Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jason's RMHC Seattle Hockey Challenge

Jason Thompson laughing at Michael Rosenbaum singing Rick Springfield songs, and a clip here from another angle
Tom Arnold referring to Jason as "General Hospital" during a play
Jason (he's #3) playing hockey here and here and here (in the background)

From the Scrubs Board

  • Jen says there is a long table for all the celebs to sit and greet fans. She is in line next to a guy with his kids who has a picture of JT's charity pic for him to autograph
  • JT came out the elevator with a Black Jacket and Gray shirt and he is at the end of the table.
  • She told him that the Scrubs Board wants to know if he is going to propose to Robin. He smiled and said "Oh they do?" and then he said he didn't know yet.
  • She didnt faint while he was talking to her . He thanked her coming and asked her what part of Oregon she was from and she told him she was from Portland and he said he thought Portland was a beautiful city and he tried to visit there alot.
  • One of the ladies was giving him a hard time about the sexiest soap picture he took for People's Magazine( Jen brought that for him to sign) he laughed and told her he was their 51st choice.
  • While they were talking, JT made eye contact with her and didn't sign anything till the end and when they were done he was like " Now I forgot your name" and that is when she asked him about the proposal. He stopped signing and started laughing. She said it was a huge smile when she brought it up. She says by the huge smile and the pause before he answered with "he didn't know yet" let her know he did in fact knows something. She said the look on his face was adorable
  • The players are being introduced now - JT is on the Blue team and is #3
  • The Celeb game is shorter quarters. Jason was in the face off and got it for his team and the his team the Blue team just scored and they are ahead in the game
  • Tom Arnold was asked to sing 3 Rick SPringfield songs and Jason is cracking up. Tom Arnold tried to Sing "Jessie's Girl but failed... Jason team is up 6 to 2
  • There was no real reason for making Tom Arnold sing Rick's Springfield songs.. Just having silly commentary. They were talking about Jason and that Rick Springfield is his TV Dad. They keep referring to JT as General Hosptial instead of JT.
  • Jason made a point in the shootout that help his team win 11 to 10. There was some talk about his shoulder being hurt which is still hurt btw.. So they went easy on him and not give him a bad time about anything.


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