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1/28 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Curious how GH should show Patrick putting on a hazmat suit for the biotoxin crisis? A poster breaks it down into a step by step how-to, photos, the airtank needed for clean air, an exit shower, and a firefighter demostration.
  • Another great review of the Carly/Robin and Patrick scenes dealing with the post-partum depression storyline

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 1/26 - M, T, W, Th, F
Monday, Jan 26 – While talking to Patrick, Carly stresses the importance of him and Robin addressing the fact that Robin could be struggling with post-partum depression. Robin remains in denial that she might have a problem.
Tuesday, Jan 27 – Patrick questions Elizabeth, who admits Robin has been acting a little off lately. Robin overreacts and accuses Patrick of constantly hovering over her when he calls to let her know he's on his way home from the hospital. As Patrick's about leave, a patient is rushed in but Matt volunteers to take over so that Patrick can get home to Robin.
Wednesday, Jan 28 – After taking a look at Earl's X-rays, Patrick makes a frantic dash to the operating room to try and stop Matt but he's too late to ward off a catastrophe in the making.
Thursday, Jan 29 – Patrick springs into action when he sees what's happened in the operating room. Matt insists that Patrick, now wearing a Hazmat suit, rescue the others first. Patrick isn't aware that anesthesia is also being released into the room. Rayner gives Patrick dire news about what their dealing with. Robin's anxiety over Emma grows increasingly worse.
Friday, Jan 30 – Patrick makes a scary discovery while examining Earl's corpse. Rayner orders Patrick to place the entire hospital under quarantine. Robin, on the brink of completely losing it, is privately relieved when Mac stops by and looks after Emma. Robin's hopes to leave Emma with Mac are dashed when he's called away on police business.
week of 2/2 - W, Th, F
Monday, Feb 2 – Someone wearing a hazmat suit steals one of the spheres of poison from the operating room. Jason realizes that one of the spheres is missing. Everyone remains unaware that gas is still leaking in the operating room. Matt blames himself for what happened but Patrick assures him it wasn't his fault. Leyla's condition grows more serious.
Tuesday, Feb 3 – Patrick is deeply saddened when the catastrophe at the hospital claims another victim. Robin forces herself to touch a crying Emma and is horrified to discover she's burning up with a fever. Despite the storm outside, Robin decides to take Emma to the hospital and carefully starts driving through the snow. Patrick panics when he listens to Robin's message and learns she's on her way to the hospital with Emma.
Wednesday, Feb 4 – Tracy collapses after going off on Patrick. Robin's minivan breaks down while taking Emma to the hospital. Fearing she and Emma will freeze to death if they don't do anything, Robin decides to leave the van with the baby in the hope of finding help.
Thursday, Feb 5 – Johnny and Maxie find Robin in the snow but there is no sign of Emma

Clues about the GH Biotoxin Crisis:

*Speculated timeline using SB spoilers, CGS, SOW, SOD spoilers of the "flashback" episodes (Soapdish/BuB)
*Accumulation of facts surrounding the hospital crisis, includes Winnifred's
compiled telephone conversations (Scrubs board)
*Patrick interrogation clips merged part 1, 2 (Skippy from BuB)

National Enquirer for the week of Feb. 2nd:
The death toll at the hospital rises.
Robin and Emma are in dire straits.
A new catastrophe hits the hospital.

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG none at the time of this post
TMI none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
Johnny and Maxie find Emma in the van, alone. Robin tries to explain that she went for help, but Maxie notices something off in Robin's behaviour.
Patrick takes the blame for Matt.

The original breakdowns from the SB had this:
Thursday, Feb 5 - Johnny and Maxie find Robin but there's no sign of Emma. which is why people are trying to figure out what's happening.

Maxie/Johnny find Robin at the end of Thursday. It is in the last segment.
so what happens on Feb 6th?
Robin is out of it at first and then towards the end of the episode, a few minutes GH time, she says Emma is in the van.
Which because of GH's brilliant hour by hour storytelling will make it seem like she abandoned Emma in a car for three days. Thanks Bob.
By then we are past the hour by hour and into soap time so really after the toxin release is even slower than hour by hour.

The Scurbs board spoilers are accurate. The SOD spoiler is off by a day. Maxie/Johnny find out Emma is in the van at the end of the episode of Friday 2/6.

Patrick's guilt eats at him.

I assume the explosion is after the quarantine, so is the explosion next week or the week of February 9th?

Week of the 9th.

So to clairfy things who get sick and who doesnt my head is spinning here?
Tracy, Liz, Kate, Claudia, Lulu, Monica get sick. Leyla, Andy, Trevor,Earl die.
Matt is temporarily ill but recovers quickly enough to help.

Fans are excited about the Hospital and Scrubs getting a major storyline. KMc and Robin are getting a very positive response across the board.
That said, no matter the fan response, the story is going to be Sonny and Carly, Scrubs, the Z's will be phased out by May with only two Z's left on the show (and one of those isn't a Z at all), Jason is going to be with Sam in a working partnership with a love story to follow. Nik will end up with Rebecca, but not immediately. Not too many real changes in the works at all, just reshuffling and trying to bring back lost viewers.

Wednesday January 28:
Matt, Elizabeth, Monica and Leyla are in the OR as Earl's surgery begins.
Patrick checks out Earl's X-rays and then races to stop the surgery.

I am not an insider per se, but I have some information regarding the atmosphere surrounding GH these days and how it may relate to what is being dropped here. GH is basically locked down, with no outsiders being allowed past the front gate. Any information being released is being done so for a specific purpose. As has been said previously, people's jobs are on the line, and for those who want to stay employed, they're only spoiling what they've been told, and nothing more. So before you fall on your swords, wait to see what happens.
And for anyone who says Frons is going to do what he wants regardless... everybody has their Achilles Heel, even Frons.

Notice how choppy some of the scenes have been lately? Edits are happening daily; nothing is written in stone; extra scenes are being taped...much is left on the cutting room floor!

robin's life is on the line

Insider anythign on scrubs?
good emotional scenes coming up for them, they are reunited shortly until the second explosion, robin disappear then. i repeat, two explosions; first one claudia, sonny and lulu disappear, second one robin.
Insider - how far out are the storylines now? Is the biotoxin crisis over? Has the hospital quarantine been lifted?
the quarantine wont matter much after the explosions, people will be everywhere. the crisis is not over as of now, they are have some quiet time though, the aftermath is the bigger story.
Also, not understanding what aftermath means? Can you explain further?

aftermath in this story is when the explosions stop and people on the outside can finally help some people because things appear to be calm, however that's just what they think, things will get messier.


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