Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JasonThompson on Mantalk with Bill and Brent

Archived podcast: Click here to listen

From the BuB:

  • JT sounded exhausted but earnest. Did not say much about the upcoming plot.
  • The hosts asked about Rick Springfield and he said Rick is great and tours every weekend. Told that Corbin Bernsen wants to come back and JT said they barely were there at the same time.
  • Said he will not be at Broadway Cares.
  • When asked if the casts discusses who is hotter him or the guy who plays Jason, he said they don't talk about that stuff -- the cast gets along and they make fun of each other.
  • Every episode is an hour, things are going down!
  • Host called NS Nightwatch. Not sure if there is a third.
  • Talking about today's show being the one that starts the crisis.
  • Asked if would be moving on to someone else besides Robin and he said that they have a two and a half year relationship and there is a long story left to tell.
  • Said he likes to do love scenes and he does take off his shirt but not much in the winter.
  • Asked who is shorter between Sam, Robin and Maxie and he said they are all within an inch of each other and then said all "four" are pretty much the same size. (Guess he threw in BH.) Asked if it hard to tape with such shorties and he said no. He uses the couch arm or other things to bring them closer to the same size. He sees the show sometimes and says he does not see his eyes when talking because of the difference but it never bothers him.
  • The host says his wife predicts that Robin will pick up the baby when Emma is sick and JT said that does happen.
  • Says that Robin will be outside the hospital stuck in the snowstorm.
  • Gives away nothing about what happens in the plot.
  • He did a promo for the man show and it was over. JT messed up the radio promo -- he has another interview coming up.
  • It was a short, strange interview. One host watches the show with his wife and other was clueless. He was amazed at how many people were in the chat room for JT.


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