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4/25 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Natalia Livingston (Emily) will be joining the cast of 'Days of our Lives'. Natalia will be playing a new character named Nikki, supposely a woman from EJ DiMera's past. She'll likely start appearing in late August. (source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a none at the time of this post

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 4/21 - M, T, W, Th, F
April 21 - Robin and Patrick are faced with the difficult task of delivering more heartbreaking news to Carly.
April 22 - Robin fears she’s underestimated what she’s in for being a mother.
April 23 - Robin is frustrated that her pregnancy is making her absent minded. Elizabeth turns to Robin for advice about how to get over loving Jason and encourages her to try and make a go of it with Patrick. [temp Patrick]
April 24 - Robin worries about Anna’s reaction to finding out she’s going to be a grandmother and explains her fears to Patrick. [temp Patrick]
April 25 - Anna reacts to the news of Robin’s pregnancy. Robin overhears Patrick making a startling confession [temp Patrick]
week of 4/28 - M, F
April 28th - Patrick finds himself in hot water when Robin overhears him telling Coleman that he finds Anna extremely hot and sexy.
May 2 - Patrick puts his foot in his mouth when he denies his attraction to Anna right in front of her and Robin. Patrick is greatly affected by the news about Michael.
week of 5/5 - T, W
May 6 - Patrick turns to Luke for advice.
May 7 - Robin tries to convince Patrick she doesn’t want to get married.

Soapnet Spoilers for Fri. - Anna is a bit too enthusiastic about Robin's pregnancy (source)

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG: none at the time of this post
EMI: none at the time of this post
Chat Up: none at the time of this post
TTYL...a friend:
Don't cry - its not true. He doesn't accuse her of anything. He thinks she wants to get married - she doesn't. She turns him down. He is crushed and goes to Luke. He returns after words with Luke for an explanation from Robin. She explains her reasons. After, he realizes he really WANTS to marry her, but all his actions have convinced her otherwise.
No, but I've posted here before.
Then I don't believe you. Personally this fanbase has been burned by many anons claiming to know scenes and then turning out to be total BS. The confession comes to mind as of recent.
It's your right not to believe me.
Well I'm off to do Mommy duties.
TTYL...a friend
It matches what was dropped earlier from the IL:
What I want to know is Patrick sincere in wanting to marry Robin is it something he really wants or does he just out of obligation.

He THINKS it is what Robin wants. She doesn't want that. He "asks", she say's no. He goes to Luke and then goe's back to get Robin's explanation as to why she said no. It's all the things - going by the show - that you'd think Patrick would be happy about (letting him off the hook) - and then he realizes he really DOES want to marry her.
I posted both Bella....but I understand people wanting to only hear from certain insider.
See you on the BUB.
TTYL...a friend

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Daytime Dish:
-VM is not coming back in the near future. But look for RS to make an appearence.

-With a new doctor coming to town, SpinMax fans have a lot to worry about. News of Jason Cook's (ex-Shawn Brady, DAYS) coming to GH has spread rapidly and it was exactly the reaction GH was looking for. The first person on the hot doctors list of possible romantic interests in none other than Maxie Jones, played by Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle Black, DAYS). GH is hoping to be able to play off of the fans love for "Shelle" and depending on how things go, this could possibly be the relationship Maxie has been looking for.

Scrubs moving forward, most solid pairing

Will Patrick ask Robin for marriage?

What is coming up, if you are asking does he say "Will you marry me", no. *source of the above)

Before the end of May sweeps:
Scrubs will be engaged.

Just stopping in to clarify to those who responded after I dropped my mailcount info this morning about how certain couples can recieve high mail count even if they are not popular on the online boards. The majority of soap fans are offliners so the mailcount numbers might not always reflect what is popular on online boards. Online soap fans are vocal but still the majority of soap fans are offline and they heavily influence fan support also. I do not other boards beside this one to drop some info interms of fan support, so I don't know what couples are popular on boards, but like has been dropped repeatedly, Liason, Scrubs are the lead couples in terms of fanmail.

i can concur that most fans are still offline and that fanmail is often times not representative of online boards. Liason, Scrubs are high getters, and so is Skate.

Anna brings up questions of the future that leave Patrick and Robin in an uneasy places and it stirs up trouble. Anna plays both bad cop and good cop and it has some bad results. Anna is also going through an identity crisis of her own.
Robin is concerned that the unplanned pregnancy is forcing Patrick to take his life in a direction he doesn't want. Patrick is feeling completely insecure about fatherhood and being enough for Robin.

just Liason. Patrick doesn't propose, he just freaks out that robin wants marriage
He does say I think we should get married but is freaked out at the thought as well. I don't know why people don't get that both things can be happening.

Patrick is crushed by Robin's response

Friday 25th: Patrick makes a confession and Robin overhears. (source of the above)

Does Patrick have a "I want it all" moment?
Does he seek Luke's advice on Robin?

And I'm out for already being called out. Which is why I really didn't want to post to begin with.
BEAR! (source of the above)


DD has already confirmed me legit.
BEAR! (source)


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