Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kimberly McCullough on Stardish Radio

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Soapdish recaps

Brandon asks KMc about how she found about the HIV storyline and what it was like.

KMc says that it was strange, both because she was a kid and because she was a virgin. So it was very "far-fetched." She thought it was an enriching experience that still has an effect on her today, and it was fun. She likes to get her hands dirty, it's one of her passions, and it still affects the character that she plays.

They didn't know they'd be able to do the baby storyline back when it started, so it's nice to play that now.

Does she still stay in touch with Michael? No, but he's a businessman and he's smart. He stopped acting after that role, which she says she doesn't understand because he was a great actor. He went out on top. KMc says she peaked when she was five in Electric Bugaloo. "That's why most men are attracted to me," she says.

Fran calls in and compliments KMc on her birthing scenes. KMc says she was really nervous about it, and kept asking BH for tips. She says that's "the highest compliment."

KMc says she's playing an important role in the hospital crisis, but "not in the way that you think." But she says that she does. Fort Knox, as usual.

As for NS2, KMc says that they haven't heard anything about it going forward, but she and JT had fun but she's crossing her fingers.

Fran is very complimentary of Scrubs. KMc says "thanks for writing to Brian," says Frons really pays attention to that.

Someone asks a hard-hitting question about "PodRobin" to KMc, regarding other message boards commenting on the Robin character not being the same character.

KMc says that she was gone from the show for a very long time. And there are different writers and different producers. There were some things that changed, but the core is the same. The only thing that was different, that she had difficulties with was the busy-body characteristics.

"Different characters change and grow," and things they do service the story. The characters have to grow, she says. They can't stay the same. KMc thinks they stayed the same to an extent, but since they've brought back FH and TR, they're bringing back the connection and "the spirit that she gets from her parents."

Love scene question... KMc says not good odds and laughs. "Robin and Patrick don't get a lot of those," she says. "They've had one in three years." She says she's fine with that, because then she can have a cheeseburger if she wants to.

What's it like working with Kelly Monaco? KMc says it's great. She doesn't get to do a lot of scenes with her, but they do hang out and she's a "great girl," she's really fun.

Working with FH and TR...

It was like old times. They're like family, fell back into the same, old rhythm. KMc says FH can do anything.

After the storyline with the crisis, what's next for Patrick and Robin? Or what would KMc like to see?

They're doing a PPD story "now." KMc wasn't sure if it started to air or not. She says it's supposed to be a long story. There's admitting, going through it, recovery. She would like them to be happy for once, because she feels like they were happy with the wedding, and then the next time she was "acting like a crazy person."

She said it's very difficult, because she thinks the babies are adorable and she likes being with them, but she has to pretend like they're crying and they hate her (jokingly said).

No info on NS2 DVD for sale

A man calls. KMc is shocked and excited. He's a huge fan. He wants to know if she wants more scenes with SBu, and what's her relationship with him offscreen.

Their relationship is like big bro/little sister. He makes fun of her for being a hippie and living in Venice, and she makes fun of him living in OC. They joke around, but when it comes time to work, they know how to snap out of it.

Surfer4JnRFan wants more scenes between Robin and Jason. He thinks it'd be sweet. He thinks she's a great actress, is a huge fan. He's cracking me up right now.

Has LOTS of scenes with Maxie coming up.

Broadway Cares... KMc has no idea what she's going to do this year.

Someone asks how KMc thought the HIV pregnancy went. They thought there should've been more.

KMc thought they were going to do more; they kept telling her they'd do more... But then they tried to wrap it up, and it was short-lived when Robin passed out.

These questions are hard, because it's not like KMc can control it or speak candidly. Anyway... "It is what it is," she said. "What else can I say?"

The difference between GH and NS, is NS gets more into the details with Scrubs' relationship. On GH, they don't have as much time, so those little details get lost. In general, she says she thinks they handled it pretty well.

Ryan asks, What were some of the most difficult scenes?

Stone dying, because KMc was so attached to the story and didn't want to let it go. At the same time, she didn't want it to be fake or overly sentimental. She wanted it to be real. She remembers telling herself to relax and let it happen.

What she's doing now is really hard. Smiling baby, pretending like they're screaming their heads off. She feels bad, crying and blubbering over the "poor child" all the time.


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