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4/14 Heard in the Waiting Room

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By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 4/14 - M, T, Th
April 14 - Robin makes an effort to extend herself to Patrick with regards to her pregnancy.
April 15 - Patrick admits to Robin that he’s accepted the fact he’s going to be a father and voices his insecurities. Robin and Patrick grow closer.
April 17 - Ric comforts Leyla when she’s affected over seeing Patrick and Robin together. Robin and Patrick cut their evening short when her pregnancy gets in the way but are clearly happy to be together.
week of 4/21 - M, T, W, Th, F
April 21 - Robin and Patrick are faced with the difficult task of delivering more heartbreaking news to Carly.
April 22 - Robin fears she’s underestimated what she’s in for being a mother.
April 23 - Robin is frustrated that her pregnancy is making her absent minded. Elizabeth turns to Robin for advice about how to get over loving Jason and encourages her to try and make a go of it with Patrick.
April 24 - Robin worries about Anna’s reaction to finding out she’s going to be a grandmother and explains her fears to Patrick.
April 25 - Anna reacts to the news of Robin’s pregnancy. Robin overhears Patrick making a startling confession

SON PreVue
Robin's words send a determined Sonny to challenge an even more determined Carly. Robin extends herself to Patrick with regards to her pregnancy, and the pair of doctors grow closer. Ric comforts Leyla when she's affected over seeing Patrick and Robin together. SON ALERTS: WEEK OF APRIL 21, 2008
Tuesday: Robin fears she’s underestimated what she’s in for being a mother.
Friday: Anna is a bit too enthusiastic about Robin’s pregnancy (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI:none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Is there going to be a NS2?
The creative side is pushing for it but there are financing issues. At the moment it has not been green-lighted
Chat Up, does Guza/ABC realize how freaked out Scrub fans are for NS2 and the how hated that first season was :lol:
Even Kimberly herself staed the fans looked scared out of their minds when it was mentioned.
Do they honestly think another season could succeed after what went down last summer?

Yes they do think it could succeed otherwise they wouldn't be trying to push it forward.
Are you disappointed in the ratings and how things are going with GH and are you surprised?
Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. There were at least two solid business cases presented to senior management last fall on what changes needed to be made to stop the downward trend. They were moving forward until the writers' strike and then it fell off the table.
Are GH's current ratings a consideration on whether or not it goes forward? Last summer NS seemed to take the writers' focus away from GH.
The principle reason why NS2 was not a go earlier is because they are mindful of the toll it took on cast and crew and wanted to avoid that this time around. They wanted a separate sound stage/crew etc and all that costs big bucks. That's what has so far stopped it going forward.
Hey CU - just wanted to say thanks for your comments on the business end of the show. I find the operations and management of this entire process quite interesting and often disappointing. It really emphasizes that despite Disney being regarded as a well managed company, there are some big holes that are producing less then stellar results.
Like any large multinational there will always be divisions that run better than others and people tend to get very good at hiding mistakes for a long time - eventually it all comes out and that is where we are at the moment.
Regarding NS, I heard that it looks like it is likely to happen, but if it does it will be without Guza and JFP this time around for the reasons you stated. Does that sound right to you?
it is gaining momentum, certainly on the creative side but the money men are going to have open up their wallets and I'm not sure where that stands at the moment
Again you are just listing one side of the story. The nuance is that Guza and Frons were simply not on the same page. If you asked Guza at the time Robin was going to be used to introduce Patrick to the canvas and then go off into his own story once Robin was with Jason. If you asked Frons Patrick and Robin were going to be a couple. That is why KMc was not lying when she said seeminly contradicting statements. Guza's plan was for a triangle (like she said was the plan) but in frons mind Patrick was cast for Robin and Robin alone.
In frons mind, no one would respond well to robin. Thus he still gets shocked and irritated when she does well.
That is true. GH was trying to beef up the hospital side of the canvas due to the success of GA and they were going to bring on a new female doctor as well as Noah Drake and his Son, Gordo (who later got changed to Patrick). SBu and Guza suggested bringing back Robin instead hoping it would Jason's ticket out of Jason/Sam. Frons didn't think anything of it because he didn't get that Robin was a draw and he was quite surprised she was and promptly nixed the triangle.
TTYL: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish:
JT was brought on for KMc.
In Frons's mind not Guza's. Guza wanted a quad with Robin and Jason being the end product while Patrick and Sam would go elsewhere. Frons didn't want J&R. That is why you all get these conflicting stories. Guza and Frons simply were not on the same page about the character which is why long after Frons thought it was to be Scrubs there was still periodic chem tests with Patrick and other characters so Guza could keep his dream of the manwhore doctor alive.
Patrick was with Claudia more than I like the past 3 weeks. Is this more of Guza's dream?
No. He is finally getting (with some pressure from the network) that people like Patrick commited to Robin better than Patrick the manwhore. There are no plans at all for Claudia and Patrick.
Does Frons really have a memo stating do not mess with Scrubs?
Lord you people are dramatic. There was no memo. More like the business people are keeping tighter tabs on GH and Frons and Guza both know what they think sells. Add to that that because Scrubs was relatively isolated it was easy to write them more like what the network thinks sells without having to give up Guza's bigger vision of "romance in wartime." Think if them as a bone to the business people watching
Is Frons ok with Patrick getting tied down and married?
Everyone has come to see that it isn't that shocking that viewers want Patrick with Robin. I have no idea about marriage.

TWO BIG RETURNS IN JUNE (source of the above)

-Parick and Robin have a wake up call because of Anna. they do not want to be anna and robert . this sudden realization will change everything for them

Scrubs will continue to go back and forth for a long while but in the end do work it out.
Do you know if that means their story is "together," but they're not officially dating for a while? Thanks.
Thier story is "together" but offically they are not together. But its clear they only have "eyes" for each other.

I could give you some Scrubs, but something else.
Oooh, lay it on me.
Ohh, I meant to say "nothing else"..
Leyla sees Patrick and Robin together at the HS opening.
And I think I said last night that they have ftb sex.. Shirtless. they come back from the HS opening and say they never stopped loving eachother. :oops:
I have two more tidbts, but I'm gonna let you see those and be surprised by those all on your own.
KLL.... :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I can't. You're gonna have to see, experience, and be surprised by the pretty all on your own.
I'll live. *sniff* I guess.
Oh come on... It's just little bitty scenes, but very cute. that's all you get. I know most Scrubbies will find it really cute.
Can you say which day?
I would if I knew the exact date... But I wasn't even told what WEEK it was gonna happen.
Is the cuteness physical, verbal or a combo of both?
What I heard was that it was just verbal.
I hope you guys don't hate me forever if some are wrong or misunderstood.
Does the verbal cuteness take place at a doctor's appointment, at the hub or at the apartment?
Verbal cutness is at the HS opening...
I think they said at the apartment too...
Do u kno anything about Patricks confession

I think the "confession" was just about Robin and Patrick spilling their guts out to eachother and saying they never stopped loving eachother. I haven't heard anything else, and if I did I would let you guys know.
So, question numero tres: the cuteness happens at the HS opening... Does it involve physical looks, feelings, or baby stuff?
this is only ?#2??
Physical, yes.
Feelings, not sure.
Baby stuff, no.. the baby doesn't kick for a good while. Not sure how long, but for a lot more episodes.
Talking about the baby.. I'm pretty sure.
Do you kno who Patrick is confessing his feelings to?

Robin, of course!!
OK, you asked for it....
Why do they leave the HS party? Which pregnancy problem forces them to leave? Is Patrick upset about it, or worried about Robin? I wasn't told anything about this... :cry: Just that they have a conversation at the HS opening.
Who does Patrick have his confession with? Is it about wanting to be a family with Robin and the baby? Does Robin really over hear? With Robin. Yes. No, he tells her.
What does Anna say to Patrick? Is Anna upset about the baby, or happy for Robin? Is Anna really there just for Robin or does she get involved in the Ian storyline too? I have no idea what Anna says to Patrick. Sorry.:oops: Of course Anna is happy for Robin! She's MAINLY there for Robin, she may be involved with the Ian s/l. Most likely though... because she's Anna.
How do Robin and Patrick react after they have sex? Does Robin worry it was too fast? Does she really think Patrick is being forced into this to some degree? Does he want to move their relationship forward, and Robin wants it to stay the same? When they have sex (ftb :cry: ) they wake up shirtless, of course (I had to say it) and they just lay there. they talk too, but I don't know the dialouge. I *think* that both Robin AND Patrick want to move forward with their relationship... but I do know atleast ONE of them wants to retry
How do they define their relationship? As dating again? As back together? Or as co-parents with benefits? Dating and back together.
Does Patrick ask Robin to marry him? Does she say no and freak out? I honestly don't know anything about the proposal, or if there is one. I just get very minor details. Sorry. :cry:
phew...I think I am done...for now :cool:

:shock::lol::lol: You really wanna know about your Scrubs, huh? :lol:
I think I answered all of your questions. If not, it's because I don't know or I'm just really tired. :oops:
I have one about Anna - one of the recaps says something about Anna going overboard or being overly excited about the grandma thing. And before that, someone or some site said that Robin is worried by Anna's reaction. Have you heard anything about that?
I'm really sorry I didn't answer these fast enough. I had to restart my computer like 3 times and I missed 9 pages of stuff. :mad:
Yep. the first one is right. Of course Anna is gonna be excited about being a grandma, and she IS when she shows up av bins door step.
Oy, I should have kept this Scrubs insider thing to myself. :lol: So. Many. Questions. I feel for all the other insiders now.. :lol::razz:

Leyla witnesses a close moment between Patrick and Robin. Ric comforts her
Ohhh what kind of close moment.. Kiss? Belly rub??
convo and smiling. (source of the above)


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