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4/4 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
week of 3/31 - M, T, W
week of 4/07 - M, T, W, Th, F
week of 4/14 - M, T, Th

Lynda Hirsch spoilers: week of 4/7 Nadine innocently overhears Nikolas with Patrick and learns of the illegal drug Nikolas has been taking. (source)
SID: Carly is having it out with Claudia, Kate calls, Carly gets on her about taking Michael to the warehouse, Kate interrupts Carly’s tirade to say Michael shot. Carly calls Jason, they race to the hospital, Carly tells Robin ‘’You fix him, Robin’’ LW says its no longer about Carly vs. Robin, this is about Robin also taking care of Michael as a baby and it’s about saving his life. Patrick says the bullet is lodged in the kids head. (source)
SOW: LW says Carly thinks doctors are wrong all the time and they're wrong this time. She tells Patrick and Robin, whose prognosis is that he won't wake up, she knows Michael and she won't give up on him and if they are they can get the hell out.
Patrick uncovers Nikolas' secret drug regimen. (source)
ABC Medianet pic for week of April 14th
credit to aimers943

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Any insiders or CU come by and talk about the ratings? I can't believe they went down. I figured they would stay the same
If I were Chat Up I would stay away from the baords on Thursdays as nothing she says people seem to believe. I don't know why she puts herself through that.
I know, but I always like to chat with CU. Always enjoy their tidbits and info!
Were people giving them a hard time last time they posted? That sucks

I'm around.
Just ratings day is never a good day to post wink
Does GH not monitor continuity? Robin's dialogue today didn't match up with what's been happening this week.
The writer was Tracey Thompsen who seems to be the worst with continuity.
Has MVJ written a show since the end of the strike?

Don't blame you I have one thing-
Is Leyla done with Patrick?
Why is she in spoilers?

She's done with Patrick in any possible romantic sense.
She's still a contract actress and she will surface from time to time.
Hi Chat Up! I don't blame you. These boards are brutal on ratings day.
Any predictions on what this Michael story will do for GH? I think it has potential for many characters but is so depressing viewers will tune out
GH needs to be lighter and not more depressing

I think it is very heavy material that will cut across large sections of the canvas. There are several actors who have very strong performances as a result.
That being said, I think viewers are suffering from violence fatigue.
Chat Up--
What the heck was that anniv. montage? So pathetic. What was JFP thinking?

Honestly? No clue.
Can you share anything about sweeps yet?

I'm not in a position to yet, sorry
Did you see it and think it was bad as well?
Chat Up, it seems to me Guza is pushing Jason/Liz and Robin/Patrick as his main couples. Are the rumors true that they are his new favorite foursome. Will this Liz-Robin friendship grow and will these coules be connected?
I'm not aware of bringing the two couples closer together. The friendship between Liz and Robin, as I've been told, is to offer each a POV
Do you know if the writers plan at all to address between Robin and Patrick the Leyla situation? It seems as though Guza has reset them to prior to the strike?
In what sense? The HIV sense or that he dated her?
I wouldn't expect it. I'm certainly not aware of any plans in that direction
Chat Up is it crazy to think Anna's short visit may bring about a reunion?
Thanks! And enjoy dinner

It will push them closer together - much closer. Whether it's a full fledged reunion, I hesitate to say that as I've been wrong before.
Any sex scenes for scrubs that you have heard about?
No, sorry.
CU, do you think a certain HW is very surprised his return and retooling hasn't ignited fan response? This show needs more romance and happiness and humor.
Will TPTB ever get it?

I think the HW is most definitely surprised that the ratings have not gained traction
Any guesses as to what he might do to change that?
I'm not the best person to guess at Guza's thought process. But I will say another poor performance for the show through May sweeps and the show is going to be in greater financial difficulty - not being cancelled or anything so dramatic but budgets will significantly affected
CU, you have been describing the Scrubs story as a book with chapters. Can you title the next chapter yet?
I think I sadly and cheesily named it "Working my way back to you" on SD the other day
you said you weren't able to tell us about sweeps but in your opinion do you think may sweeps will be a success based on what you know and how the online folks think?

It's such a subjective thing to answer.
I think if the actors continue to turn in the performances they have been or will be turning in through this month, it will be compelling. (source)
TTYL: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish:
Are the Patrick getting drunk and talking to Claudia from a legit spoiler source?
It's true but Patrick isn't instigating it. He is just minding his own business. Robin shows up in the middle of Claudia giving Patrick and earful and defiantly throws an arm around Patrick's shoulder as she listens, amused, to Claudia ramble on about Robin "trapping" Patrick. It has no negative impact on neither Pat nor Robin. In fact, it has the opposite effect when later on Pat realizes having a baby with Robin is something he actually wants to do.

Guza's new foursome is Jason, Liz, Robin and Patrick.
We'll see more and more of Robin and Elizabeth's friendship developing and more of both Jason and Patrick deciding what kind of fathers they want to be.

Mail count is very interesting at GH. You’d be shocked at the items mailed in and all the campaigns and duplicated mail. Recently there has been an effort to categorize the mail more, to get a sense of true, unduplicated fan mail. Basically, obvious campaign mail is excluded (postcards, form letters, etc). In addition mail with similar writing and same postmarks are being excluded from this count. Again, it’s not scientific, but it’s giving Jill and others an additional measure of character/actor popularity.
So anyway, the results were not too surprising.
Top 5-7 actors receiving the most unduplicated and non-campaign oriented letters were
Laura/Carly and Becky/Elizabeth tied
Kimberly/Robin and Kelly/Sam
Top 5 pairings
The Spinelli/Maxie excitement has been a very pleasant surprise for all at GH.

Michael's shooting has a tremendous effect on Robin and Patrick worries about her.
Carly will share scenes with Robin and she will tell her to save Michael.
Robin will also share scenes with Jason regarding Michael's condition.
Robin doesn't want to lean on Patrick more than she has, but she is cracking and find's it hard to hide her feelings.
Patrick and Robin share a passionate kiss.
Robin and Liz talk more about kids, what they want, and dangerous lives.
Patrick starts to think if he will be a good father or not.
Robin crossses path with Claudia and wonders why she is alway hanging at GH. (source of the above)

Don't expect Ian to be killed off anytime soon. Michael's shooting sets up the END of a very long story arc that should continue through the end of the year.

Robin and Carly share some brief moments of connection during Michael's crisis.
Robin thinks back to earlier times when she was a mother figure to Michael.
Patrick feels horrible when he tries to force Carly to deal with the truth of Michael's condition.
A grand re opening is planned.
Long List Scoopster

Robin and Patrick decide that they want to be a family.

How do we know robin is on tomorrow?
I don't think she is :?

She has a scene with Liz tomorrow at the hospital before Liz goes to Jason's. She talks about her childhood and the danger that was there but she only remembers the love
really? :shock: she talks about all that? thats good...any scenes with patrick or is that all for robin? TIA
I just know she's on with Liz, so I'm not sure if she's on with Patrick or not.

Patrick gets a 'kick'

Monday 7th: Robin's best interest are forefront in Patrick's mind.
Tuesday 8th: Patrick starts to imagine himself as a father. But what kind?

Robin and Patrick come to the realization that they still love eachother and want to try and have a life together
Patrick is angry when finding out about Nikolas's treatment.
Patrick and Robin discuss what lies ahead for them as parents
Liz feels encouraged seeing Patrick and Robn working out their struggle
Robin is suprised to see Anna
Anna gets a shock of her own

Nik is funding an Emily Quartermaine Memorial Wing at the hospital. He's planning on running it personally(I think that has already been mentioned on air) He'll have Sam come work for him and Ian will also get involved(as will most of the hospital staff.)
Oh, thanks. What kind of wing is it? Cancer?
I'm not sure. I think its for poverty patients, like the ones who can't pay for treatment elsewhere. But I don' tknow if one particular illness is involved or not.

4/7 Robin and Jason recall Michael's babyhood.
4/8 Michael makes it thru surgery but Patrick confirms Michael's dire condition;
the boy will never regain consciousness.
4/10 Claudia buys Patrick a drink. Two galpals discuss the badboys in their lives.
4/15 Robin and Patrick confess that they never stopped loving each other. (source of the above)


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