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3/7 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates

week of 3/3 - M, T,W, Th, F
week of 3/10 - T,W

Tuesday, March 11
Episode: "Nikolas Becomes Violent"
Nikolas grows violent when the medical team tries to save him;
Wednesday, March 12
Episode: "Robin Pushes Patrick Away"
Robin pushes Patrick away; Nikolas agrees to be treated with an experimental drug (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
A wedding is not out of the question, it's just not in the immediate plans
There is a definite storyarc for them but the current arc - the short term portion of it, does not include a wedding based on the information I've heard. There is lots of story there without throwing a wedding into the mix at this time
I have heard that Patrick proposes and that Robin turns him down - there may be more than one proposal but I don't know that for sure.
I wouldn't fret about the lack of immediate wedding - remember there are many chapters to go
Someone on the other board said that Kimberly told TPTB that she is leaving in the fall, have your heard anything about that? I'm always wary of people dropping off contract stuff.
I won't say it's impossible but I would say that it would be early for her to give that notification and that type of info tends to be kept very quiet for as long as possible.
Any new info on what is going on with the writing staff -- or is stuff still close to the vest/in flux?
Any new word on NB or JD?

I'm good thanks.
There is still a lot of chatter about writing changes but I haven't been able to pin anyone down on specifics.
Rumor has it that JD is perhaps waking up to how other people view him - whether it's in time remains to be seen
Hi Chat Up!!
We heard there were two Robin and Kelly scenes that were cut today. Do you know what those scenes might have been about? I know you mentioned there are some good scenes for Robin coming up, do you think we will get to see them or is Guza cutting alot since he has been back?

I'm not sure what the scenes were about that were cut.
The meaty scenes are to come - they haven't been filmed yet.
Any hints as to what they're about?
Hi, by the way!

Howdy! hints
Oh, you tease!
Just a question then - will it be stuff, myself as a Scrubs fan will enjoy?

I don't know it in detail at all but I was told that it was very good
Thanks. Anything on NB?
Haven't heard anything lately - that should not be taken as a positive for her
CU --
Anything you can share on the Ian storyline? A lot of us here have been getting very excited about the possibilities but are wary because we think that we are making it out to be more than it will end up being if that makes any sense!

Information on Ian has been hard for me to come by - I've been told there have been changes to the original intentions of his storyline.
Does the Scrubs stuff seem to be going according to plan so far or have they moved things up a bit?
The timeline has changed a few times so it's hard to say if it's according to plan at the moment.
I believe the reveal was bumped up by a few weeks.
CU --
At what point do you think the story will place added focus on the HIV aspect of this story and will they be promoting this? I am thinking about what they did during the Stone/Robin story.

As I understand it, the last time I spoke with anyone about the storyline, there is supposed to be an event that pushes Robin and Patrick together - whether that is related to her HIV or not, I don't know. I would suspect after that (so April-ish is my guess) there should be more emphasis.
So the event should be happening in the next couple of weeks? Is it the stomach kicking incident?
It may be the stomach kicking but at this point I dont' know for sure. I was told that there is an "event" which to me means crisis - the stomach kicking could fit. (source)
Do tptb look at HH in ratings at all or just the demos?
Also...are they going to do anything w/the whole Claudia fiasco? She just isn't working and they don't seem to know how they want her to be. She needs to pick a persona and go w/ it..

hey wardland -
they look at everything but the demos are what drives the business and the money.
I'm not sure where Claudia is going - many of the folks I have talked to remain disappointed in her showing but some are hopeful that the end of the strike will sort her out. (I am less convinced)
Any idea why GH is now addressing Patrick and the broken condom to Leyla?
There were comments made to the producers/management and while they didn't feel at the time it needed to be addressed on screen, they have been shown the error of their ways (remember how I said attention from the mouse house was never a good thing?)
Re: the Patrick/Leyla scene about his exposure talked about in SID
Chat Up do you know how they are gonna play out onscreen? Thanks your really the best!

I'm sorry, I don't know
hey chatup. it seems as though JT and Kmc are certainly getting a lot of press. will we continue to see more of this? any knowledge of possibly having them do another joint interview?
The pr push around their storyline is in phases and so there is more to come. I don't know of a specific joint interview at this time but there will be more than one before the baby is born
I thought the behind the CGI thing was interesting b/c they were pushing GH as the CGI soap that would open and bigger and better world..or somethingl like that.
GL is going w/ the hand cams. Is this the 'gimmick' (not the right word) that GH is going to use to try to bring in more viewers? Will they continue to use CGI in their show or will that mainly be a sweeps thing?

They are trying to be "flashier" for lack of a better word but CGI is expensive - it'll be used sparingly but I expect to see it during May sweeps
Chat up, is Ian related to anyone already on canvas?

not at the moment but his story has been retooled some
What about that nifty better story telling idea? Any news on that being used?
How about that HW list? Still in play?
Any blind item for us to chew on?
Oh and "hi!"

hey you.
better storytelling......hmm....that sounds too revolutionary.
the list is still in play.
no BIs at the moment - I'm waiting on conformation of something
I guess that Patrick's surgery he performed on NYE without informed consent will not be mentioned?
I wouldn't hold my breath on that one m2c (source)
Meh that was before Guza came back ....I just don't see it...I don't think he believes robin is worthy of a proposal.
Sorry ILS, but I posted that AFTER Guza returned....but it certainly is your right to be a skeptic.
THANKS TIOLI!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Not a problem. I just don't like when my things are taken out of context or reported incorrectly. I don't mind the skepticism though, its the nature of SD.
Side Note:
I've gotten tons of PMS asking where I have been and if I have stopped posting at SD. While you can see that I am still around, I have been very busy and keeping a low profile while things still shake out behind the scenes at GH.
While SD has changed and not for the better, I love Dish Diva and feel like she has put up with so much and asks only for spoilers in return, and for that reason only, I will never totally abandon SD.
I'm off to pick up kids, but will try and return later tonight to post some things I've heard.
TIOLI~ (source)
EMI: none at the time of this post
wubs (updated Thur 3/6)
Nikolas has another violent episode and this time someone innocent is hurt. After Nikolas' rage, Robin's in trouble. Patrick realizes how much he cares for she and the baby's safety.
The ones in bold, I've heard about.
Have a good weekend SD
From TTYL. (source)

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish Anon:
none at the time of this post
Soap Dish Anon:
Is Jason offscreen tomorrow?
Yep. Liz is confronted by Patrick who then gets emotional about his own circumstances and the break up with Robin. She comforts him and then Robin when she arrives and leaves the two to talk some things through. (source)

Insider do Scrubs have any scenes today or tomorrow and if so what about? TIA

Quick scene at the end.
Sorry it should say at the end of Friday.
do you know if its in the locker room and whats said? TIA
I commented before that it is the scene with Patrick and Liz and Robin walks in and Liz leaves them to talk. That is how it ends and yes it is in the locker room.
Bye for real. (source)

Ian may have a surprising and deadly family connection to someone in Port Charles (hospital side of the canvas). (source)

*Claps Hands* Finally something I want to happen, will.
Buh-bye Baby CarJax.
Hopefully Carly's uterus will rot and be unable to produce anything else, after this, as a cherry on top.
To answer the question. Yes it's confirmed.Just take my word for it.
Tracee (source)

All of Elizabeth's scenes are with Patrick. She only interacts with Robin for a few seconds and Patrick is there.
Who does Robin interact with today then?
One scene w/ Dr. Lee
One scene w/ Patrick and Elizabeth
One scene w/ Patrick
Apologies but there is also one scene w/ day players.
Insider can you say what goes on between Robin and Patricks and Liz and Patricks conversations today?
Patrick and Elizabeth discuss Jake's paternity and why it's a secret. Patrick vows to keep it to himself. Patrick reveals he's the father of Robin's baby and Elizabeth confesses she knew. Robin witnesses Patrick and Elizabeth hugging. Patrick tells Robin Elizabeth knows he is the father of her baby and Robin becomes annoyed he discussed it with Elizabeth.

Patrick and Elizabeth discuss Jake's paternity and why it's a secret. Patrick vows to keep it to himself. Patrick reveals he's the father of Robin's baby and Elizabeth confesses she knew. Robin witnesses Patrick and Elizabeth hugging. Patrick tells Robin Elizabeth knows he is the father of her baby and Robin becomes annoyed he discussed it with Elizabeth.
Before my work day begins, I wanted to comment on the above.
Jason being Jake's father is never discussed.
"Going to the chapel and we're going to get married..." (source)


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