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1/10 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Kimberly McCullough, Anthony Geary and Bradford Anderson are confirmed to appear at the 'ABC & Soapnet Salute Broadway Cares charity event on March 9th at 8pm
  • Eye on Soaps reviews ABC Daytime in 2008, The Gourmez names Scrubs as Best Couple, The Gourmez names Jason Thompson as Best Actor, Carolyn Aspenson names Tristan Rogers as Best Actor, Daytime Diva and Trish Fodor name Tristan Rogers as Best Return of a Vet, and The Gourmez names Finola Hughes as Best Return of a Vet

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 1/12 - T, W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
Tuesday, January 13
Patrick is concerned for Robin, who refuses to entertain the idea that she might be suffering from post-partum depression. Robin thinks all her problems will be solved if she and Patrick move out of their small apartment and into a bigger house.
Wednesday, January 14
Robin and Patrick make an offer on a new house and plan to move immediately. Patrick is privately worried over Robin's mental state.
Thursday, January 15
Elizabeth offers to help Robin get settled at her and Patrick's new house. Robin makes a quick exit when Emma starts to cry and asks a baffled Elizabeth to look after the baby. Robin questions Jason on what it was like when Carly suffered from post-partum depression. Patrick makes an alarming discovery. A disaster is in the making at the hospital.
Friday, January 16
Patrick recalls the events before disaster struck.
week of 1/19 - F
Friday, January 23
Carly admits to Patrick she thinks Robin needs help.

Soap Opera Source: GH Spoilers: Week of January 12 ~
Denying the Obvious
Patrick becomes more concerned about Robin when she refuses to believe she may be suffering from Post Partum Depression. She believes their problems will be solved if they move into a larger place to live. Patrick's concern begins to grow as the family moves into a new house, he is worried about Robin's mental stability. Elizabeth offers to help Robin and Patrick move into their new home. When Emma gets fussy and begins to cry, Robin bolts from the house, leaving Emma with Elizabeth. She goes to see Jason to ask him about Carly's battle with Post Partum Depression. Patrick makes a shocking discovery. Patrick worried about Robin, he suggests to her to make an appointment to see Lainey, Robin is offended at the idea and denies there is anything wrong with her. An unsettled Patrick re-lives the events leading up to the tragedy that has struck the hospital.(source)
GH PreVue: Week of January 12 Edition A Closer Look: Postpartum Depression
Over 12 years ago, Carly Roberts came to town and blew the town of Port Charles sky-high when they all learned that she was the daughter of Barbara Jean Spencer and a John from back in the day. She then tore apart two families when it was learned that she conceived a child with either A.J. Quartermaine or Tony Jones in 1997. Once the baby was born, however, Jason Morgan claimed the child was his - the baby was fathered by his brother A.J. Soon afterward, Carly left town believing she harmed her child. Upon her return months later, she refused to touch the baby. It was revealed that Carly was going through postpartum depression, but not everyone was convinced - in particular one Robin Scorpio. On Thursday, January 15, look for Robin to have an unexpected reaction to her newborn baby girl. Fearing she is doing something wrong, Robin asks Elizabeth to watch over Emma. Afterward, she finds Jason and questions him on what things were like when Carly suffered from postpartum depression. On Friday, January 16, Robin is offended by Patrick's medical suggestion.
What To Watch
Patrick makes an alarming discovery on Thursday, January 15.
Disaster strikes General Hospital on Thursday, January 15 and Friday, January 16 as Port Charles is hit with a "Twist in Time."(source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG none at the time of this post
TMI none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
Matt wants to show Patrick up.

Again people this isn't rocket science. Guza is combining the MC and the virus. The MC angle is the 9 hour count up to the release of the biotoxin. After that it becomes the virus. The hospital is on lock down. The people at the gala are told to stay there even if they have someone they care about who is sick (think lucky) but then people at the gala start becoming ill too. There is a separation at first but then there isn't.
No one is allowed in or out of the hospital unless they sneak in (think Johnny) or escape out.

Robin is sent home by Patrick before the crisis starts because she has given a patient the wrong medication. My first information was that the combo of medicine Robin gives sets off the whole toxic result, but I hear that has been changed.
Where is Monica? Monica is not there which is why Patrick is running the show.
Insider, how far out does your information go? Thanks for the drops.

No he doesn't. Shortly after the gala begins Patrick has to go upstairs for surgery. Robin stays

From what I know Robin is at the gala so take that as you will.
Monica is there for the surgery and she falls ill because of that. I don't see how Patrick can send Robin home before Monica falls ill because he is not in charge until then. Not saying Guza wouldn't do it but Patrick is not officially in charge until the surgery
Robin is at the gala. Monica is at the hospital as she is in the surgery with the biotox patient. Robin has not returned to work yet.
I can't believe Patrick sends Robin home and she just goes like the obedient wife. He doesn't. That is false. She is at the gala.
so basically robin has even less than Alexis?

Wrong. She is at the gala. A lot of the aftermath hasn't been taped yet because it doesn't happen until 1/29 forward.
I think Patrick sends her home from the gala.?
No he doesn't. Shortly after the gala begins Patrick has to go upstairs for surgery. Robin stays

I will say it again: Robin IS at the gala and she is not sent home. From the moment the crisis starts, NOBODY leaves period.
Just add more than 2 dayplayers dying, as the patients start to die even before the crisis starts, that's what make Patrick suspect something wrong happening at the hospital.

Someone is having a little too much fun here. I'm the insider in here and almost the whole cast will be at the gala.

The people on the outside include Jason and Sam, the Police, FBI, but eventually some agents will get inside to investigate and question the doctors, that's when they find patrick, lock him up and try to get him to tell them everything he knows, at first he doesnt want to waste time with this but he is forced to talk or he goes to jail.

Hospital crisis. There are a lot of spec going around. Let me try to clear up a few things.
Robin is at the gala. Patrick does not send her home.
The children will ALL be fine
Matt will not come out looking good after this.

Robin tries unsucessfully to contact her parents.


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