they joked about how she's started taking them home on the weekends. She said something about getting more dates that way.
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From the Scrubs Board
  • They are going to have a kiss. It was filmed recently.
  • No proposal yet.
From SoapZone
  • Colleen says a kiss has been filmed!!
From the Cloud 9 Board
  • JT said they taped several times in Robin’s apartment last week. Later he said he doesn’t even know what they say on Monday—Kimberly said they have the scripts. Sounds like JT just hasn’t read it.
  • Baby is due in November. JT made a joke about how GH messes with time.
  • When talking about how they have been filming in Robin's new apartment this past week, Kimberly said there is a scene where she is in the kitchen. Patrick is talking to her from the living room. The weird bit is her apartment doesn't have a kitchen so she was just outside the fake door for it with the camera men. She then made some joke about why it is that Patrick got a whole apartment.
  • They did confirm that Michael gets shot and Patrick is his doctor. They wouldn't say anything else about it though.


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