Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Deep Soap's Sara Bibel believe Robin's post partum depression storyline is the most realistic portrayal on the show
  • The Sound and Fury thinks that Scrubs are the cornerstone couple of GH, and that it's time to bury the hatchet between Robin and Carly using the PPD as a vehicle
  • Nice writeup..."'General Hospital' heart throb Jason Thompson led a star studded field of celebrities and NHL alumni with four goals at the 2nd Annual Luc Robitaille Celebrity Shoot Out Presented by D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Center to benefit Echoes of Hope that was held Sunday to tie in with the Sundance Film Festival...A 30-minute highlight show will run on the NHL network in the near future. " (Marketwire)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 1/19 - M, T, W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
Monday, Jan 19- Robin's on the verge of admitting she have a problem when Matt pays her and Patrick a surprise visit. Patrick and Robin sit back and watch the fireworks between Matt and Maxie. Robin playfully admits to Patrick that Matt reminds her of him when they first met. Patrick recalls events leading up to the mysterious catastrophe at the hospital.
Tuesday, Jan 20 - Pre-empted for Inauguration
Wednesday, Jan 21- Worried that Carly is setting herself up for heartbreak where Michael is concerned, Jason makes an appointment to meet with Patrick.
Thursday, Jan 22 - Nikolas admits to a sympathetic Robin that he's still not completely over Emily. Patrick asks Jason, and later Nikolas, if they think Robin is acting like her normal self. Carly drops in on Robin to invite her to the benefit and is taken aback when Robin snaps at her after Emma starts to cry. Patrick realizes there's a disaster in the making at the hospital.
Friday, Jan 23 - Carly admits to Patrick she thinks Robin is suffering from past partum depression. Robin struggles with motherhood. Patrick races to avert a catastrophe at the hospital.
week of 1/26 - M, T, W, Th, F
Monday, Jan 26 – While talking to Patrick, Carly stresses the importance of him and Robin addressing the fact that Robin could be struggling with post-partum depression. Robin remains in denial that she might have a problem.
Tuesday, Jan 27 – Patrick questions Elizabeth, who admits Robin has been acting a little off lately. Robin overreacts and accuses Patrick of constantly hovering over her when he calls to let her know he's on his way home from the hospital. As Patrick's about leave, a patient is rushed in but Matt volunteers to take over so that Patrick can get home to Robin.
Wednesday, Jan 28 – After taking a look at Earl's X-rays, Patrick makes a frantic dash to the operating room to try and stop Matt but he's too late to ward off a catastrophe in the making.
Thursday, Jan 29 – Patrick springs into action when he sees what's happened in the operating room. Matt insists that Patrick, now wearing a Hazmat suit, rescue the others first. Patrick isn't aware that anesthesia is also being released into the room. Rayner gives Patrick dire news about what their dealing with. Robin's anxiety over Emma grows increasingly worse.
Friday, Jan 30 – Patrick makes a scary discovery while examining Earl's corpse. Rayner orders Patrick to place the entire hospital under quarantine. Robin, on the brink of completely losing it, is privately relieved when Mac stops by and looks after Emma. Robin's hopes to leave Emma with Mac are dashed when he's called away on police business.
week of 2/2 - W, Th, F
Wednesday, Feb 4 - Jason, Sam and Patrick are in a race against time. Robin and Emma are in dire straits.
Thursday, Feb 5 - Johnny and Maxie find Robin but there's no sign of Emma.
Friday, Feb 6 - Maxie is extremely alarmed by Robin's behavior.

GH Biotoxin Crisis: Soapdish/BuB's speculated timeline using SB spoilers, CGS, SOW, SOD spoilers of the "flashback" episodes

Week of January 26th
Meanwhile, a crisis is set in motion.
Carly urges Patrick not to allow Robin, who is still in denial,
to ignore her post-partum depression.
Liz admits to Patrick that Robin has not been herself.
Matt agrees to take over a surgery so Patrick can go home to Robin.
1/28 Patrick cannot prevent the crisis.
After viewing Earl's X-rays Patrick rushes to stop Matt from operating
but he is too late.
1/29 Patrick dons a Hazmat suit and springs into action.
Matt insists Patrick rescue others first. Meanwhile, no one realizes that
anesthesia is being released into the room.
Patrick learns the full extent of the catastrophe from Rayner.
Left to her own devices, Robin's PPD worsens.
1/30 Earl's corpse reveals a frightening discovery.
Rayner declares the hospital quarantined.
Mac's arrival brings Robin respite, but not for long as duty calls him away.
Week of February 2nd
2/4 Patrick, Jason and Sam race to save lives.
The situation with Robin and Emma grows bleak.
2/5 Maxie and Johnny find Robin but...where is Emma?
2/6 Robins behavior alarms Maxie.
Robin does not remember, but she brought Emma to Audrey.
Soapnet Sneekpeak:
Meanwhile, we get more flash forwards into the crisis affecting the hospital. Somehow, the FBI is involved in all this madness, as we see Patrick talking to Agent Rayner (the same agent that's forcing Jason to get the goods on Sonny). But what does this have to do with the surgery that Patrick is trying to stop?
Robin's anxiety and short-temperedness only grow worse as her increasing discomfort with motherhood take hold. Oddly enough, it's a visit from Carly that may end up helping Robin in the end. Carly -- never a big fan of Robin's -- identifies symptoms that she knows all too well: post-partum depression. She tells Patrick that Robin has PPD, is in denial, and needs help. Fast. (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG none at the time of this post
TMI none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
The Australian will save GH
No, he won't. But do expect a Scorpio connection. And with that I'm out.

Emma is with Audrey who is a nurse and taking care of Cake and lives next door remember. So she leaves her to go to the store to get stuff that Audrey says the baby needs, she goes off the road and that's when Maxie finds her.
Due to her being expose to the cold , robin has memory loss for awhile and that's when everyone gangs up on her thinking she left Emma somewhere in this blizzard.
You guys are being played with and it's a shame but this is what is coming for 2009. The most recent promo is just to entice old viewers back.
And you aren't going to see much of the vets, you aren't going to see a Lansing story and even the Z's will be phased out but two (actually only one lol) by summer. Also Jason and Sam will be front and center as will the MOB. The Hospital is to this sweeps what the Metro Court was to last years sweeps. Sorry but the HW isn't going anywhere.
Everything else is just smoke and mirrors, to get old viewers back watching and pump up those ratings and demos. If you don't like it, well all I can say is turn off your televisions because Frons and Guza aren't listening

Of course Patrick is not angry at Robin. Emma is fine despite people not knowing where she is for a few hours (she is "found" by the time Patrick is talking to the FBI) and Robin is almost completely unraveled because she was unable to tell people where Emma was. Patrick is upset because of how bad of mental shape Robin is in.
So Emma isn't in the van with Robin?
No and Robin is found along the side of the road.

Guilt weighs heavily on his shoulder for "running" away from his family "emergency".
What does this mean?
Not the OP but Robin is waiting for him at home. He knows she is barely holding it together. He feels bad that he wasn't there when she needed him. As chaos is breaking loose at the hospital Robin is losing it and then she leaves the house with Emma. As I said last week when Maxie finds her in the snow she is unable to tell them where Emma is. You see her with Emma in the car and then you see her in the snow and Emma is not in the car. The "suspense" is what happened to Emma. That takes a few episodes to resolve
And the ending is Robin attempting suicide because she believes she harmed Emma.
Hadn't heard that. Just heard that she is unresponsive/unable to help when Maxie and Johnny find her and people are concerned she hurt Emma. I hadn't heard when she comes out of her unresponsive state and that Emma is "found" in a few episodes.

They are not missing or at least Robin is not and Emma is "found" a few episode after she is "missing." For a few episodes People think Robin may have hurt Emma but she didn't.

HE calls her AFTer Carly tells him In her opinion Robin is suffering from PPD and when Patrick tells her that Robin gets upset that patrick is now listening to Carly and then when they hang up he knows she's worst off and that's when he decides to leave but................then the Xray shows up and Pip has to show him.

Robin is not dead. Robin is however hospitalized at GH.
How does she get in because of the quarantine? Where is emma?
Quarantine is over by the time Patrick is interrogated. The interrogation happens after people dying ends. They aren't going to yank out the guy in charge of the hospital while it is still under quarantine.
Does Patrick get to see Robin and talk to her before he is interrogated?
No. They take him away after it is all over. GH time doesn't catch up to the time of the interrogation until towards the end of February. The hour by hour count up ends on January 28 but after that until after the interrogation is still all part of one very long 1.5-2 fays.

Robin doesn't remember where Emma is at first but then they find Emma a few episodes later safe and sound and it turns out Robin didn't hurt her and actually did the right thing.
Who is Emma with?
She isn't planned to be committed very long. Think of the length of Lulu's commitment and no Patrick doesn't try to take Emma from her because she never puts Emma in danger
Lulu was committed for months. And why does Robin need to be committed? What does she do that requires her to be committed?
She doesn't hurt Emma. She just can't tell people where she is. That is the problem. She has a break during the stress.
Does not remembering where Emma is cause the break?
Not remembering is the break

One thing is Guza on the outs?

Spring outlines were due January 9
Still haven't seen them.
That's very unusual.
Someone was here earlier and said that they heard something about Guza not being in since before Xmas and JFP spotted having a meal with a writer from NBC
Guza's been in.
Has he?
I really don't have any info about that one way or the other.
Are you the one who said Scrubs are platinum? If so thanks because I am in love with Patrick and Robin - their s/line is so good. I can see the chemistry with the actors.
It really is although I still have no explanation for how we ended up with an extra month of PPD.
That was not in the outlines.
It just magically appeared.
Like I said, some things have been changed.
Don't know where this PPD thing came from. It should have ended with a Christmas Eve Miracle.
Don't know where something else that is going to happen next week came from.
(Fortunately I don't think I'd said anything contradicting that on this site)
So I'm really just not in the mood to say anything because we are off outline with no UnRs in a couple of places.
You know, I've always said, I didn't want to mislead anyone so I'm not comfortable sharing anything right now.
GGCB you havent answered any Scrubs questions should I be worried about them?
No, but I'm sure some people will be anyway.
WHich is why I'm not really answering many questions about them
Any concerns at Prospect over ratings?
The show seems to be losing the younger demographic.
That's troublesome.
I think you'll see more of the younger set as well as the addition of a few actual teens between now and summer.
Because basically the viewer research indicates that most of the loss is occurring in that age group.
What was the response to Scrubs wedding? Any reason why they are showcasing them right now?
Becuase they are platinum
I told everyone.
Many times.
I just read that you said the extra month of PPD you didn't know about.
i just assumed that's the story you were talking about when you said scrubs were platinum? Is there a different story you were talking about for them instead?

Yes and No.
The story you're seeing now is the Scrubs story that was planned.
The reason I keep saying they are platinum is because they have good airtime, strong angsty storyline and no 3rd party.
What you're about to see play out was in the outlines.
But the PPD was not.
It was suppose to end in December.
I'm not sure why they chose to continue with it.
Or if it will have an impact on the storyline, down the road.
But right now, and with what is upcoming. The thing changed is the PPD factor.
I'll have to wait, like you, to see if that is somehow important to what they are doing now
They have support in high places.


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